A few Williamson Thaxton (William Thaxton) items

As we’ve mentioned in other posts, there is no question in our minds that Williamson Thaxton (son of Thomas Thaxton and Hannah Williamson of Pendleton District, S.C. and Allen/Simpson counties, Kentucky) moved to the Michigan-Indiana border, where he went by the name William Thaxton.  Here are a couple of new tidbits on this “William Thaxton” of Elkhart County, Indiana, and Berrien County, Michigan:

Sessional Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Buchanan, Michigan, FHL roll no. 955793/item 1, pp. 4-5

1870 April 2
“Session met at the call of the moderator at the church.  After preparatory lecture, there were present Rev. H. P. Welton, Moderator, Elders L. Bryant and S. French.  Session was opened with prayer.  The following persons having presented themselves as candidates for admission to the church were examined and by vote of the session received
Wm Thaxton, Mrs. Martha Thaxton, Mrs. [blank space] Boardman, Frank
Jeffrey, Ella Jeffrey.
Session adjourned.
H. P. Melton, Mod.

[Miss Haty Knox was received as a member the next day.  I read the session entries through 1885, no other Thaxtons (and no Austin, Ferry, or Hartline)]

p. 338 Baptism of Adults
April 2, 1870
Mrs. Martha A. Thaxton By Rev. H. P. Welton

There are no Thaxtons in the Register of Communicants, which appears to have been written later and is incomplete, with most entries starting in the 1870s or later.  (Also no Austins, Hartlines, or Ferrys).  Note:  This record has lots of information about Berrien County families, including deaths, emigrations, and some obituaries.

List of Letters, Elkhart, Indiana, 30 Sep 1853, from Goshen (Ind.) Democrat, 12 Oct 1853:




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2 responses to “A few Williamson Thaxton (William Thaxton) items

  1. My husbands mother was a Thaxton. Her father was Stepen Williamson Thaxton. His father was Williamson Thaxton. I am interested in sharing information and helping with the research. I have started blogging so I can share the information I have.

  2. J.SMITH

    Might THAXTON be an alternative spelling for THACKSTON, or, are they for certain two different families’ surnames? (I am researching the cartoonist, Benjamin Thackston Knight, named after his ancestor with THACKSTON surname.)

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