Thackston Carter’s mother – not a Thackston (Jackson Co., Tenn.)

We recently ran across a great piece by researcher David Johnson, describing a chancery court lawsuit in Smith County, Tennessee, unequivocally establishing that Mary Stanton, not Thaxton, married Charles Carter of Jackson County, Tennessee.  The details also happen to be salacious:  Accusations of a false marriage, hidden pregnancies, adultery – you name it, this lawsuit has it.  Mr. Johnson’s fascinating summary is here:





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5 responses to “Thackston Carter’s mother – not a Thackston (Jackson Co., Tenn.)

  1. JoAnn Samples

    Did Mrs.Carter win the lawsuit? I didn’t see where it said she did or didn’t.

  2. Pat Spurlock

    Yes, there is no doubt that Mary Stanton married Charles Carter, however, their son, James, married Mary Thackston and next married Jane Pate. The name Mary Thackston is written in my grandmother’s Bible as James’ wife. This Bible was viewed and copied by me in 1962. My grandmother, Willis B. Carter Spurlock, kept this record until her death in 1980.

  3. I am looking for Lydia Carter born on Funns Branch Jackson Co. married early 1900’s to Frank [Pete] Pulley 4 children James Carsie, Floyd, Sittie and Lydia

  4. Anonymous

    Pat — I, too, descend from Thackston [Thaxton] Carter. Do you have a photocopy of the Bible information you reference above? Would like to share info. I descend via Julia Ann Carter who married John Savage Ragland.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous can be reached via Facebook at Linda Moss Mines.

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