Person Co., N.C. records – Thaxton & Williams families

Some Person County, North Carolina marriages:

Note: pre-1868 are transcribed so are not included here; 1869-on are alphabetical by male (no female index; I read for female names):

William H. Williams – Adriana C. Holloway. Father of male: Haywood Williams. Mother of male: Lucy Williams. Father of female: James Holloway. Mother of female: Mary Holloway. Place of marriage: Jas Holloways, Feby 5 1868, P. J. Carraway Min.

W H Williams – F V King. Father of male: Haywood Williams. Mother of male: Lucy Williams. Father of female: Wm King. Mother of female: — King. 7th July 1869. J. E. Montague.

[In “Black”] marriages: Robt Wood – Lucinda Street – no parents’ names given. Place of marriage: B. A. Thaxton’s. Jany 12 1868. B. A. Thaxton. Several marriages at B. A. Thaxton’s.

[Black] Ephraim Woody – Frances Woody. Father of male: Fisher Russell. Mother of male: Patsy Wilkerson. Father of female: Geo Thaxton. Mother of female: Agnes Woody. Place of marriage: Roxboro. 28 Dec 1867. J. A. Barnett.

[Black] Sanden [?] Johnston – Ann Thaxton. Parents: Henry & Sergie (?) Johnston; Thos & Mariah Thaxton. 30 Mar 1872, J. T. Sergeant JP.

[Black] Jackson Thaxton – Patience Bradsher. Parents: Maria Thaxton, Patience Bradsher. At Olive Hill. 17 Mar 1868, Wm G Winstead JP.

Thaxton, Benj A, Allensville, 46, white, [Mary drawn through] E Dameron (?), Mt. Tirzah, 29, white. By D. R. Moore, Baptist Minister. 31 Mar 1872. At Brides residence. Witnesses: E. B. Roads or Reads, G. W. Barnett, Rosa Meadows.

Thaxton D W, Holloways, 32, white, Mary T. Jones, Holloways, 19, white. By E. N. Wilkerson, J. P. 20 Aug 1875 at E. N. Wilkerson. Witnesses: J. M. Thaxton, E. D. Jones, E. S. Wilkerson.

Hernden, C. M., 40, white – Sallie G Thaxton, 34, white. By Jenkins Minister M.E.C. 02 Feb 1887 at M. E. Church. Witnesses: E. S. Williams, M. A. Walker, J. A. Thaxton. [I have confirmed that this record is dated 1887. It follows 1886 entries and precedes 1888 entries.] [There is a duplicate of this entry that says Herndon, W. Jenkins Meth Minister, at Meth Ch Roxboro, same witnesses.]

Jno H Harris, 32, white – Ella Thaxton, 18, white. By B. Klapp Christian Minister. 06 Feb 1889 at J. J. Thaxton’s. Witnesses: C S (?) Tuck, J. F. Thaxton, D. J. Thaxton.

Alexander Jackson, 23, white – Mittie Thaxton, 22, white – by S. C. Humphries J. P. 18 Sep 1880. At T Thaxton. Witnesses: E. D. Jones, T. C. Humphries, W.T.T.

C D Stigall, 23, white – Lucey J Thaxton, 21, white. By G. D. Neal J. P. 01 Jan 1888 at Sidney Longs (Langs?). Witnesses: E. J. Ramsey, J. A. Gentry, Isiah Gentry.

Geo T Thaxton, 24, white – Anna Belle Thomas, 27, white. By M. H. Hogle Meth Minister. 05 Oct 1887 at Wm H Thomas. Witnesses: S. C. Moore, L H Harris, P. G. Prichett M.G.

Jno M Thaxton, 51, white – Martha R. Wilson, 37, white. At G. D. Neal J. P. 08 Mar 1888. At G. L. Pools. Witnesses: G. L. Pool, J. A. Gentry, W. H. Bailey.

John Thaxton, 25, white – Lizzie Boyd, 23 white. By J. G. Clark J.P. 05 Oct 1889 at J. G. Clarks. Witnesses: R. A. Williams, G. W. Ramsey, E. J. Coot.

Daniel Thaxton, 23, white – Fannie Sue Parham, 17, white. By Jno A. Baird, M. 16 Apr 1890 at Thos W Wilborn. Witnesses: W. C. Pulliam, J. E. Brown, G. S. Barrett.

