*FREE* Ancestry DNA tests for some Thaxton families

Through July 31, 2017, we are offering *free* Ancestry.com DNA tests to descendants of the following Thaxton families of unknown origin.  Just email us at Thaxtongenealogy@yahoo.com if you’re descended from one of these families.   (If you see this after July 31, email us anyway – we may still have extra tests)

  1.  John Thaxton of Warren County, Tennessee
  2. James William Coleman Cooksey and Hila Ann Williams (whose mother was supposedly a Thaxton), Dent Co., Mo.
  3. William Riley Thaxton, b. abt 1825 in Allen Co., Ky, died 1905 in Texas; wife Sallie Rager
  4. Thomas W. Thaxton, b. abt 1837 in Ky, d. 1900 in Love County, Oklahoma
  5. James Thackston or Thaxton, Jackson and Smith Co., Tenn., wife Cynthia Basham, descendants include the Dennis family
  6. Daniel Matkin and Sarah Thaxton, St. Francois Co. Mo.


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9 responses to “*FREE* Ancestry DNA tests for some Thaxton families

  1. Anonymous

    My mother’s ancestry is Thackston and Thaxton. I can trace lineage back to
    1600s. My relatives were from Charlotte County Va and Bedford County Va.
    Close to Bedford is a very small town with the name Thaxton.
    James Collins

  2. I think I am a descendant of James Thackston and Cynthia Bashram and my dna is on ancestry.com. Is there anybody else with a dna test that thinks they are also descended from james and Cynthia?

  3. Coyal M. Gorman

    I am a descendant of Martha Greene Thaxton, 4th great grandmother. My DNA is on Ancestry.com, along with my son, and grandson.

    Coyal Maxey Gorman

  4. William S. "Bill" Beane Sr.

    I am 1st Cousin 6 Times removed of Martha Greene Thaxton born Nov 14, 1773 Halifax County, Virginia. I am 80yrs of age living in Charleston, WV.

    Bill Beane beanepitt@aol.com

  5. My DNA test is on ancestry.com as marycrisp142. I believe that James Thaxton and Cynthia Bashram are my 3rd great grandparents. I would love to compare my dna results with anyone else who is descended through them.

  6. Lora (Thaxton) Cox

    I am a Thaxton from warren co. Tennessee. I tried to email you but would not send it! I would love to see all the genealogy that you have! I don’t know much of the Thaxton’s there are not many left around here that I know of! My father is a Thaxton and still living for now he turned 75 this year!
    Lora Lynette (Thaxton) Cox

  7. High Lora, I know there are a lot of thaxtons in Tennessee. My side was mostly in the Jackston county area and most of them migrated up to Kentucky in the mid to late 1800s. I am 73 and I live in California. I wasn’t sure from your reply if you were a member of ancestry.com and if you had submitted a sample of your DNA. If you would like to correspond and get access to my family tree you can send a message directly to my email account which is maryecrisp@hotmail.com. I hope to hear from you. We’re probably related atlhough it could be many, many generations and too far back to trace.

  8. Gary Bradford

    Mary who were your Thaxton from Jackson County, Tennessee? My grandfather Fred Thaxton was from there and his father Jim Thaxton who married Lucy Way.

  9. Coyal M. Gorman

    Does this Thaxton group have a Ged-Match listing page where we could list our Ged-Match number and what Thaxton family link we are from?

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