Elizabeth Elebank information

Information about Elizabeth Elebank, daughter of James Thackston’s second wife Sarah (Baker?) of Prince Edward Co., Va., and Sarah’s first husband Daniel Elebank:

Prince Edward County, Va., Guardian Accounts, 1764-1797

p. 14:  “In obedience to an orer of the worshippfull court of Prince Edward appointing us to divide according to law the estate of Daniel Elbanks decd having this day met for that purpose have laid off & allotted to James Thacxton who intermarried with Sarah the widow and relect of the said Daniel as her dower of the said estate a negroe man slave named Adam appraised to seventy pounds & Sarah and her child Jamey appraised to sixty pounds in satisfaction of such of the slaves of the sd Daniel as she is intituled to no personal estate appearing to us made no division further given under our hands this twenty sixth day of December 1766.”  Peter Legrand, Nathl Venable, Phil Holcombe.

p. 41:  The Estate of Elizabeth Elebank on accg with Thomas Scott.  Expenses include:

attys fee for advice & motion for division

paid for Ben Wallers opinion on the division

my exps on a settlemt with G. Moore

paid Capt Billups a witness is [sic] Cole

paid her schooling & board

paid for a wench in child bed midfife [sic] 10/blankett 11/rum &c 3/

paid John Crockett scholing & bord

James Rice schooling

paid 3 [appears to have a superscript 2 above the 3, may be 2/3] of Mumford & Elebecks proovd acct

paid D. Davis for Dinah in child bed & fee

paid Saml mcLeroy 1 pr sockgs

paid Mrs. Martain for cure of negro child

paid Capt. Billups p accts

paid for makg a handkfs sock & fillett

Joseph Elebank p bond w jnt [?]

makg a pr callo [o is superscript] shoes &c

paid thackstons acct settled to Octr 1771

2 pr shoes

1 pr ditto

paid Venable pr acct

paid Andrew French p acct

paid Samuel Jeter dancing

the expenses &c 1 dance

paid Andrew French Bakers Bond due 1761

abbreviation is Cr [may be credit or contra] James Thackson his acct settled agt the estate on his bond

paid for a mare bot for her

makg one gown

bord & finding horses till 20th October

trouble of hireing the negroes out & collecting the money.

Contra . . . . Cr

bonds for the hire of her negroes due 25 Dec 1767, viz.

Peter Priss & Dinah to P Legrand

Moses & Ned to Thomas Wild

hire of negroes due 25 Dec 1768, viz.

Peter & Priss to Richard Davison

Peter died in 6 months

Ruth 15/ Nedd 9 6/

Moses 51 / Dinah & children 70/

Hired & due for 69

Moses to Sam Burton

Ned to A. Baker

Priss to P. Legrand

Dinah to D. Davison

Hired & due December 25th 1770

Moses to Saml Burton

Ned, Andw Baker

Priss to P. Legrand

Dinah & child to John Atkins

Ruth to James Scott

James Thackston p bond taken on a settlmt Sepr 1767, and interest on the bond

By her part of rent for the years 1767, 1768, 1769 & 70

By cash rec’d of Baker Degraffenreid for lands sold him

Pursuant to an order of the court, Henry Watkins and Henry B. Lighfoot [sic] find a balance due Thomas Scott from the estate of 33 pounds 13 shillings & 8 pence half penny.  17 Sep 1772.

p. 45 Elebanks estate

balance of 33.13.8 1/2

mindg & healing 2 pr shoes

2 1/2 yds garland 4 yards ribon

1 sprigg bunches cap wire

pr shoes

paid for a dinner at stones

mendg her shoes, making a gown

1 pr leather shoes

1 pr callimanco shoes

1 pr single c hanl pumps

wintering her mare

1 yrs board

my trouble in hiring negroes & collecting the money

signed by Thomas Scott

appears to be through August 1773

hire of sundry slaves (to wit) Nedd, Dinah, Ruth, Moses, Priss.  Account entered August 1773.