John L. Thaxton, 38, white – Ella Ford, 22, white. By J. M. Jones J. P. 17 Dec 1899 at Cunningham. Witnesses: J. D. Long, S. G. Thaxton.

Willie G. Thaxton, 21, white – Bertha Lea, 21, white. By W. L. Pulliam J.P. 14 Apr 1901. At W. Gentrys. Witnesses: L. P. Duncan, Cal Mitchell, M Walters.

Haywood Thaxton, Roxboro, 19, white – Nan White, Roxboro, 23, white. By W. R. Villins J P. 21 Jun 1913. At J. A. Long. Witnesses: Carl Wilkerson, J R Evans, J E Thaxton.

Phillip A Barnwell, Caswell Co., 30, white – Cornelia Thaxton, Caswell Co., 19, white. By Rev. E. M.

Did not read for brides after 1913.

B. A. Thaxton, Roxboro, 27, white – Esther Winstead, Roxboro, 23, white. By Rev. O. W. David. 11 May 1918 at Brides Home. Witnesses: E. E. Thomas, Earl Steward, Thos D. Winstead.

James E Thaxton, 26, white. To Ruth J [last name is written over, unreadable], 27, white. By R. E. Elkins. 11 Aug 1920 at J. A. Long N.C. Witnesses: Matt Dickerson, George Harris.

Pasco T Thaxton, 28, white – Bera Garrett, 28, white. By J. C. Wedbee (?). 19 Jul 1922 at Brooksdale Meth Church. Witnesses: L. T. Stanfield, W. T. Carver, E. E. Thomas.

None in interim books (not sure if there is a gap in coverage)

The following book is typed:

Thomas Winstead Thaxton, white, 24, Roxboro – Beatrice Pearl Chambers, white, 16, Roxboro. By E. C. Maness, Minister. 22 Jan 1949 Roxboro. witnesses: Fred I. E. Ferris, Mrs. Thelma McCormick.

Haywood M. Thaxton, white, 56, Longhurst, N.C. – Mellvern Watson, white, 51, Longhurst, N.C. By Calvin S. Knight, Minister. 05 Mar 1952, Roxboro. Witnesses: Cecil A. Pentecost, Calvin C. Clayton, Mrs. E. M. Young.

Todd Pascale Thaxton, 19, white, Longhurst, N.C. – Mary Ann Oakes, 18, white, Leasburg, N.C. By Calvin S. Knight. 22 Dec 1956 at Roxboro. Witnesses: Cecil A. Oakes, Elvis M. Thaxton, H. M. Thaxton.

No later marriages available.


North Carolina state archives probate records for Person County:

Alcy Thaxton estate. 22 Dec 1863, Alex Williams (signs Alexr Williams), Green Williams bond for Wm Thaxton, administrator of Alcy Thaxton’s estate. Ten thousand dollars.

Account current for Alcy Thaxton includes notes, all apparently by Wm Thaxton, apparently dated 08 Aug 1857, $348.46, 01 Aug 1858, 348.48, and 01 Aug 1859, 338.40. Also includes Joseph J Thaxton one rockway (?), $200.00. Credits include $20 “cash Dr Carter for funeral,” $175.00 coffin, tax account 1863 $50.00.


Benjamin. A. Thaxton, 1893. 23 May 1893 account includes: “The widows family consists of herself & one child under the age of fifteen years.” Commissioners find that applicant is the lawful widow of B. A. Thaxton [I can’t tell if this is a normal reference, or if a specific challenge was raised]. Possessions included bay mare and colt, bay colt 2 years old, 1 2 horse wagon, 1 old buggy & harness, 1 double shovel plow, 7 bushels of wheat, crop of tobacco, 2 cows & a calf, 1 bed & bed cloths, 1 table and 1/2 dozen chairs, 1 clock & book caes & sewing machine, 100 lbs of bacon, 1 cook stove & fixtures, 1 looking glass, 1 spinning wheel. 17 May 1893: G. T. Thaxton applies for administration, statings that “J. J. Thaxton, Lucey I Thaxton & G. T. Thaxton” [rest of sentence is blank]. Mrs. B. A. Thaxton submits a notice of deficiency and is awarded a judgment of deficiency in Superior Court $144.07. [Geo T Thaxton had not given the widow her allowance of the estate].


