Some Thaxton – Thackston data from George Millett’s files (1951)

Family historian George F. Millett corresponded with many Thackston / Thaxton descendants in the 1940s and 1950s, compiling hundreds of family group sheets and, importantly, identifying the source of his information.  Periodically, we will try to summarize some of the information collected by George.  His family group sheets have been filmed by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City (microfilm rolls 1205469 and 1205470), and are numbered (as “B”-).  We have redacted information on persons born in the 1930s or later.

(Family Group Sheet) B 17-12.  Information submitted by Harry E. Thaxton, 1002 E. Locust, Doniphan, Missouri, Nov. 1951, from “Family Bible Records”.  Adelaide Thaxton, b. 27 Aug 1903 Bennett, Ripley, Missouri, daughter of James Alexander Thaxton & Nanci Elizabeth Whitwell.  Married Edward Cable, son of Bull Cable [sic] and — Sullens, 20 Nov 1923, Alton, Oregon Co., Missouri.  Children:  Nancy Sullens Cable, b. 1924, Doniphan, Ripley Co., Mo., married Robert Peley [?]; Mary Jo Cable, b. 1921.

B 17-13.  No source stated.  Pike Stroud, b. ab 1838 of McMinnville, Tenn., and Adealine Thaxton, b. abt 1840, Rock Island, McMinnville, Warren Co., Tenn., died abt 1933, daughter of Wilburn Thaxton and Susanna Nash.  Marriage abt 1863.  Children Albert Stroud, Alton Stroud, Beula Stroud, married to — Wall.  “of Howe ?, Texas”

B 17-16.  From Mrs. H. L. McGregory, Etta Wilhelmina Thaxton, 711 No. Berendo, Los Angeles 27, California [no date given]:  Louis Sikes and Alma Rebecca Thaxton, b. 05 Sep 1888, Hillsboro, Hill Co., Texas, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Thaxton and Lilla Ann Rogers.  Children:  Maxine Sikes, b. 09 Sep 1911, Petrolia, Clay Co., Texas.

B 17-21 and 17-22.  Information submitted by William M. Thaxton, Hendrix, Oklahoma, 22 Jan. 1952, “Family Records by Correspondence.”:  Norman Clark, b. 23 May 1899, McKinney, Collin, Texas, father John Soloman Clark, mother Dixie [?].  Married 25 Apr 1919 Hendrix, Bryan, Oklahoma, to Anna Mae Thaxton, b. 26 Jan 1895, Kemp, Bryan, Oklahoma, daughter of William Montgomery Thaxton and Elida Caraway.  Children:  (1) Oleta Mae Clark, b. 22 Feb 1919, McKinney, Collin, Texas, married Wallace Staton 24 Dec 1941-2; (3) [sic] Billie Kenneth Clark, 26 Jan 1925, Kemp, Bryan, Oklahoma; (2) Norman Leslie Clark, 05 Feb 1921, Kemp, Bryan, Oklahoma, married Grace Stettman, 12 Feb 1942; (4) Mary Lyda Clark, b. 25 Jan 1928, Kemp, Bryan, Oklahoma, married Dale Chambers, 06 Sep 1947.  [Another, earlier chart for this family has similar information, but says md. 25 Apr 1918, son Kenneth married Grace Steelman.]  See also next couple of charts.

B 17-23.  Information from Mrs. Oleta Mae Staton, Box 68, Archille, Okla.  Wallace Staton and Oleta Mae Clark, children [REDACTED]

B 17-24.  No source stated.  Norman Leslie Clark and Grace Steelman, children:  [REDACTED]

B 17-25.  No source stated.  Dale Chambers and Mary Lyda Clark, children [REDACTED]

B 17-26.  From Mrs. Al M. Ingalls, Winslow, Washington, 01 Mar 1952, also an earlier record by Mrs. Joseph E. Thaxton, Rt 2, Morrison Tenn. 28 Oct 1947-Dec 1947:  Annie Pauline Thaxton, b. 31 Jan 1912, Viola, Warren Co., Tenn., daughter of Joseph Chatham Thaxton and Roxie Ann Townsend, and Al M. Ingalls, b. 02 Nov 1911 Lebanon, Wilson, Tennessee, married 08 Apr 1934, Nashville, Davidson, Tenn., son of Harry G. Ingalls and Susan Hart.  Children:  [REDACTED]

B 17-27.  From Mrs. H. L. McGregor (see above).  Araminta Thaxton, daughter of A. Wiley Thaxton and Amanda Holifield, and R. R. Rogers, married Hillsboro, Hill Co., Texas.

B 17-29.  No source stated.  Ernest William Potter and Arlyne Muriel Thaxton, b. 21 Jan. 1919, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, daughter of Lumma Francis Thaxton and Sarah Evaline Plants, married 18 Jun 1939.

