Some Greene Co., Ill. Thaxton information

Mary Thaxton
Microfilm roll # 1684952, item 6.
#906. Place of death: Wrights Township. Residence of township 17 years — months 20 days. Female, white, widowed. Wife of Perry Jackson Thaxton. Born March 4, 1838, age 94 years, 10 mos, 4 days. Occupation: Housewife, own home. Last worked at this occupation 1-1-1920. Total years spent in this occupation: 50. Birthplace Wrights Ill. Father John Davidson born Kentucky. Mother: Elizabeth Wright, born Kentucky. Informant: Thomas Thaxton, Greenfield, Ill. Place of burial: Hickory Grove, Wrights, Greene County, 09 Jan 1933. Date of death: 08 Jan 1933. Dr. O. J. Gause [?] attended her from 26 Dec 1932 to 07 Jan 1933. Cause of death: [Broncho-pneumonia is drawn through] Influenza. Contributory causes: Bronchopneumonia. Contracted disease at place of death. Undertaker: J. Russell Shields, Shields & Son., Greenfield, Ill.

Parham B. Thaxton
Microfilm roll # 1643662, item 1
#12954. Place of death: Greene County, Carrolton. Length of residence in city: 9 years. Male, white, married. Husband of Mary Page. Born Feb. 26-1846, age 84 years, 1 month, 7 days. Occupation: Retired Painter, self employed. Born Ills. Father: Henry Thaxton, born not known. Mother: Not known. Informant: Henry C. Thaxton, Carrollton, Ill. Date of death: 02 Apr 1930. Dr. Arthur K. Baldwin attended from 02 Mar 1930 to 02 Apr 1930. Cause of death: Senility. Place of burial: White Hall Ills., Greene County, April 4-30. Undertaker Lynn Simpson, S. E. Simpson & Co., Carrolton, Ills.

Note: There is a Certificate of Correction signed by H C Thaxton, Carrollton Ill. dated 25 Aug 1930. It states: “I hereby certify that Item No. 5a should read Husband of Mary Thaxton in place of Husband of Mary Page.”

ESTATE INDEX (index to file boxes that the FHL does not have) [Additional information in brackets is from the separate index to the probate books]

Larkin Thaxton, Box 75, administrator Thaxton and Wilson. [Admrs Banister Thaxton and David Wilson, probate bks 3:238, C: 95, 147, 349, 355, D: 13]

Doctor C Thaxton, Box 75, executor Parham Thaxton [Dr C Thaxton, exec P Thaxton, probate bk L:131]

William B Thaxton, Box 75, executor Edward North [probate bk L: 263, 264, 289, 431, 459]

William B Thaxton, Box 75, administrator J A Morrow [probate index says “ad de bonis non” (or something like that), probate bk L:431, 442, M:364]

William S Thaxton, Box 112, executrix Nancy Thaxton [Probate bk T: 372, 423, U:23, 463, 534]

Luthera Thaxton, Box 157, administrator William C Baker [probate bk X:130, 135, 139, 201, 443, 463, 467]

P J Thaxton, Box 193, executors T P Thaxton & Wm H Thaxton [probate bk Z:65, 69, 74, 119, 222; CC:39, 61, 80, DD: 196]

Mary W Thaxton, Box 153, administrator T P Thaxton [probate bk CC: 80, 86, 265, 410, 417, 557, DD:45]

Luther Harley Thaxton, Box 193, administrator Tilman Landsaw

Parham Thaxton, Box 145, Administrator with will annexed Thomas Hough

Thomas Perry Thaxton, Box 205, administrators Perry G Thaxton and George F Thaxton

William H Thaxton, Box 289, administrator Leslie P. Thaxton

Docie B Thaxton, Box 296, administrator Arthur G Thaxton

W O Thaxton, Box 323, administratrix Estelle Allen Merritt

Leslie Thaxton, Box 77-P 33, executors Ruby Overby & Donald Thaxton

Effie M Thaxton, Box 77-P 73, administrators Ruby Overby & Donald Thaxton

[John T Thaxton – Insane – Probate bk J:158]
[John F Thaxton – Insane – probate bk M:100]

[William W Thaxton – guardian is Mary E Emmons – probate bk J:426, K:381, L:453]

[William W Thaxton – guardian Peter J Tucker – probate bk O:134, P:499]

[Bird Waltrip – admx Susan Waltrip, probate bk D:235]

[Wilson Waltrip – admr Waltrip & Heter, probate bk K: 376, 393, 404, 422, 454, 46[], 479, 502, 514, 528, and many more]

Leo Waltrip, Box 80, admr William Kesinger [Kessinger]

Susanah Waltrip, Last Will, Box 90 [Susan Waltrip – exec William G Waltrip, probate book K:330]

Michael Waltrip, Box 101, exec W D Waltrip

Luke Waltrip, Box 102

Mary A Waltrip, Box 120, exec W F Johnson

[Also a Mary A Waltrip whose guardian is William M Wright]

Sarah V Waltrip, Box 118, admr W D Waltrip

William W Waltrip, Box 153, admr Oma Waltrip

Lillie J Waltrip, Box 232, exec Alvia Waltrip

Edward Waltrip, Box 190, exec Rhoda B Waltrip

Frederick M Waltrip, Box 142, exec Sarah E Waltrip

Ward Waltrip, Box 253, admr Isola Waltrip

Eugene Waltrip, Box 269, admr Lynn B Waltrip

Charley Waltrip, Box 297, exec Effie Waltrip

Effie M Waltrip, Box 303, admr Lewis A Waltrip

Alvia Waltrip, Box 331, exec Norman E Ward

Lynn Waltrip, Box 404, exec Gertrude M Waltrip

Wilmer Roy Waltrip, Box 703, admr Helen L Waltrip

Gertrude May Waltrip, Box 78-P 9, exec Lynn J Waltrip

THESE STARKS/STARKEYS may not be related (Starks possibly married Mary Thaxton):

Eliza Stark, Box 72, admr William A Stark

Jesse Stark, Box 72, admr Thomas H Stark [Probate Bk 5:133]

Cager Stark, Box 72, admrs Stark and Stark [Probate index says admr Jesse M Stark]

John Stark, Box 72, admrs Stark and Stark [Probate index says admrs Eliza & J P Stark] [Eliza Stark is guardian of John Stark’s heirs]

also some Starkeys (Joel E, Mary E, both exec John W Starkey, and Horace Starkey, exec Richard S Worchester)


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