William Thaxton, 1876. Spring Term 1876. Jno L. Loot & Co. & Mary Thaxton admr against “J. J. Thaxton, Walter Williams Robert Williams Mary Williams Charles Williams Ida S Williams C. K. Williams heirs of Cary Williams Dit Williams C H Williams W H Williams T. H. Owen & E. A. Owen his wife.”

[Essentially, William Thaxton died indebted to the plaintiff. He had no children, so apart from his wife, his heirs were the living children of his siblings (those are the defendants listed; there were no commas in the original, so I typed it as is). This action is being brought to allow the plaintiff to sell the land to recoup his debt. It was basically uncontested.] The plaintiff alleges that William Thaxton executed a mortgage to plaintiff on 05 Mar 1874, that no part of the debt has been repaid, that plaintiff Mary Thaxton is William Thaxton’s wife, “That the defendants are the heirs at law of said Wm Thaxton & that all of the defendants except J J Thaxton Dit Williams Chas H Williams W H Williams T H Owen & his wife E A Owen are minors without guardian”.

Summons issued 15 Mar 1876 in the Superior Court, Person County, identifies defendants to be served as: “J J Thaxton; Walter Williams Robert Williams Mary Williams Charles Williams Ida Susan Williams C K Willliams and Fannie Williams [her name is added later] heirs of Cary Williams Ditron Williams C H Williams & W H Williams E A Owen & T H Owen.” Others Summonses write it Diteron Williams and Ditrion Williams.

Return of service: Sheriff says that he personally delivered copies of the summons to Walter Williams Robt Williams Mary Williams Chas Williams Ida Susan Williams C K Williams & Fannie Williams. [It is not entirely clear, but it appears that the following named individuals were not in Person County:] D Williams C H Williams W H Williams T H Owen & his wife E A Owen not found in my county. Served as to J. J. Thaxton by leaving a copy at his residence. An acceptance of service of the summons was signed by Chas H Williams. A separate acceptance of service was signed by Thos H Owen, E A Owen, and W. H. Williams. [That suggests they were not in the county, or they would have been personally served as were the local defendants.]

File includes a copy of the 05 Mar 1874 mortgage deed between William Thaxton and Mary his wife of Halifax County Virginia to John S. Loot & Co. of the same county. Land is on the waters of Mayo Creek, adjoining the lands of S. C. Crutchfield, the estate of James Walker decd. John C Brooks, Thomas H Walker containing about 140 acres.

Answer of J J Thaxton, C H Williams, W H Williams & Thos H Owen & wife E A Owen. The allegations of the complaint are true. N. Lunsford, atty. Answer of Saml C Barnett, guardian ad litem for the minor children of Cary Williams deceased. The allegations are true.

Land was sold by order of the court 29 May 1876.

File also contains an action in the Superior Court, Spring Term 1876, by Mary Thaxton, admx of William Thaxton decd v. Robert Wilson. Mary alleges that as William’s widow she is entitled to possession of certain property, “one anvil, blacksmiths tons & c.” Wilson claims they are his property. W. H. Williams is agent for the plaintiff, who is a non resident of the state of North Carolina. The court found for Mary. A cost bond had been filed for the plaintiff (Mary) by W. H. Williams as agent for Mary Thaxton, W H Williams personally, and Thos H Walker. Contains original signature of W H Williams.


Alexander Williams estate, 1890. 20 Jun 1890. Thos C. Brooks applies in the Superior Court, stating that Alex Williams has been dead 5 years and no administration has been appointed for his estate. The value of his estate is “000 nothing.” “Haywood Williams, Green Williams and others are his brothers and sisters and Mrs. Thaxton.” That is the only document. Folder says see also Paul Green.


Cary Williams estate, 1871. Also spelled Carey. Administered by public administrator. Claims presented to the estate include J. P. Williams note 01 Sep 1864 $150, do 27 Jul 1864 500.00, “C H Williams for inequality on division of land,” 142.00, C. H. Williams $785.88 on account. Buyers at sale of property: Mrs. Williams (she bought nearly all of the property, including one Bible, looking glass, lot of books, cradle, 6 split bottom chairs, trundle bedstead), J. C. Clayton, Charles Williams.

Account with Dr [J J is scratched out] Brooks of the late firm of Brooks Robertson & Co. includes: amounts per orders of Henry Jones, S Williams, Eli Williams, “2 boys hats,” “1 pr shoes for Elisha,” “soda for H S Williams,” 3 vials “lodanum,” “postage on Methodist,” “1 comb pr son,” “4 bunches braid,” “3 spools thread for wife.”