[note:  happened to notice on p. 49, account of the estate of Josiah Whitlock, filed August 1773, expenses include William Thackston smith work, and Anthony Fullerlove per account]

p. 53, account of Elizabeth Elebank, begins with ballance forward 17 Sep 1773 and goes through 19 Sep 1774.

expenses include paid John Atkins for a blanket & expenses for a wench in child bed, 1 yard catt gut 1 yard gauze

1 pr shoes, “paid a negro for her 1/3”

paid M. or W. Venable bond

paid Bowman for a blanket

mending of shoes

paid a negro for her

paid Andrew Mackenzie account

1 hank blue silk

2 1/2 barrels corn, fodder

1 year’s board

my trouble and expenses hiring negroes and collecting the money

Contra is hiring of boy Nedd, boy Moses, Pris, ruth, diner.

There is a note at the end dated [blank] 1774.  “The above account to be examined & settled by Wm. Booker.  This account was never reported by W. Booker, who is no[w] dead.”

Prince Edward Will Book 1:304

settlement of estate of Elizabeth Elbank.  Begins with ballance forward Sept. 1773.

1 pr gloves bought at Lightfoots

1 lb cotton [can’t read], 1 pr shoes

pd Bowman for Dinah in child bed

corn fodder till & mass for her beast

Jas Smith note for hire of ruth

hiring the negroes & collecting

expenses at meeting for division

1 bottle (bale—? bote—?) drops for sick negros

2 gls rum for dressings for boys legs

1/2 oz bark, 4 oz myrrh

[can’t read; very faded] Forsythe’s acct

to Mrs. Biggar for making 3 gowns

[need to review rest of this on a different machine or with a colored screen]

acct goes through 26th Dec 1776.  Dated 19 May 1777.

recorded July Court 1777.  “This account of the estate of Elizabeth Ellbank deceased was returned and ordered to be recorded.”  [I don’t think she was deceased; this is customary language used in the non-guardian probate books.]

Lunenburg county, Va. index of grantees:  No John or Elizabeth Jones up to 1850.

Lunenburg county, Va. index of grantors:

John & Elizabeth Jones to Joseph Billups, 08 Aug 1782, 13:430

John Jones of the County of Buckingham and Elizabeth his wife to Joseph Billups of Lunenburg County.  Consideration of 200 pounds, tract of land lying in the parish of cumberland and county of Lunenburg containing by estimation 567 acres, bounded by the lands of Christopher Billups, William Pamplin, and then by Nottaway river, then by the land of the said Joseph Billups.  Signed John Jones jr.  Witnesses:  Jno Billups, Samuel Burton, Richd Billups, Christopher Billups.

same – cert. of dower rel., 14:208

To William Perkin & John Moseley Gent. of the County of Buckingham, “Elizabeth Jones wife of the said John Jones cannot conveniently travel to our court of our county of Lunenburg to relinquish her right of dower in the land conveyed by the said indenture” [from 13:430]; they are requested to examine Elizabeth and obtain her relinquishment of dower.  William Perkins and John Moseley report that they have “repaired unto Elizsabeth Jones the wife of the said John Jones and havnig privately examined her separately and a part from her said husband” have confirmed her voluntary relinquishment of dower.  Report is dated 18 Feb 1785; the order itself is not dated.

William Thackston, bond, 13 sep 1781, 13:486

relates to the location of a courthouse

William Thackston to executors of Lodowick Farmer, decd, 11 Sep 1783, 13:543

land bounded by Henry Pamplin, John S[difficult to read], Anthony Fullilove and said Thackston, 160 acres.  $200 current Virginia money.  Margaret his wife is examined separately.

William Thackston to William Daws, 11 Feb 1796, 17:191

William Thackston to Commonwealth of Va., Coroner’s Inquest, 13 Apr 1797, 17:408

William & Margaret Thackston to William Stokes, 13 Jul 1797, 17:498

James Thackston to William Stokes, same, 17:496

William Thackston to Henry B. Pamplin, 09 Jul 1801, 18:267

William Thackston to James Smith, 10 Dec 1801, 19:38

William & Margaret Thackston to James Smith, 10 Oct 1805, 20:138A

all other entries are Mary N. Cox Thackston

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