About Thaxton Genealogy

Betty and Karra Porter both live in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area.  We have been researching Thaxton / Thackston descendants for more than 25 years, and have a large database that we’re happy to share.  You can reach Betty at betty_porter (at) comcast.net.  This blog is mostly a way to communicate information to each other, but we decided to make it public, too.

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  2. thaxtongenealogy

    Kim, we do have quite a lot on your Thackston line. If you send an e-mail directly to Betty, betty_porter @ comcast.net, she can send you what we have. Karra

  3. Kathryn Thaxton Gregg

    My sister and I have been researching Thaxton geneology for several years. We live in Virginia and Ohio. Our ancestors were from Bedford County, Va originally. We would love any information you may have and would be glad to share information with you.

    Kathryn Gregg

  4. Ted Thaxton

    Hi My Great Grandfather Daniel Webster Thaxton died
    in 1900. I am told he had three brothersand they came to Va. trying to find out about the brothers or the
    Family. Just came back from Ga. and saw my grendmother
    grandfather, greatgrand mother & father Graves.
    Would apreaciate any help.

    Ted Thaxton

  5. Christopher Ruggles

    I am looking for information on Dorothy Irene Thaxton. She was married to Eugene Tyler. My grandmother, Mary Louise Tyler, is the only child that I am aware of. Mary Louise was born in Bessemer, AL in 1930. Any help is appreciated.

  6. Gerald Cooksey

    Good Morning:

    I am looking for information on Hila Ann “Cooksey” Thaxton, b. 1828 in the Cumberland Gap area of Tennessee. She was the daughter of William Williams and Ailsey Thaxton. Hila’s father was reported born in Virginia and her mother as born in North Carolina.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

    Gerald Cooksey

  7. Zelda Hewitt

    I am looking for the Elizabeth Foster who married
    Charles Thackston in Prince Edward Co.,VA.
    I have no other info and any help greatly appreciated.

  8. Liz Blount

    Have I said “thank you” before? I really appreciate your sharing. My grandmother was Bess Thackston of Greenville, SC (d. 1941)< Thomas Jefferson Thackston of Greenville, SC (1842-1910)+ Sarah Smith < William Bell Thackston + Linney Ford < James Thackston + Flora Bell < William Thackston + Margaret Farmer (if I have this right) < James Thackston + Mary Wimbish.


  9. Tom Glenn

    Researching Hines family of Missouri and Virginia. The information on your site was very helpful! Thank you

  10. Ted Thaxton Campbell

    Hello! I am quite interested in the Thaxton family my mother is Vivian Hazel Thaxton Campbell from Lake, MS and my father is James W. “Gus” Campbell from Horn Lake, MS I have visited Jackson, Butts Co., GA and found several of the Thaxton family grave sites. It gets a bit hazy getting the family back to VA & NJ appreciate any help you might be able to give.Ted Thaxton Campbell

  11. Ted Thaxton Campbell

    You had a notice of my Grandparents marriage: Thaxton-Duckworth Collins,Miss., june 7. They moved from Collins, MS to Lake,Scott co.MS where my mother was born Vivian Hazel Thaxton & a few years later my Uncle Oliver Allen Thaxton was born both of them finished school at Lake,MS. My Grandparents left MS for Alabama first Goodwater,AL and then moved to Evergreen,AL where my grandmother died in 1955 & is buried there in Magnolia Cemetery. Oliver Allen Thaxton died in Florida in Sept. 1959 and is also buried there in the plot next to my grandmother. My grandfather had remarried &moved to Buler Co. AL and died there inDec. 1959 & is buried there in Greenville, AL.

  12. I am a great granddaughter of Mattie Therese Thaxton bd 2/1/1888 who married Jacob VonRohr and was the great granddaughter of John Thaxton 4/26/1805 and Frances Hammons 1806. Can anyone give me more information about their ancestors? I would be very grateful. I have recently received a letter written by Mattie Thaxton to her Sister-in-law. Any information you can give me will help. Joyce Cordell Oxencis-Landel Joseph Cordell-Una Marie VonRohr-Mattie Therese Thaxton-James William Thaxton-John Thaxton 1805.

