Oglethorpe County, Georgia – misc. probate, etc.

Some notes from Oglethorpe County, Georgia (original records):

Will Book B:42:  Jeremiah Maxey – will drawn 04 Jun 1810, proved Sep 1810.  Wife Mary gets slave Amey, then she goes to the children Mary had by Jeremiah, viz Jenney & Susannah.  [They are his “youngest children.”]  Children:  Hail, John, Jeremiah, Boz, Josiah, Edward, Frankey, Mourning Osborn, Polley Bentley, Kevvenhappuck (daughter), and children of daughter Sally Laws.  Witnesses:  Thomas Hall, John Townsend, John Johnson.

Will Bk B:165:  Anne Ogilby, drawn 30 May 1818, proved Sep 1818.  Witnesses John V. Dunn, Vines Collier, Coleman Tarpley, Cuthbert S. Collier.

Will Bk B:277:  John Greenwood – drawn 15 Apr 1819, proved May 1826.  Witnesses Andrew Fambrough, Thomas Fambrough (x-his mark), John V. Dunn.  Proved by the Fambroughs.

Will Bk P:319:  Peter Thaxton is one of the legatees of Thomas and Nancy Nichols.


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