Questions about Richard Cantley Thaxton (1832 Mo. – 1900 Utah)

This is a query we recently posted on’s Thaxton forum:

The more we research Richard Cantley Thaxton (son of Williamson Thaxton & Mary Ann Sherry), the more questions we have. Would like to exchange information with anyone, especially as to these questions:

–Did Richard split and/or divorce from his wife Mary Rebecca Martin? We thought that Mary being listed as Mary R. Martin in 1900 with son Arden Martin Thaxton was a mistake, but she is also listed as Mary R. Martin in her mother’s obituary in 1903, while her sister Susan’s correct married name is given. Also, in 1916, Arden wrote that he was unable to attend school more than 4 years, and that “due to circumstances” he had to go to work at 13.

–Richard and Mary’s only child, Arden, was born in 1883, a year after their marriage. Does anyone have any record of Richard with the family after that? Is he the Richard Thaxton who was arrested in Graham co., Ariz., in 1885, for burglary and sent to the Arizona State Pen for four months?

–Does anyone know the ward/stake in which Mary and Arden lived in Salt Lake County? Has anyone seen any (LDS) membership information from Salt Lake County? (We’ve seen their earlier Record of Membership information from Farmington, Davis County.)

–Has anyone found Richard in the 1860, 1870, or 1880 census? In 1874, Richard C. Thaxton was listed as a voter in Little Cottonwood (Salt Lake County). Is he the “R. M. Thaxton” from Little Cottonwood who signed the Memorial of Citizens of Utah against statehood in 1872? Richard C. Thaxton was listed as a registered voter in Salt Lake City in 1891, but his registration was challenged because “no such man” or address was found.

–Does anyone have a copy of his actual service records from the 3rd California Inf.? They aren’t available at the FHL or online yet, as far as we can tell.

–Family researcher George Millett wrote that Richard was a member of the Quorum of the Seventy (year not given). Does anyone have confirmation?

–Does anyone have a source of Richard’s 1900 death, said to be in Mt. Carmel, Utah? We believe it, because George Millett wrote it and got some of his information from Richard’s granddaughter Blanche, but would like additional confirmation.

We will keep looking, but we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and it would be helpful to split up tasks with other reseachers.


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