The Thaxton – Matkin (Madkin, Matkins, Madkins) connection

To any descendants of the Thaxton (with an “X”) family who had had your DNA tested:  Please check for any Matkin / Matkins / Madkin / Madkins in your matches.

We have found ourselves linked with several descendants of the Matkins family from Pendleton District, South Carolina.  We have seen a family group sheet that said a Sarah Thaxton married Daniel Madkin (presumed son of James Matkins), who later moved to Missouri.  However, we have never found support for that assertion, and we tend to think the Thaxton connection might be further back than that.  Our DNA links have not been to descendants of Daniel Madkin, but rather to presumed siblings of his, other children of James Matkins.  So far, we have been linked to descendants of:

Ophelia Matkins or Madkin (b. ca 1777) (two different descendants)

Ezekiel Matkin (b. ca 1775)

William Matkin (b. ca 1781)

We are very interested in any information regarding a Thaxton connection or other DNA links with this Madkin / Madkins / Matkin / Matkins family.




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3 responses to “The Thaxton – Matkin (Madkin, Matkins, Madkins) connection

  1. Chris Carroll

    Please contact me In reference to some photos Thaxton Photos TN Ca. 1860. Chris

  2. Sally

    Had mine done at Ancestry, I have no idea what the X factor is

  3. Patrick Logan

    Thomas Thaxton and Hanna Williamson are my 4GGP. My father’s kit does match a woman with three Madkins. The best documented is a William Madkins b.1791 in Buckinghamshire, England.

    The match is 40 cM shared, longest segment 8 cM. Way out there.

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