Other claims presented on or before 10 Jan 1880 included: Nathan Williams a/c 1866 $101.40; John L. Williams “difference in value of land, Jan 1861,” $61.75, C. H. Williams a/c 1860 & 1866, $1,531.75 and $254.13.

A claim was permitted to be asserted 04 Feb 1880 by R. A. Williams as trustee for the benefit of creditors, “the difference of value of land between Carey Williams & Ditrion Williams,” $113.00. The claim was rejected.

Jno B. Barnett sheriff deputizes Green B. Williams to sign a receipt. Green is “Dept Sheriff,” but it is not clear whether that is only for purposes of the receipt.

Joseph Williams and William H Williams are summoned to testify on behalf of Ann Williams & A. B. Newman in a matter in which A. B. Newman for himself & others are plaintiffs and J. L. Critcher as admr of Carey Williams is defendant, 19 Jan 1880. Newman on behalf of himself and other creditors of Cary Williams v. J. T. Crutcher admr. Alexr Williams attests that the allegations of indebtedness are true.

Robert A. Williams creditor, also against the administrator, alleges: “That Ditrion Williams on the [blank] day of 186- by deed duly admitted of record in the clerks office of the county and state aforesaid, conveyed all his entire interest in his father’s estate (Haywood Williams decd) to him to secure certain debts therein named.” The original debt of $113.00 and interest remain unpaid, and creditor asserts a valid lien, “which is claimed by the plaintiff as the interest of Ditrion T Williams in the estate of Haywood Williams.”

Numerous other creditor filings. Newman alleges that certain bonds presented to the estate as due Kinchun Newman do not belong to Cary Williams but to Julia A Williams his widow; they were given to Julia A Williams after the death of Cary Williams. M T Williams who formerly was M T Newman & her husband Jas P Williams and gave and transferred them to Julia A Williams. (Note from J. P. Williams explains that he presented the claim to the estate and afterward gave the bond to A Williams so she will present it I suppose.) The promises to pay by Cary Williams are also included (to Kinchen Newman and to Mary T Newman).

C. H. Williams claims that he is entitled to $142.75 with interest from 30 Jun 1860, being “the difference in valuation of lands which was inherited by the plaintiff and the said Cary Williams decd from their father Haywood Williams decd, which amount may be seen by reference to the record on file in the office of the clerk of the Superior Court, which record is herewith made a part of this complaint.” Similar claim by John L. Williams, the claimed difference being $60.75.

Receipt: “Received of Cary Williams by the hands of C. H. Williams, three hundred dollars in full of all claims due me by my wife in division of lands from the estate of H Williams, dec.” 03 Jun 1865. Tho H Owen & Bettie A Owen. Witness Lafayette Allen.

Complaint by Newman alleges that Cary Williams late of Person County died intestate in August 1871, that a public administrator was appointed 18 Jun 1875.

Promise to pay by Alexr Williams to Cary Williams $140.41, being the second payment on “the dower land of Haywood Williams estate.” 27 Dec 1863.

Bond by Julia A Williams and Green B Williams to pay rent for as much of the tract of land that is not included in her dower. 16 Dec 1876.

Receipt of John L. Williams of Mrs. Cary Williams the difference in land of H Williams estate $75.00. 21 Nov 1873.

A separate note reflects that Lot No. 4 was drawn by Cary Williams. Lot No. 5 was drawn by John Williams. Lot No. 4 pays Lot No. 5 $61.75. March 1861.

Claim allowed by Robert J Jones for “tuition of children” spring session and fall session, 1870.

Other allowed claims include Mrs. Ann Williams, Alex Williams gdn for Anna C Williams. The claim by John L Williams for difference in the value of land is disallowed, he having sold his interest to Mrs. Ann Williams. The claim for difference in value of land in favor of Ditrion Williams against Cary Williams is withdrawn [I think because his interest had already been assigned to his creditors]. The claim on behalf of Ditrion Williams brought for benefit of creditor Pointer is apparently disallowed. Nathan Williams’ claim on account, and C. H. William account. Alex Williams “bond on Dit & Carey Williams dated Nov 1869” is disallowed because the bond was not produced.

This is a very extensive file.

Claim by Dr. Robertson includes nearly daily visits to “wife & self” from 08 Jul 1871 to 02 Aug 1871. Also claim for visit “& midwifry services Marth” 22 Aug 1863. Several visits to “negro child,” visits to Walter, Martha, Rich, Molly.