B 17-31.  From Mrs. Kelley Martin, McMinnville, Tenn., 30 Jan. 1952, “Family & Church Records.” James Allison Sr., b. 14 Feb 1810 Thaxton, Warren, Tenn., d. 21 Apr 1887 Thaxton, Warren, Tenn., buried Mt. Zion Cem., Warren Co., Tenn., second wife Fredonia Simpson, and Cynthia Caroline Thaxton, b. 15 Sep 1819, Thaxton, Warren, Tenn., d. 04 mar 1858, Thaxton, Warren, Tenn., buried Mt. Zion, daughter of John Thaxton Sr. II and Mrs. John Thaxton.  Children, all named Allison, all b. Thaxton, Warren, Tenn.:

William Allison, b. 31 Mar 1836

Clementine Allison, b. 07 Jul 1838, married (1) Aaron Pepper, (2) Joe Talley

Katherine Allison, b. 12 Nov 1840, d. May 1842

Cynthia Allison, b. 09 May 1843, md. William Calhoun Smart Pepper 11 Jul 1864

David Allison, b. 09 Apr 1845

Anderson Allison, 23 May 1847, md. Mary Frances Snipes 05 Jun 1888

Sirena Allison, b. 22 Apr 1849, md. E. C. Pepper

Amanda Allison, b. 16 Jun 1851, md. Robert LaFayette Talley, 24 Sep 1871

Bunyan Allison, b. 31 Aug 1853, d. 16 Jan 1924, md. Pheba Ann Mitchell 25 Aug 1886

James Finis Allison, 20 Feb 1856, d. 17 Jul 1949, md. Ester Pauline? Miller 1878

John Washington Allison, b. 22 Feb 1858, md. (1) Lulla Cass, (2) Mary Cass.

B 17-32.  From “Mrs. — [blank], 24 Jan. 1952, ‘Family Bible Records by Correspondence.’”  Bunyan and Pheba Ann Mitchell, b. 04 Dec 1870-1869, McMinnville, Warren, Tenn., daughter of Jay Mitchell and Mary Ann Miller, d. 11 Jul 1929, McMinnville, buried 12 Jul 1929 Mt Zion.  Children:

Thomas Moody Allison, b. 10 Aug 1887, McMinnville [“Thaxton” is written above it], md. Jessie Mai Mitchell, 14 Dec 1917;

Lula Belle Allison, b. 01 Jun 1892, Thaxton, Tenn., d. 19 Oct 1893.

William Roy H. Allison, b. 10 Nov 1899, McMinnville, md. Louise Thaxton 04 Apr 1929

Fay Mildred Allison, b. 08 Jun 1908, McMinnville, md. Thomas E [can’t read, possibly Emmons] Anders 12 Sep 1931

Ila Mai Allison, b. 14 Mar 1895, Thaxton, md. Ray Crowe 31 Jan 1931.

B 17-33.  From Mrs. Virgil J. Allen, Rt. 3, Plainview, Texas, 08 Jan. 1952, “Family Bible Records By Correspondence.”  Thomas Moody Allison, b. 10 Aug 1887, McMinnville, Warren, Tenn., d. 25 Jun 1943, Plainview, Hale, Texas, buried 27 Jun 1943 in Plainview, and Jessie Mae Mitchell, b. 11 Jan 1889 McMinnville, daughter of Jessie Barns Mitchell and Laura Mason.  Child:  Kathryn Allison, b. 16 Jan 1917 McMinnville, md. Vergal Jimmie Allen.

B 17-34.  From same.  Vergal Jimmie Allen, b. 20 Jul 1917, Chillicoth, Hardeman, Texas, son of Thomas Richard Allen and Phoebe Martin Brewer, married Kathryn Allison (see above) 08 Aug 1947 Plainview, Hale, Texas.  Children: [REDACTED]

B 17-35.  From Mrs. Thomas Andes, 665 Fremont Place, Chattanooga, Tenn., 14 Jan 1952, “Family Bible Records by Correspondence.”  Thomas Emmett Andes, b. 13 Nov 1899 near Viola, Warren, Tenn., son of Amos Lavander Andes and Minnie Bonner, md. 12 Sep 1931 Irving College, Warren, Tenn., to Mildred Fay Allison (see above).  Child: [REDACTED]

B 17-39.  No source stated other than “Family Bible Records by Correspondence.”  John Conner, md. Beatrice Thaxton, daughter of Ewing Thomas Thaxton and Eliza Jane Sparkman.  Children:  says “none”.

B 17-40.  From Mrs. William H. Thaxton, Austin, Texas, “Family Records by Correspondence.”  Reuben Caperton to Bell Thaxton, daughter of James Barnett Thaxton and Julia Ann Goodlo (?).  Children:  —- Caperton, —- Caperton, Ame Caperton.

B 17-41.  No source stated.  Bell Thaxton, b. 03 Jan 1855, McDona, Butts Co., Georgia, daughter of Charles Thaxton and Sarah Abdiller Mills.  Married —- Reed, b. abt 1853 of McDona, Ga.

