William W. Thaxton will (1830 Hardin Co., Tenn.)


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4 responses to “William W. Thaxton will (1830 Hardin Co., Tenn.)

  1. Carrol KinCannon Romero

    Thank you so much for your website! My ancestor, Jesse C Kincannon was a brother to William W Thaxton’s wife, Martha. This information is so precious!

  2. Margaret Kincannon

    Is there a determination (or even an opinion) as to the parents of William W. Thaxton? Does anyone know what later happened to William B. Thaxton, the infant son mentioned in his 1830 will? By the way, I found a reference that indicated that William Thaxton, who married Martha Kincannon (daughter of David Kincannon, who was son of Francis Kincannon, Jr., who was son of Francis Kincannon, Sr.), was “an educator” (Judge A. A. Watson, A HISTORY OF HARDIN COUNTY, TENNESSEE: “BITS OF hARDIN cOUNTY hISTORY” (Collierville, TN: InstantPublisher.com, 2004).

  3. Anonymous

    I am a descendent of the Hardin County Dicksons and grew up there. In reading Judge Watson’s book I have encountered a few errors. So it is always good to do some fact checking.

  4. Margaret Kincannon

    I have also found a number of errors regarding the Kincannon family among Judge Watson’s recollections. However, it is well documented that Martha S. Kincannon married William W. Thaxton. Their daughter, Lucinda Thaxton, married John H. Dickson. They lived in Hardin County for a number of years and produced eight known children (Martha E. Dickson, William E. Dickson, James Harrison Dickson, Alexander R. Dickson, John Thaxton Dickson, David G. Dickson, Harvey B. Dickson, and Mary Caldonia Dickson), also well documented. I have, however, been unable to determine the paternal line of Jimmie Lee Dickson, born December 4, 1859, in Saltillo; died November 30, 1939, in Memphis. She was a daughter of Jimmie E. Dickson, born c. 1841 in Iuka, Tishomingo County, Mississippi, and Miriam L. E. Kincannon, born August 20, 1838, at Saltillo. On December 15, 1892, she married a cousin, John Lee Kincannon. I do not know the parents of Jimmie E. Dickson and have been unable to connect him with the family of William and Martha Thaxton. Can anyone help me?

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