Thomas Thaxton’s other pension application – 1823 Simpson Co., Ky

When Hannah Williamson Thaxton, widow of Thomas Thaxton (b. 1744-1747 probably Goochland Co., Va., d. 1824 Allen or Simpson Co., Ky), sought a pension for her husband’s Revolutionary War service, she said that her husband had hired an attorney to pursue a pension, but he then died and nothing was ever done with it.   Perhaps unknown to her, the first steps had in fact been taken:  Thomas went before the Circuit Court in Simpson County, Kentucky, and described his service, his assets, and the children who were then living with him.  This is a pretty exciting document, for several reasons:  It gave us a previously unknown daughter (Jemima), it tells us that Thomas had 21 children, and it gives us a first-hand summary of his service.   We also should look into the witnesses as to his assets; are they related?  I will be posting a photocopy of the court statement; because of its importance, I am also posting the best transcription I could make:

Simpson County, Kentucky, Circuit Court order book A-1, pp. 81-82, Tuesday, 22 Jul 1823, seventh day [of the current session.  Note: document erroneously says April in a couple of places].  This book is unindexed; I skimmed the entries from 1822 through 22 Jul 1823 and found that a day earlier, Thomas had served on a jury that found Susanna Kelley to be of unsound mind.]

Commonwealth of Kentucky Simpson circuit & County ct      At a circuit court began and held for the county of Simpson on the second Monday in April 1823 personally appeared in open court on the eight day of said court it being a court of record before the Honorable Henry P Broadnax Judge of the Sixth Judicial district for said commonwealth Thomas Thackiston age seventy five or six years resident in Simpson County who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath represent and declare that he served in the revolutionary war as follows that he volunteered sometime in the year 1780 in a company commanded by captain Robert Moore in the Regiment of Conl James Thacston of Hillsborough N. Carolina that he with the Regiment was marched to and stationed at Halifax courthouse Va where they remained about two months and there being no immediate use for them they where permitted to return home but to wait in readiness subjeck to a call at any time that they had not long been at home before they were called out to support General Lincoln in compelling the British to raise the siege of Charleston That on the march their officers were deposed regular officers plaised in command over them that from the critical situation of the country at that time they where detained in the servis about nine or ten months during which time he fought in the Battles of Stones ferry and several other slight engagements he thinks he was discharged from this service in the winter following my inlistment That some time in the next spring or summer as well as he recollects when Lord Cornwallis was overstriding our Country another call was made on the militia of our state No Carolina for a reinforcement that he among others under the command of Major Hall or Henry D__n tho in regular order joined Genl Greene a short time before the battle at Gilford courthouse in which he also fought that he remained in the servise for something like two months and was again permitted to return home where he was engaged against the Tories and Indians until the cloas of war.  And I solemnly sware was a resident citizen of the UStates on the 18th day of March 1818  And that have not since that time by gift sale or any other wise disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself with the provisions of an act of congress entitled an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the ustates in the revolutionary war passed on the 18th day of March 1818  And that have not nor has any person in Trust for me any property or secret contracts or debts due to me nor have any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto on ___t and by me subscribed have no real property and live on rented land which I am myself unable to still from a strain got in my thigh during service in the revolutionary war which in my old age has rendered it almost useless – have a mare and clott worth about $40 five head of cattle worth about $25 or 30 and three head of hoggs worth $3 or 4 – have had twenty one children seven of whom are living with me the eldest a daughter about 16 years of age named Jemima Williamson a boy about Fourteen years of age can do some work George about eleven years old a sprightly boy & able to help me some Matilday about nine years old Thomas seven years old Milly between five & six – Phebe four & Sally about eighteen months of age sworn to and declared on the twenty second day of April 1823     Thomas Thaxston [T – his mark] and which declaration and statement was duly sworn to and it is moreover Ordered to be certified that it is proven to the satisfaction of the court by the oaths of Robert Rankins and Allen Jones Junr two credible witnesses that he total value of the property exhibited in the foregoing schedule of Thos Thackston is seventy four dollars a certificate of which endorsed on said declaration is in the words and figures following, To wit,

State of Kentucky Franklin To wit, I Henry P Broadnax one of the circuit judges in and for the state aforesaid, and presiding judge of the circuit court held for this county of Simpson do hereby certify the amount and value of the property contained in the within schedule was proved in open court by two witnesses to be all that this applicant was worth and I am satisfied with the testimony of the said witnesses.  Given under my hand & seal this 22 July 1823.  Henry P. Broadnax.


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