Briery Church session minutes, etc. (Prince Edward Co. VA)

Session Books and membership lists, Briery Church, Prince Edward Co., Va. (film no. 1445926):

p. 53:  1828

Note June.  Mr. Benj. Thaxton, entered as a member of this church, p. 220, is dismissed again, he not having a certificate from Buffalo, and it being understood that he could not obtain one.  The entry of his name is to be esteemed an error, & only requiring erasure.

p. 59, 19th session, 11 Oct 1828

The following persons appeared as candidates for church membership, & after an examination, were received, viz. . . . Littleberry Watson, Mrs. Mary Ann Watson . . .

p. 62, 20th session, 23 Nov 1828

Miss Meeky Scott, Miss Eliz. Ann Thaxton & John B. Dupuy, appeared before the session, as candidates for membership in the church, & on examination respecting their experimental acquaintance with religion, were received.  [Notes that Scott and Dupuy received adult baptism]

p. 126, 9 Apr 1836

Resolved 1st That in as much as it is extremely difficult for the session to exercise a watchful and superintendary care over its members when they live so remote as rarely to meet with them in the Sanctuary, that it is their duty when they remove from the bounds of this church to apply to the session for certificates of dismission, and to commit themselves with the churches where they expect statedly to worship.

Resolved 2nd that the clerk be directed to forward a copy of the above resolution to the following persons, viz. Mrs. Ann Spenser, Mr. Littlebury Watson, Mrs. Ann Watson, and Mr. James A. Watson, who have within the last 5 years removed from the bounds of this Church without taking a certificate of dismission together with such a certificate recommending them to the Christian fellowship of those among whom God in his providence may case their lots.

p. 190, among long list of persons baptized (including birth date and parents’ names):

Littleberry Watson, parents Saml & Ann, born July 10, 1782.  Baptized Oct. 12, 1828, age 46, by J. W. Douglas.  Hopefully converted In 1828, age 46.

p. 196 [not so much detail on more recent entries]

Littlebury Watson, Benjamin Watson, Mary Watson, Amanda S. Watson, and Samuel Watson, all children of Littleberry & Mary.  Baptized July 23, 1830, by J. Kirkpatrick.

p. 200

James A Watson, baptized Sep 1st 1833 by G. Baxter

p. 208-C, among list of all members

William Cowan, d. Dec. 16, 1806 age 55

p. 221 reference to Benjamin Thaxton being dismissed for not having a letter

p. 228.  Littleberry Watson, received 12 Oct 1828, age 46.  Removed to Mecklenburg.

Mrs. Mary Ann Watson (Littleberry) received 12 Oct 1828, age 36.  Removed to Mecklenburg.

p. 230.  Miss Elizabeth Ann Thaxton, received 23 Nov 1828, age 19.  Dismissed to Maysville October 1836.

p. 234.  James A Watson, received 31 Aug 1833.  Removed to Mecklenburg.





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