B 17-42.  No source stated.  Bernice Thaxton, b. abt 1875 Texas, daughter of Carter Thaxton and Lena Thornton, mad. Charles Ryan, b. abt 1873.

B 17-43.  “Recd [record] by Bessie (Thaxton) Sizemore R.F.D. 2 Carterville, Ill. Nov. 20 – 1947.”  Bessie Lee Thaxton, b. 27 Nov 1884, Cottage Home, Williamson Co., Ill., daughter of William Nathaniel Thaxton and Millie Collins, md. Walter Sizemore, b. 15 Sep 1879, Curulian, Trigg Co., Kentucky, son of John Sizemore and Alice Smith b. 1861, md. 01 Sep 1904 Carterville, Williamson Co., Ill.  Children, all b. Carterville, Ill.:

Forrest May Sizemore, b. 25 Jan 1906, md. Lucian Tracy or Bracy or Bealy [?], 18 Nov 1924

Floyd Norman Sizemore, b. 11 Nov 1907, md. Jessie Alexander 18 Feb 1926

William Wayne Sizemore, b. 27 Apr 1911, md. Wine [?] Durana [?] 06 Apr 1930

Paul Eugene Sizemore, 16 Mar 1918, md. Jessie Carel [?] 04 July 1943

B 17-44.  From “Cardie T. Bailey, Clyde, Texas, 08 Oct 1947, Faily bible Records By Correspondence.”  Betty Alyce Thaxton, b. 23 Jan 1923, Clyde, Callahan Co., Texas, daughter of William Claude Thaxton and Mirtie Estes, md. Stacy R Hart 16 Nov 1941.  Children:  [REDACTED]

B 17-46.  No source stated.  Betty Veanne Thaxton, b. 06 Apr 1926, Raton, Colfax, New Mexico, daughter of (Dr.) John Q. Thaxton, md. Ralph C. Wilson.

B 17-48.  “Record by Mrs. Fairy T. Wells [in B 17-74, she is identified as Fairy (Thaxton) Wells], Proctor, Ark. 17 Oct 1947, Thomas Roy Thaxton, 1461 N.E. 132nd Road, Miami, Florida, Dec. 1951-10 Jan. 1952.”  Betty Jean Thaxton, b. 12 Jul 1925, Memphis. Shelby, Tenn., daughter of Thomas Roy Thaxton Sr. and Dolly Ann Rhue, md. Buford Morgan Johnson, b. 08 Mar [blank] Memphis, son of Ernest Morgan Johnson and Nannie Lou [blank].  Children:  [REDACTED]

B 17-49.  Info. from Mrs. J. C. Dombrowiski, 1675 Sheridan Blvd, Denver, Colorado 24 Nov 1952.  Also says information was obtained from Nancy Graves Thaxton, Henrietta, Texas, Box 356, Nov. 1951.  Beverly Jean Thaxton, 04 Sep 1922, Henrietta, Clay Co., Texas, daughter of Grover Cleveland Thaxton and Nancy Marian Groves, md. Julian C. Dombrowiski, b. 09 Jan 1917, Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, son of Matthew Michael Dombrowski and Pauline Veronica Landy, md. 25 Sep 1942, Washington, D.C.  Children:  [REDACTED]

B 17-72.  “Rec. by Mrs. Dr. J. H. Bailey, Clyde, Texas, Box 421.”  Clyde A. Thaxton (wife), b. 03 Jun 1875, Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co., Ga., daughter of Charles Joseph Thaxton and Julia A. Gray, md. 10 Jun 1891, Jack Deaver, b. abt 1869 of Dadeville, Ga.

B 17-73.  No source stated.  Cornelia Irene Thaxton, b. 09 Jun 1872 of Caswell Co., N.C., d. 12 Nov 1907, daughter of George Donald Thaxton and Nannie E. Watkins, md. J. Carter White, b. abt 1870 of Caswell Co., N.C.

B 17-74.  “By Mrs. Fairy (Thaxton) Wells, Proctor, Ark. 17 Oct 1947.  Res. 915 Decatur St. Memphis, Tenn.” [probably means later residence; these records were updated in approx. 1951].  Cora Lee Thaxton, b. 09 Mar 1888, Bonner Community, Thaxton, Warren Co., Tenn., daughter of James Fulton Thaxton and Lucindia Elizabeth Cunningham, md. John Hammial Aeschliman Sr., b. 24 Feb 1889 Memphis, Shelby, Tenn., md. 22 Sep 1908 Memphis.  Children:

John Hammial Aeschliman Jr., b. 21 May 1909, Memphis, md. Helen Smith 04 Apr 1931, child John Hammial Aeschliman.

Ami Fulton Aeschliman, b. 26 Sep 1910, Memphis, md. Sarah Grigsby, 11 Mar 1931, child Almond Ami Aeschliman, b. 25 May 1923, Memphis. 917 Decatur St. Memphis, Tenn. – Fisher Body Inspector.

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