Thaxtons in Dickson County, Tennessee

From Dickson County, Tenn. Newspaper Abstracts, Vols. 1-4, Simmons Historical Publications, Melber, Ky. 1998:

Dickson County Herald:

Issue of 14 Jan 1910:  Under Sylvia, “Miss Carmilla Thaxton gave an entertainment last Tuesday night at her home near here.  A large crowd was present and a jolly good time had.”

25 Jan 1910:  Under Sylvia, “Misses Camilia and Lelia Thaxton, Ellie Cotter and Maude Outlaw and Messrs. Carlisle Thaxton, Sam Outlaw and Earl Sheley were the guests of Misses Brewer and Raimie Baggette, last Sunday.”

27 May 1910:  “Misses Camilla Thaxton and Ellie Cotter and Messrs. Charlie Marsh and Carlisle Thaxton spent last Sunday in Dickson.”

Friday, 30 Jun 1910:  Under Sylvia, “Mr. Carlisle Thaxton and Miss Ellie Cotter were united in marriage last Saturday afternoon at the courthouse at charlotte, Rev. E. S. Pruitt, officiating.”

05 Aug 1910:  Under Sylvia, “Miss Brewer Baggette and Mr. Earl Sheley and Miss Camilla Thaxton and Mr. Charlie Marsh attended the picnic at Charlotte last Saturday.”

18 Nov 1910:  “Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Thaxton took their daughter Miss Lelia, to Nashville last Tuesday, where she underwent a very serious operation.”

06 Jan 1911:  Under Sylvia, “Miss Lelia Thaxton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Thaxton, died December 22.  she was fourteen years old, and was carried to Olmstead, Ky., for burial.”

10 Feb 1911:  Under Sylvia, “Misses Myrtle and Ora Powers gave an entertainment last Monday night.  Those present were:  Misses Pearl, Georgia, and Jessie Grant, Effie and Bettie Tatum, Brewer and Rainie Baggette, Sallie Sheley, Mamie Story, Camilla Thaxton.”

31 Mar 1911:  Under Sylvia, Route 2:  Long list of attendees at dance given by Mr. and Mrs. Jim council, includes Mesdame Carlyle Thaxton.

02 Jun 1911:  Under Sylvia:  “Misses Alma Davis and Camilla Thaxton, Messrs. claud Swift and Charlie Marsh, and Mr. and Mrs. Jess Thaxton attended the children’s services at Charlotte last Sunday night.”

25 Aug 1911:  Under Sylvia:  “Mrs. Thaxton, who has been spending several weeks here with her granddaughter, Mrs. S. N. Brown, returned to her home at Carthage, last Saturday.”  Other references (only checked index for S.N.):  20 May 1910, under Sylvia:  “Mrs. S. N. Brown was on the sick list last week.”  24 Jun 1910, under Sylvia:  “Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Brown were in Dickson one day last week.”  29 Jul 1910, under Burns:  “Mrs. S. N. Brown is sick with the fever.”  14 Jul 1911, under Sylvia:  “Mrs. S. N. Brown and Mrs. Sulie Meadow were in Dickson shopping last Thursday.”  [Maybe this is a granddaughter from first marriage of Elizabeth Meadows.]  28 Jul 1911, Sylvia:  “Mrs. S. N. Brown is on the sick list.” 23 Sep 1911, Sylvia:  “Z. N. [sic] Brown is visiting relatives at Gordonsville.”  29 Mar 1912, Sylvia:  “S. N. Brown and Turney Powers, spent Friday night in Dickson.”

15 Dec 1911:  Under Sylvia:  “Miss Camilla Thaxton, who has been real sick for several weeks, is no better at this writing.”

Friday, 09 Feb 1912:  Under Sylvia:  “Miss Camilla Thaxton, after a lingering illness, died Sunday night, February 4, aged 21 years and 8 months.  She is survived by a father, mother, two brothers and one sister.  The deceased was a member of the Methodist Church here, of which she has been the organist for the past two years.  While Miss Camilla only lived here a short time, she had many friends and will be missed in this community.  The remains were taken to Allensville, Ky., for burial.  The bereaved family have the sympathy of many friends.”

same issue, under Obituary:  “Miss Camilla Thaxton died at her home near Sylvia, Sunday night, Feb. 4, 1912, of stomach trouble.  She had been sick some four months and was such a patient sufferer.  She was a member of the M. E. Church and organist for same, and will be missed so much by the choir.  She met every one with a kind word and a smile and leaves many friends to mourn her loss.  Her parents have our deepest sympathy.  She had all that loving hands could do for her but to no avail.  It seemed that god wanted Camilla above and when he sent His death angel, she fell so sweetly and peacefully to sleep.”

29 Mar 1912:  Under Sylvia:  “Risdon Thaxton of Allensville, Ky., is visiting relatives here.”

12 Apr 1912:  Under Sylvia:  Long list of attendees at entertainment by Miss Mamie Story includes Risdon  Thaxton.

21 Jun 1912:  Under Sylvia:  “Messrs. Paul Hamlet, Risdon Thaxton and Viston Powers were in Dickson Saturday.”

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