  13. It is my understanding that Elizabeth Marvell Clay married Alexander Stephens Murray and had a daughter Isabella Campbell Murray. Lucy Clay (twin to Elizabeth)married William Thaxton and had a son William Thaxton who married his first cousin Isabella Campbell Murray. They had a child Lucy Ann Thaxton who married Green Berry Cagle. In Lucy Clay Thaxton’w will she mentions her son Thomas and Isabella. Do you know the name and lineage of Lucy Ann Thaxton? Any help would be very greatfully appreciated. Thank you

  14. Ted Thaxton Campbell

    The origin of the spelling of Thaxton and Thackston !? Some of my family have both spellings in a census record and other records. Any ideas on this subject? Many thanks’

  15. Jim Cooley

    Hi. My sister and I now have the Robertson Co. death certificate for John Cooley and it does indeed list his mother’s name as Sarah Jane Thaxton, which we know is not possible as that is the name of the mother of his wife, Malinda Addison. Just wanted to say “thank you” for leading us to his death date and this record. Still searching for leads on his father, Milo Cooley. The hunt continues…..XO Jim C.

  16. Bob Vaughan

    Betty and Karra,
    I thank you and especially my wife, Jo-el Thaxton Vaughan thanks you. You have given so much to the THAXTON researchers. You have helped me in the past and we appreciate it very much. My wife descends from James “X”, William James, James “Jimmy”, James Richard, John Clark, William Joshua, and to her father Ralph Edwin.
    Again, thanks for your determination.

    Bob Vaughan, Clovis, CA jandb41@sbcglobal.net

  17. Linda Thaxton

    For Joyce Oencis Aug 1, 2010
    Not sure what you need. James William Thaxton was born 15 of Jan. 1837 In Thaxton,Warren, Tenn. He died on the Sept 1910, Tenn. He married twice;1. Achsha S. Deakins, born 17 Jan 1839, in Tenn, died 28 Aug 1883 in Sequatchie,Marion, Tenn. James married her on the 7 of Jul, 1863 in Sequatchie,Marion, Tenn. 2. Flora T Pankey Born 18 Nov 1849 in Tenn. James married her on Nov, 1885 Tenn. Next person: Mattie Thaxton born 1888 in Tenn. Died before 1914 in Whitewell, Marion, Tenn. married Jacob Rudolph VonRohr on 21 June 1903 Sequatchie,Marion,Tenn. Jacob was born 14 Mar 1883 in Grundy,Tenn, and Died in March 1976, in Tenn. Next person: Una Marie VonRohr born 12 March 1909, in Daus, Tenn. Died 7 June 2008, Hixson,Hamilton, Tenn.Next person: John Thaxton III Jr. born 26 Apr 1805 Kentucky. Died 28 Apr 1890 in Thaxton, Warren Tenn. Married Frances Hammons on 9 Nov 1824 in Warren ,Tenn. Frances was born on 9 Feb 1806 in Kentucky, and died 18 Jan 1887 in Thaxton,Warren , Tenn.

  18. Larry Thaxton

    I have been trying to find info on my great grandfather Francis M. Thaxton. He died of pneumonia at camp Butler as a prisoner of war. I haven’t found where his wife applied for a pension and I am puzzeled how he had children born after he passed. He died after being captured at Fort Donelson around 1861.

  19. Hi, am curious about my grandfather and grandmother
    Delbert C Thaxton and Bessie Thaxton of Charleston W.V

    Mike Foster

  20. Susan

    I remember running across a letter written to My. Great Grandmother fcirce 1900 – 1921? rom a Mr. (initial? ) Thaxton who appeared to be the owner/proprieter of the Foy Hotel in Ga. It would appear this person is from your family – would you like a scan of the letter when I locate it?

