*FREE* Ancestry DNA tests for some Thaxton families

Through July 31, 2017, we are offering *free* Ancestry.com DNA tests to descendants of the following Thaxton families of unknown origin.  Just email us at Thaxtongenealogy@yahoo.com if you’re descended from one of these families.   (If you see this after July 31, email us anyway – we may still have extra tests)

  1.  John Thaxton of Warren County, Tennessee
  2. James William Coleman Cooksey and Hila Ann Williams (whose mother was supposedly a Thaxton), Dent Co., Mo.
  3. William Riley Thaxton, b. abt 1825 in Allen Co., Ky, died 1905 in Texas; wife Sallie Rager
  4. Thomas W. Thaxton, b. abt 1837 in Ky, d. 1900 in Love County, Oklahoma
  5. James Thackston or Thaxton, Jackson and Smith Co., Tenn., wife Cynthia Basham, descendants include the Dennis family
  6. Daniel Matkin and Sarah Thaxton, St. Francois Co. Mo.

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