Pendleton Dist. SC deeds 1807 – 1816 – references to Thaxton

From Abstracts of Deeds:  Pendleton District, SC Books IJ, K & L (1807-1812), by Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 2006:

[abstracts are individually numbered]

3.  Jul 11, 1801  Amos Roberts (Greenville Dist, SC) to Sturdy Garner (Pendleton Dist, SC); for $130 sold 136 ac on waters of Big Cr, a branch of Saluda R; border:  begins at a red oak; granted Jul. 2, 1792 to said Amos Roberts & recorded in grant book 5E p. 332; [note at end indicates Roberts received $130 from Garner].  (signed) Amos Roberts’ mark “X”; (witness William Hill & Thomas “Thacton”; wit. oath Jul. 5 (?) [blank] by Thomas Thaxton before Wm Hall, JP; June. 7, 1805 recorded; book H p. 215.

692.  Aug. 31, 1808 Othniel Rice (Pendleton Dist) to Elijah Breazeale (same); for [amount omitted] sold 300 ac; border:  begins at Bennet Pile’s corner stake formerly belonging to E C Frost, joins a branch, a conditional corner, a branch, & Thomas “Thacton”.  (signed)  Othniel Rice; (witness) James Alexander Timothy Orr; wit. oath Oct. 10, 1808 by James Alexander before Aaron Broyles, QU; dower renounced Oct. 10, 1808 by Sally Rice, wife of “Nathaniel”, before Aaron Broyles, QU (signed) Sally Rice; Mar. 30, 1809 recorded; book IJ p. 421.

904.  Oct. 7, 1808 Thomas “Thackston” (Pendleton Dist) to Joseph B Brazeale (Abbeville Dist, SC); for $170 sold 150 ac on NW side of Rock Cr, a branch of Rocky R; border:  begins at a post oak.  (signed)  Thomas “Thaxton”; (witness) B Clements & Peter C [or E] Bellott; dower renounced Nov. 11, 1809 by Hannah Thaxton, wife of Thomas, before James Welbern, QU (signed) Hannah Thaxton’s mark “X”; wit. oath Oct. 7, 1809 by Benjamin Clements before Aaron Broyles, QU; Feb. 14, 1810 recorded; book K p. 61.

1163.  Jan. 9, 1811 Patrick Norris, sheriff (Pendleton Dist) to Willis Nichols (same); for $30 sold 100 ac on branches of Rockey R waters of Savannah R; border:  joins Thomas Thaxton on SE; James Wilbourn owned said land; about fourth Monday in Oct. 1809 Philip Land obtained judgment from Pendleton Dist Common Please Court against Wilbourn for $55 with interest from Dec. 25, 1808 and $14.49 costs; writ of fieri facias issued fourth Monday in Oct. 1809 ordering sheriff to sell land; land was sold first Monday or May 7, 1810.  (signed) Patrick Norris; (witness) Jo B Earle & John Miller; wit. oath Jan. 11, 1811 by Joseph B Earle before John T Lewis, CC & UQ; Jan. 11, 1811 recorded; book L p. 39.

Note:  Alcey Williamson (apparently of Richland Co, Camden Dist, SC) witnessed a deed between Roling Williamson, planter (Richland Co, SC) to Andrew Bodden (SC), 10 Mar 1798.  Deed recorded 27 Feb 1811, book L p. 66.

Several Williamsons, Willborns, Matkins, other familiar names.

From Abstracts of Deeds:  Pendleton District, SC Books M & N (1812-1818), by Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 2007:

2826.  Jan. 9, 1807 Hezekiah Rice & Othniel Rice (Pendleton Dist) to Thomas Crow (same); for $400 sold 270 ac on waters of “Eook” Cr; border:  joins Thomas Crow, Reuben “Cement”, Thomas Thaxton, Wardlaw, & Othniel Rice “on N side” [no more description]; part of (a) grant to James Compton & (b) grant to Othniel Rice.  (signed) Hazekiah Rice & Othniel Rice; (witness) Reuben Clement & Ballard Daye; [note at end indicates Crow paid the Rices $400 (witness) “Rebecca” Clements & Ballard Daye]; wit. oath Oct. 11, 1816 by Reuben Clement before John H. Millwe JP; Oct. 29, 1816 recorded, book M. 624.


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