  21. Ted Thaxton Campbell

    Thank’s for the information on the Thaxton’s Jackson , GA in Butts County is where part of my clan came from and thru to MS /AL/TX

  22. L. Thaxton S.

    Ted, Also Wilkes County, GA near Butts. Contact the historic Society in Butts for a book containing lots of info. They call Butts “Thaxton” County
    L Thaxton S.

  23. Ted Thaxton Campbell

    Thank’s for the info. I own some of the books you mentioned.


    I found this website today and I am a Great Great Great Grand-daughter of Emma Sophronia Thaxton and Milton Manning Jolley. According to my family tree Emma is a daughter to James William Thaxton and Helen Marion Averett. James is a son to Williamson or William Thaxton and Mary Ann Sherry. Williamson or William is the son of Thomas Thaxton and Hannah Williamson. Thomas is the son of Abel Thaxton and Lucy Davis.
    Now as far as I know this line end s with Abel and Lucy. If there any information you could give me about my family line I would appreciate anything you would have or be willing to share. I would also love to know where you have done your research and where you have found success!
    Awaiting your reply! 🙂

  25. Ted Thaxton Campbell

    Unable to research now will be away for a few days will save your note there is some other Thaxton’s – Good hunting Ted Thaxton Campbell 6/14/2012

  26. Boyd Thaxton

    Betty, We have talked before…. I am Boyd Thaxton originally from Riverton, UT, My father is Bart and for others looking at this site I will go a little farther, his father is Jewel Thaxton from Lovell, WY, his father is George Thaxton from Mount Carmel, UT, his father Elijah Thaxton from Manti, UT and then James W. Thaxton from IL.
    Anyway, I would appreciate any info you could share with me, I do believe you shared some info with me years ago but I know that I no longer have it. Thanks…… thaxboyd @ gmail . com

  27. You’ll health care go hard in a second

  28. Christine

    Is your Thaxton research limited to white Thaxtons? My great grandfather, William Lee Pleasants (1855-1914) was born enslaved to John Smith Pleasants in Halifax County, Va. He married my great grandmother, Alice McGehee (aka Alice Hundley) 15 Nov 1877. Alice died 13 Jun 1892 in Halifax County, Va. William Lee Pleasants next married Nannie Louella Thaxton (1886-1965). I found two marriage records for them in 1902. The first is 3 Jan 1902 in Charlotte County, Va. The second is 19 Sep 1902 in Halifax County, Va. They lived in the Richmond, Va area until his death. Parents of Nannie Louella Thaxton are believed to be Robert Thaxton and Mary Williams, possibly of Halifax County, Va. Nannie remarried after William Pleasants’ death to Frederick Johnson in Baltimore, Md. That is where she died in 1965. I find no information on her parents other than what was recorded on her death record. I don’t know if they were slave or free. Oral history is that Nannie Thaxton was Native American and her physical appearance in photos supports that possibility. Have you encountered Nannie or her parents Robert and Mary in your searches? Are there any records of Thaxtons connected to Native Americans in or near Halifax County, Va? Thanks.

  29. Marsha Hazard Bertagna

    Hi, My name is Marsha Gale Hazard Bertagna. I am the great, great Granddaughter of Wells Wallis West, who was my grandmothers Viola E. West’s grandfather, who son was Keith west Hazard, who was my father. I have learned so much about my family from this site and hope to learn more as I research our family tree. Thank you!

  30. Kate Messer

    Dear Ted/Betty/Karra,

    My Great Great Great Grandfather was Peter Thaxton, Sr. who married Rhoda Nichols and they lived in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. I then descend on through his son Thomas Whitlock Thaxton who married Rebecca Ann Binn and they lived in Wilkes County, Georgia (Rayle). The home has been in my family since they lived there. I’m not sure, but I believe that Peter was the son of James X, Jr, son of James X. Sr., son of Abel (Virginia, USA). My mother did all the genealogy for our family, but mostly direct lines. I’ve been working on not only bringing my line up to the present, but also the other siblings lines. Do you have information on any of these Thaxton’s?



