Thaxton DNA – intriguing results so far

We wish every Thaxton/Thackston descendant would have their DNA done – the results have been exciting.  We even might have a lead on Abel Thaxton (see below).  Our line is through Thomas Thaxton, b. abt 1744 in Virginia, d. 1824 in Simpson Co., Ky.  Through DNA, we have been linked so far to:

William Thaxton and Lucy Clay (through their son Yelverton Thaxton).  We had this William as a son of Abel Thaxton and probable brother of our Thomas.

William Thaxton and Lucy Clay again (through their daughter Elizabeth, wife of Jeremiah Johnson).

William Thaxton and Lucy Guill (through their son James C. Thaxton).  We had this William as a son of Elizabeth Clark and James Thaxton, a son of Abel Thaxton and probable brother of our Thomas.

William Thaxton and wife Martha Bowers.  As we have written about before on this blog, this is actually Williamson Thaxton, a son of our Thomas Thaxton.

John Thaxton and Delilah Anderson, our direct ancestor and son of Thomas Thaxton.

And then a surprising one, linked through DNA tests of 3 separate descendants:

a Mary or Sarah (or Mary Sarah) Thackston, who is completely new to us.  Some researchers list her parents as Thomas and Mary Thackston.  They have her married to John Hamblin in 1715 in Kent County, Maryland.  Her son George Hamblen is said to have died in North Carolina, so it’s possible that her relation is to another one of our (non-Thaxton) lines.  We’ll be looking into it.  But if her connection to us is through the Thaxton line, then could she be related to Abel Thaxton?  This is very intriguing.




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10 responses to “Thaxton DNA – intriguing results so far

  1. Susannah Stafford

    Thomas Jefferson Thaxton is a direct link to my dad’s side of the family. I would have to log on to my tree to see how many times he is my great grandfather.

  2. Thomas Thaxton

    My name is Tom Thaxton. I am a direct decendent of William of Illinois Thaxton. I do believe it goes William, Dr Clay, Perry, Thomas, Ira, then my father Clay. I can do a dna test if you think it would help the cause. Thank you for all your hard work and research. Tom Thaxton.

  3. thaxtongenealogy

    Tom, I think that would be fantastic if you did your DNA. offers a reasonably priced test, or or ftDNA. (We have submitted ours to all 3.) It would help confirm the closeness of William’s connection to the Prince Edward “x”es.

  4. Anonymous

    I am Rick Williams, my grandmother was Clara Susan Thaxton Williams, Her was Robert Thaxton
    I have DNA at all 3 places

  5. Thomas Thaxton

    Hello again, my name is Tom Thaxton, my dna is back from Now what? It really does work I guess. I have a copy of a of a family tree starting with William Thaxton and Sarah Gravitt that was made in 1906 with, branchs galore. How will my dna help? Thank you, Tom.

  6. Sally

    I am getting to it!

  7. Patricia Lynn Thaxton Capezzera

    I received kit and will be sending mine in soon.Patricia Lynn Thaxton Capezzera
    Thackston-Thaxton family tree.

  8. Sally

    Got mine done, not sure how it helped!

  9. Cynthia S Ries

    Hello. I would love to speak with the admins of this page. We descend from Benjamin Thickson “Scott” whose mother Sarah Thickson was an unmarried minor when he was born. He was raised by a Sigmund (Sethman) Homan and Magdelena Hyre and later inherited land through Homan near the Scott family setting up farms in Randolph County WV and the Tygart Valley. His paternity engendered a failed petition to the court but has been assumed to be a Scott male. Anyway, would love to know if you are connected to the Thomas Thickson on the Hampshire County tax lists of 1784 and 5. We just don’t know why Benjamin was handed off to the Homans to raise. If you think this is a line of your Thaxtons, let me know as we might do the DNA route.

  10. Anonymous

    My name is Corinne Child Dahle. This is my line in relation to the Thaxton family. My mother and I both took DNA test. If you are interested please contact me at
    Corinne Child daughter of- Helen Gay Goodrich Daughter of- Eldona Thaxton Daughter of – Elijah Richard Thaxton- James William Thaxton- son of MaryAnn Sherry and Williamson Thaxton- son of Hannah Williamson and Thomas Thaxton- son of Lucy Davis and Abel Thaxton- son of Martha ? and James Richard Thaxton- son of Elizabeth Swift and Richard Texton- son of Ruth Elizabeth Williams and George William Thackston

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