Hines – Charlotte Co., Virginia and Chariton Co., Missouri

Some items relating to John W. Hines and Jemima North (daughter of John North and Frances Thackston, granddaughter of James Thackston and Mary Wimbish of Prince Edward Co., Va.):

Charlotte County will book 12:272, will of John W Hines (X his mark): wife Aurora B. Hines, remainder to children Jemima W. Adams; Maria N or A Dickerson; the children of his son John S., to wit: Edward, Thomas, Susan, Emily, and Leannah; Frances E Dickerson; James J Hines; daughter Lucy A. Glenn; to Edward J Dickerson in trust for Mary J Meadows. Appoints John D Priddy executor. Witnesses James B Foster and George B McCay. Will proved in court 01 Sep 1862.

p. 285: Aurora B. Hines (X-her mark) acknowledges receipt of her widow’s allotment, 18 Oct 1862.

p. 334: Appraisal of estate includes 1 bond on J. D. Glenn due 01 Jan 1863, 1 bond on J.J. Hines and E.J. Dickerson due 07 Jul 186[last number is obscured].


Chariton County, Missouri – 4969 Deaths Reported in & Chronological Index to Selected Articles from The Brunswicker (includes 1382 Marriages), 14 October 1847 to 28 December 1889, Vol. 1, by Kenneth E. Weant:

from the death index:

Edward S. Hines, abt 34, d. 26 Aug 1868, in 29 Aug 1868 issue
Thomas Hines, printer, reported from Illinois, d. 30 Sep 1869, in 02 Oct 1969 issue

[note: marriage index is grooms only]


Chariton County Missouri Cemeteries, Vol. IV, Robert and May Couch, Marceline, Mo., 1985:

McCullough Cemetery

Edwin S. Hines, 1865-1915
Alice B. Hines, 1872-1924
Carl D. Hines, 1899-1955

Vol. V, Douglas-Masonic Cemetery, located in SW 1/4, Sec. 2, Twp 53, R 20. Douglas is mainly to the left; Masonic to the right.

[Douglas – south side]

Thomas J. Hines – Oct. 28, 1838 – Sep. 29, 1869
Edward S. Hines – Feb. 3, 1836 – Aug?Dec? 26, 1868?
Nannie Hines – Sep. 26, 1815 – Aug. 15, 1901
John S. Hines – May 24, 1810 – Dec. 30, 1860


History of Bates County, Missouri, by W. O. Atkeson, Historical Publishing Co. (1918):

pp. 950-952 – a long and interesting biography of Elliott F. Edwards and his parents, James P. Edwards and Leanna Hines. [Need a copy] Genealogical info from the biography includes: Elliott b. 1886 on his father’s farm near Butler, Bates County. James P. Edwards b. 12 Jun 1838 in Nashville, Tenn. Came west and located at Brunswick in 1864, engaging in business for a while in Fort Garland, Colorado, in 1865. After a short sojourn in Brunswick, came to Butler in February 1870. Died 16 Jul 1913, interment in the cemetery at Butler. Leanna Hines is a native of Brunswick, Missouri, daughter of John S. and Nannie (Pollard) Hines. “John S. Hines was a native of Keyesville, Virginia and of English descent. His father was a wealthy plantation owner, the proprietor of a vast tract of land in Prince Edward and Charlotte counties. He was the master of a large number of slaves. Nannie (Pollard) Hines was a native of Marysville, Virginia. To John S. and Nannie Hines were born six children: Edward, deceased; Richard, deceased; Thomas J., deceased; Sue, who was educated in an academy at Goldsboro, North Carolina, now residing at Butler, Missour; Emily F., the wife of J. C. Congor, Macon, Georgia; Leanna, the widow of James P. Edwards, Butler, Missouri, the three daughters being the sole survivors of the family. The Pollards, as well as the Hines family, were wealthy plantation owners of Virginia. James P. and Leanna (Hines) Edwards were the parents of seven children: Lola, deceased; Lela, the wife of C. H. Congor, Washington, D.C.; Lula, the wife of M. S. Horn, Butler, Missour; Lon L., a prosperous farmer, Butler, Missouri; Claude, a successful merchant, Oakland, California; Elmer, deceased; and Elliott F., the subject of this review. Mrs. Edwards, the widowed mother, resides at the present time in Butler.”

Elliott married Cleo Moore 14 Jan 1908, two children: Elliott F., Jr., and Leomi. Cleo is a daughter of J. M. and Naomi (Browning) Moore. January 14 was the anniversary date for the marriages of Mr. and Mrs. James P. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Moore, and Mr. and Mrs. Elliott F. Edwards. The oldest child in both the Moore and Edwards families was a daughter and both girls were born on the same day of the same month. [Note: the Moore’s oldest child was Clara L., wife of Clarence Harrison.]


There is a nice photo of James Porter Edwards, Leanna Hines Edwards, and Elliott Frazelle Edwards in “Butler, Mo: My Kind of Town,” Butler Chamber of Commerce, 1979:

Family biography identifies these children: Lola Maude, m. Henry Arnold of Butler (son James Porter Arnold, raised by her parents); Nannie Lelia m. Clarence H. Conger of Washington D.C. (children Jay Porter Conger, Clarence Conger, Annalee Conger); Lula May m. Miles Sherman Horn, a Butler lawyer (son Clarence Claude horn, kansas City, Mo.); Lonnie Lee (Lon) m. Mary (Mae) Cecelia McCook, Spruce community (children James Lee Edwards and Clarence Porter Edwards, the only family members living in the Butler area); James Elmer d. early age; Claude Hines Edwards m. Frances Kelleher, Oakland, Calif., operated a shoe store in Oakland (child Lula Frances Young, Oakland, Calif.); Elliott Frazelle m. Cleo Moore, Butler, Missouri (children Elliott Frazelle, Green Bay, Wisc., Leomi Cooper, Rolla, Missour, Joseph Arnold (deceased), Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Cleo Elaine Sikes, St. Joseph, Mo.). Submitted by Leomi E. Cooper.


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6 responses to “Hines – Charlotte Co., Virginia and Chariton Co., Missouri

  1. Thank you for the information you posted on John S. and Nancy Hines and their descendants. This was valuable information in my effort to trace this part of my family. Thank you for your time and effort

  2. George B. McCay (McKay or McCary) was my 3rd Great Grandfather. His sister was Aurora B. McKay. Aurora and John Hines were married in 1848, so she can’t be the mother of most, if not all, of the Hines children. Was Jemima North the mother of Jemima W., Maria, John S., James, Frances, Lucy, and Mary?

  3. Sorry George was my 4th Great Grandfather, not 3rd.

  4. Barbara Doody

    John W. Hines’ first wife was Frances North, daughter of John North and Frances Thackston (Thaxton). They had several children before he remarried to Aurora B. McKay.

  5. Barbara Doody

    Should have also said the daughter of John W Hines and Frances North was Jemima Hines who married John D. Adams, born Charlotte Co., died Mason Co., WV

  6. Suzanne Stewart

    How does one get in touch with Barbara Doody?

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