William Thackston (Greenville Co., S.C.) list of heirs – 1818


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4 responses to “William Thackston (Greenville Co., S.C.) list of heirs – 1818

  1. LizBud

    Thank you. Where was this document? What indicated that it came from Greenville? Who can identify all these legatees? These are my SC Thackstons, but I haven’t done much work on this side of my family lately. Appreciate any details. Liz

  2. Anonymous

    It’s actually one of several documents in a Prince Edward Co., Va., chancery lawsuit brought by John Grimes against Mary Smith (daughter of James Thackston). Grimes sought to recover (as assignee of William Thackston Jr.) the remainder estate owed to William Thackston Sr. under the will of his father James Thackston, along with his siblings Zadock and Mary Thackston. There are several references to Greenville County in the documents; I only posted one of the documents, the one that listed all the children (including one we didn’t know about who married William Clark), but you can find all of the documents at http://www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/case_detail.asp?CFN=147-1826-012. Karra

  3. Richard Thackston

    Have half brother in Aberdeen Ohio mothers name Debbie And a cousin Carol Thackston

  4. Anyone know of a Helen Thackston or David Thackston in Florida

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