  31. Jane Hollon

    Kate Messer:
    Peter Thaxton who married Rhoda Nichols are my 3rd great grandparents……I descent from their son John P. Thaxton 1st wife unknown at this time, he had 3 daughters to this marriage that I know of, 1 being Martha Elizabeth (Mattie) Thaxton who married my great grandfather James Howard (Jim) Harrison. You may connect me at blonditou @ comcast . net

  32. Diana Overstreet

    warren p thaxton adopted my mother Sarah in las cruces New Mexico so I am looking for his name

  33. Janice Rebecca Cook Ramsey "Becky"

    I am descended from Yelverton Thaxton of Butts County, Georgia. My grandmother was the daughter of Robert Ellis who was the son of Yelverton, Jr. Have some information on these Butts County Thaxtons. jjramsey42@msn.com. Recently I have seen Yelverton with the middle name of Baker and his father William with either the name of William Thornton or James William. I can find no source for these names, can someone help me? Are these correct and where were they sourced?

  34. janet thaxton

    Joyce I may have information for you. my grand mother is ruby Sergio who may have been in a relationship or related t john thaxton. jntthxtn70@gmail.com

  35. Denise Thetford

    I’ve only now found this. I hope someone sees it & will email me.
    My mother is Patsy Jane Woodward Thetford.
    Her mother was Katie Belle Moore *Irby–divorced* Woodward *Derryberry–widowed*.
    Katie’s mother was Flora Belle Thaxton, who was married to Pleasant (Plez) Moore.
    Flora Belle’s mother was M(e)ary Heggerty; her father was William Thaxton.
    This is where I get stuck. I was told Mary Ann was born in Ireland but what I’ve seen says Pennsylvania.
    Would like to go back further on both William & Mary Ann.
    Thank you, *cousins*!

  36. Denise Thetford

    Hi, I made a mistake…. Katie was also th widow of *Frank Woodward*. Forgot to mark her as such.

  37. Anonymous

    Hi, I was interested in any info you may have on Lura Thackston’s daughter, Ruth. She was born on February 14, 1892. Lura was also “Tack” Knight’s mother. Ruth was my step grandmother…she married Armand DuBreuil in the early 1940’s who was my grandpa. I believe she passed in a fire on December 24, 1978. She was also known by her maiden name-Ruth Coleman Knight. I have no idea where Coleman name is from . Thank you

  38. Coyal M. Gorman

    I am descended from the William Thornton Thaxton and his daughter, Martha Greene Thaxton family line. Others in my line are: Martha’s daughter, Nancy Needham DeGraffenreid, Newton Bennett Maxey, Stephen Hale Maxey, Walter Lee Maxey, Sr., Walter Lee Maxey, Jr., Coyal Ann Maxey Gorman (ME).

    My son, Benjamin L. Gorman, grandson, Ashton and I have taken the Ancestry.com DNA test.

  39. Cynthia Addison

    I’m trying to trace Bristal Thaxton who was the father of my grandfather John Thaxton. I never knew who my grandfather’s parents or siblings were. I only found John’s (my grandfather) parents name because their names are on his marriage certificate. John Thaxton’s father is listed as Bristal Thaxton but his mother is listed only as Pat no last name given for Pat. I’d really love to have more information on Bristal if it is at all possible. He may have been a slave of William Thaxton and possibly born around 1839/1840. On John’s draft enrollment he checked yes for negro and yes also for Indian. Some census records have John listed as mulatto and he was born around 1883 In Halifax Virginia but I cannot find any birth record for him either.

  40. Any information on Bristal Thaxton born circa 1839/1840. He was the father of John Thaxton born circa December 25 1881-1883. John was my grandfather and Bristal my great grandfather whose name I never knew except that his name is on john’s marriage document to Mattie Faulkner. I’d like to know what my great grandmother’s name was. John’s Mother is listed as Pat, no last name on the marriage document. I feel that it is incorrect information about his mom, because I see A Bristal that could possibly be my great grandfather but he is married to Betsy. I can not find birth records for my grandfather John to verify who his parents were. He was born in Halifax Virginia. Please help.

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