Thaxton, Morrow, Reynolds, etc. – Warren Co., Tenn.

Abstracts (not verbatim except where noted) from the book Warren County, Tennessee Will Books 1-3 (1827-1858), Vol. 1, abstracted and comp. by Betty Moore Majors (Mountain Press: Signal Mountain, Tenn., 1992):

Will Book 1, pp. 165-167, 27 Mar 1836.  Noncupative will of John Morrow.  THIS TRANSCRIPT HAS SOME PROBLEMS – SEE FOLLOWING.  “The will of John Morrow, dec’d was verbally made at his own house in his last sickness a few days before his death.  He directed that his son Robert should have his sorrel horse and that John Evans should swap it for a mare.  That his daughter Mary should have his red cow with a white face.  That his wife Unice have use of said a list of items to assist her in raising the children.  The balance of his property to be sold and equally divided amongst his children.  His wife is to have power to sell the property left to Robert and Mary.  Witnessed by Elisha Reynolds, Elisha Peppers, Joseph Peppers and Hugh Jones.”  Presented to the court by witnesses on 5 June 1836.  [KJP NOTE: I will be comparing the original to this transcription.]

Actual document states:  “The last will and testament of John Morrow Deceased late of Warren County Tennessee verbally made at his own house in his last sickness and of which sickness he in a few days thereafter died.  The said John Morrow willed and directed that his son Robert should have his little sorrel horse and that John Evans should swapp him for a mare also a pair of gears and a plow and that his daughter Mary should have his red cow with a white face and that his wife should have the use of said horse cow and gears to assist her in the nursing of her children.  Said John further willed and decreed that the balance of his property should be sold and equally divided amongst his children.  He further willed and decreed that his wife should not have the power to sell or dispose of the property left to Robert and Mary.  The foregoing will was made by the said John at his own habitation and in his dwelling house in the county aforesaid and the said John then and there specially called upon and required Elisha Reynolds Elisha Pepper Joseph Pepper and Hugh Jones to bear witness of his said last will and the said Morrow died on or about the 27th March 1836 and said will was reduced to wrighting by the aforesaid Elisha Pepper Elisha Reynolds and Hugh Jones on this the 5th June 1836.”

Will Bk 1, pp. 190-191.  30 Dec 1836.  Inventory of the property of John Morrow, dec’d.

Will Bk 3, p. 250 (no date) [but between entries of 03 Feb 1855 on p. 250 and 29 Mar 1855 on p. 251]:  “Dower of Hily Reynolds, formerly Hily Morrow.  The following undersigned commissioners report that they layed off dower to Hily Reynolds, late Hily Morrow, widow of John Morrow, dec’d 40 acres.  Land bound by conditional line made by said John Morrow in his lifetime and Joshua Greer.  Signed S. E. Higginbotham, Jesse R. Edwards and Lusk Colville.”

Will Bk 1, pp. 173-175, 03 Jun 1836.  Report of E. Reynolds, administrator of Hannah Harding, dec’d.  Inventory and sale.  Purchases by William Harding and Giles Harding, among others.

Will Bk 1, pp. 185-187, 03 Mar 1836.  Will of Phillip King is witnessed by Henry S. Blanks, John Thaxton, and John Blanks.  Mentions son Drury King, et al.

Will Bk 1, pp. 565-568, 19 Feb 1840.  Will of Leroy Hammons is witnessed by Will Armstrong, John Thaxton and Nimrod Kell.

Will Bk 3, p. 83, 10 Mar 1850.  N. Kell, John Thaxton and Jonathan Biles appointed by the County Court of lay off allowance for the widow of John Fletcher, dec’d.

Will Bk 3, p. 128, 04 Dec 1852.  Will of John Allison.  Wife Rachael Allison the house and land north and west of James Allison’s during her life or widowhood, then to go to James Allison and his heirs.  Rachal also to receive stock, furniture, tools, etc.  The balance of the estate to be sold and equally divided amongst heirs.  I also bequeath to my grandson Jefferson Thaxton one bay filly and one saddle.  I appoint John Miller my executor.  Witnesses Wm Bonnor, Sr. and John M. Little.  Proved in open court 03 Jan 1853.

Will Bk 3, p. 238, Apr 1855.  “Report of settlement made with H. J. Thaxton, guardian of America Thaxton, formerly America Bonnor.”

Will Bk 3, pp. 310-311, 08 Jan 1856.  Report of settlement made with William Bonnor, Sr., guardian of the minor heirs of John Bonnor, dec’d.  J. H. Thaxton, guardian of America Bonnor.  Vouchers produced for Nancy Bonnor.

Will Bk 1, p. 94, 21 Nov 1834.  Elisha Reynolds purchased negroes at sale of estate of William Douglass, dec’d.

