Some South Carolina Thackston information

From Gaffney Ledger Notices of Marriages, Births, Deaths 1894-1899, comp. Eddie L. Gorski 1989:


Samuel A. Porter – Nanie Thackston, Date of Event 11 Sep 1898; issue of 15 Sep 1898

A. D. Tackson – Hulda Amos, 16 Jan 1898; issue of 27 Jan 1898

Stuart Thackston – Eva Butler, 25 Oct 1899; issue of 27 Oct 1899

From same, 1900-1905:


Lydell Thackston, son of A. D. Thackston, died Mon. 05 Sep 1904, in issue of Fri., 09 Sep 1904

From same, 1906-1910:

Births (meaning that birth is reflected in the article):

J. T. Thackston, born 1845, in issue of Tue., 16 Nov 1909


J. T. Thackston, d. 15 Nov 1909, in issue of Tues. 16 Nov 1909

Mrs. J. T. Thackston, d. Fri., 08 Jun 1906,in issue of Tues. 12 Jun 1906.  Index indicates that additional vital information is included in the article.

From Union County, South Carolina Death Notices From Early Newspapers, 1852-1914, comp. Tommy J. Vaughn, 1995:

19 Oct 1900:  Mrs. Bessie Crocker, beloved wife of W. E. Crocker, died 15 Sept 1900 at Fuxuoka, Japan.  Mr. and Mrs. Crocker went to China as missionaries from the Broad River Baptist Association about a year ago.  She was the youngest daughter of J. T. Thackston of Union county.  She was a cousin of W. D. Wilkins and Mrs. W. C. Nelson of Union.  She died among strangers and rests in a grave in a foreign land.

From Union County, South Carolina Marriage Records from Early Newspapers 1851-1912, Marriage Registers, Deed Books & Probate Records, comp. Tommy J. Vaughan and Michael Becknell, 1995:

Weekly Union Times, 04 Nov 1892:  T. H. Thomas of Trough Shoals and Ina Thackston of Asbury were married 27 October, by William Jefferies, N.P., at the residence of S. R. Thackston.

Union Times-Progress, 08 Jan 1904: Prof. John A. Thackston and Annie Gill were married at McColl, Marlboro County, Thursday, 24 Dec 1903 at 12 o’clock.  Miss Gill was at one time music teacher in the Union graded schools.

From Marriage and Death Records from Laurens County, S.C. Newspapers, Vol. 1, comp. Steven O’Dell Rayford, 2007:

September 18, 1885 issue:  Mrs. E. R. Thackston (Jervey Brown’s sister) died yesterday in childbirth.  [From Laurensville Herald]

August 11, 1882 issue:  Mrs. Elizabeth Riddle, age fifty, died on the 5th.  [Laurensville Herald]  Note:  death of Mr. Harris Riddle, age 70, who died on the 14th (of Sept) is reported in issue of October 4, 1872.

From Genealogical Abstracts from The Carolina Spartan 1866-1872, Larry Vehorn, 1999:

28 Nov 1867:  S. R. Thackston on list of letters remaining at the post office

01 Jul 1869:  N. D. Thackston attended the Union meeting of the District Tyger River Association held at Unity Church on May 28 and 29.

From Genealogical Abstracts from Spartanburg Newspapers 1872-1879, Larry Vehorn, 2004:

Spartanburg Herald, 12 Sep 1877:  Married on 16 Aug. at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. E. C. Logan, James C. Howe to Mary A., eldest daughter of B. K. Vaughan, of Spartanburg Co.

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