Will Bk 1, pp. 127-130, 12 Dec 1835.  Between John Harding and Elisha Reynolds, both of Warren Co.  John Harding is indebted to Reynolds for 267.42 by a note due 12 Dec 1835.  Elisha Reynolds, Jr. to wait twelve months longer to collect note and is given deed of trust to 137 acres whereon said John Harding now lives on Hickory Creek, livestock, etc.  Witnessed by H. H. Macon and Wm. Harding.

Will Bk 1, pp. 170-171, 09 May 1836.  Widow Harding dower.  Commissioners appointed to lay off dower to Hannah Harding, widow of John Harding.  Signed Asa Faulkner, Elisha Reynolds and William Stroud.

Will Bk 1, pp. 375-380, 26 Mar 1836.  Will of William Stroud witnessed by Reddin Bonner, Thos B. Springs, Elisha Reynolds, and Hiram B. Stubblefield.

Will Bk 2, p. 251, 09 Sep 1847.  Year’s provision for Widow Stubblefield set aside by James Cope, Elisha Reynolds, and George Layne.

Will Bk 1, p. 304 [no date, but among 1840 entries].  Report of settlement with Nimrod Kell and Thomas Brown, securities of Elisha Reynolds, Jr. who is administrator of John Stanley, dec’d.

Note:  Will of John Reynolds 08 Jan 1851 mentions son Elisha P. Reynolds.

*     *     *     *     *

same from Vol. 2, covering Will Books 4-7:

Will Book 4, pp. 574-575, 05  Feb 1870.  Report of settlement made with B. M. Coulson, administrator of Elisha Reynolds, dec’d with will annexed.  It is required by the will that one Elisha P. Reynolds, son of the testator was to have a certain tract of land, upon condition that he pay the debts of said Testator and also pay certain legatees mentioned in said will certain amounts therein specified.  The following list of vouchers paid off by said Elisha P. Reynolds (viz):  Greek Brawley, A. M. Savage, E. S. Hensley, J. W. and M. L. Scott.  The following is a list of vouchers paid by E.K.P. Reynolds to the legatees mentioned in said will (viz) Fesington Bonner and wife Elizabeth, Samuel N. Johnson and wife Duleina (?), Mary C. Morrow, G. H. Shrader, E. P., J. H. and J. G. Reynolds.  [KJP-check the original] [Note: a George H. Shrader is mentioned elsewhere in the book.]

[KJP note: I have omitted a few extracts, such as those involving Mary Wagner Thaxton, because I am focusing on Reynolds and Morrow on this visit.]  [I have also omitted some Morrows because we don’t have an established relationship yet.]

*     *     *     *     *

From Vol. 3, covering Will Books 8-11, 1887-1910:

Will Book 8, pp. 187-188, 18 Sep 1889.  Will of E.R.P. Reynolds [sic; should be E.K.P.]  “I, E.R.P. Reynolds, being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this as my last will and testament.  Item 1.  All of my just debts to be paid.  Item 2.  I will to my beloved wife Susan Ann Reynolds all the balance of my effects both real and personal, including my viola property for her life or widowhood.  In the event of her marriage I want my remaining estate sold and equally divided between her and my ten children namely:  Elizabeth H. Morgan, Allie C. Reynolds, Martha B. Etter, George Francis Reynolds, Edna S. Reynolds, Sarah J. Reynolds, Jesse E. Reynolds, Dillard G. Reynolds, Charles H. Reynolds and Mamie Reynolds.  I appoint my brother H. James Morrow and my friend P. H. Winton my executors.  Witnesses J. L. Thaxton and W. E. Garner.  Presented for probate 7 Oct 1889.”

Will Bk 8, pp. 352-354, 01 Oct 1891.  Settlement made with H. J. Morrow, one of hte executors of E. K. P. Reynolds, dec’d.

Will Bk 8, pp. 464-466, 27 May 1879.  Will of A. J. Brown leaves one-fourth of his estate to daughter Ann Reynolds, wife of E. N. P. Reynolds [sic].  (Also leaves one-fourth to the children of Ann Winton, dec’d, wife of W. B. Winton.)

Will Bk 8, pp. 201-202, 02 Nov 1889.  Inventory and sale bill of personal property of E. R. P. Reynolds [sic] sold on 17 Oct 1889 reported by H. J. Morrow, one of the admrs.

Other Thaxton, Reynolds entries omitted.


Will Book 1 (?), p. 445 (hard to identify the book no. from the film; it’s the first item on roll No. 571572).  Found this by accident:

Report on settlement with John Brown & wife guardian of David C. Woodlee, 23 Jun 1842.

Vouchers – paid:  . . . Elisha Reynolds $5.50 . . . L. A. Kincannon $9.63, Martin Thackston $3.00 . . .

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