Relating to claim of Newman against estate: R. A. Williams is questioned. A deed of trust was executed by Dit Williams July 1866 and due 1868. Nothing has been paid on it. Cross-examined by defendant: Does not know whether Dit Williams paid off any of the creditors mentioned in the trust. He has never been moved by any of the creditors to sell under the trust, “for the reason a year or two after the trust was made Dit Williams was burned out, and some of the creditors came to me & told me they did not want the trust pushed. Among them I remember Jos Painter decd, Carey Williams [& Alex Williams is scratched out]. They were all related to Dit.”

UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE REVIEW – THERE ARE TRIAL EXCERPTS, ETC. ALSO EARLIER DOCUMENT IN WHICH DISPOSITION OF HAYWOOD’S ESTATE DURING THE WAR NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED. Documents identify Cary’s children as Walter S, Robert A, Mary or Mollie G, Ida Susan, Frances A & Carey Kinchion or Kinchen Williams.

THESE FILES ALSO LARGE CONTAIN PROBATE RECORDS FOR HAYWOOD WILLIAMS (SEPARATE FOLDER). AND SEVERAL OTHER RELATED WILLIAMS. Note: Jas T Williams died in 1898, and his only heirs were: Henry Thaxton, Lucinda Brooks wife of Frank Brooks, Mary Jane Howerton, Eliza Williams and Green Williams.



17 Nov 1880, Mary T. Thaxton by her attorney J J Lansdell summons Ditrion Thaxton to appear in Superior Court in Roxboro on the 10th Monday after the first Monday in March 1881 to answer the complaint. Bond for costs is executed by Mary T Thaxton and R. W. Jones (his mark).

Sheriff Jno Barnett states that defendant is “not found in my county.” Affiant Mary T Thaxton avers that “the defendant is not in the county aforesaid, nor in the state of North Carolina & hath not been for several months now but party and affiant does not know his whereabouts.” 18 Nov 1880. Service by publication in the Milton Chronicle for six weeks prior to 05 May 1881. (Newspaper notice says Ditreon Thaxton). [It appears from the order of publication that Milton Chronicle may have simply been an official newspaper for publication, rather than designed to give actual notice to Ditrion.]

Complaint of Mary T. Thaxton:

“The plaintiff alleges

“I. That she has lived in Person County & state of North Carolina for more [this is inserted with a caret] three years preceding this action. [This would be a standard jurisdictional statement].

“II. That on the 19th day of August 1875 she was duly married to the defendant Ditrion Thaxton.

“III. That some three months after her said marriage, the Defendant began to treat her with great indignity and abuse, and in a short time thereupon being under the influence of liquor did beat and ill treat the plaintiff choking her and twice striking her on the head with a bottle missing her ear and neck and raising knots on her head and throwing her on the floor and knocking her head between his feet and on the next morning threatened to again beat her but the plaintiff hoping that she might able to live with him continued at his house until the first of November 1875 but the Defendant continuing his drunkenness and abuse and rendering her life burdensome and keeping her in constant terror of further violence and fear of death at his hands, she was forced to leave him and claim the protection of her father, with whom she has since lived being afraid to return to the Defendant.”

“IV. That some two months after the plaintiff was thus compelled to leave, the Defendant began to live in adultery with one Nancy Humphries a prostitute by whom he has had one or two children and has continued ever since to live in adultery with the said Nancy Humphries, having left this state with her, about two years ago and is now living with her near Petersburg Virginia as the plaintiff is informed and believes.

“V. That the plaintiff had given no cause of provocation for such treatment but has tried in every way to conduct herself as a wife should do and to fulfill her obligations to her said husband and only left him when all hope of better treatment had gone and solely for the reasons above set forth.”

In an affidavit dated 17 May 1881, Mary T Thaxton states that the cause of action has existed for at least six months (this would be another statutory requirement), and that “she has resided in the State of North Carolina all of her life.”

John Thaxton and Ditrion Epps are summoned to appear on the 10th Monday after the first Monday in September 1881 and testify. Summons is served 08 Nov 1881 by reading the within to John Thaxton, and executed 09 Nov 1881 by reading the within to Dit Epps. Sheriff W. H. Winstead by S. T. Wrenn. C. A. Luck is summoned to testify on 16 Nov 1881.

Testimony [these are very short and in some places incomplete summaries by the “reporter”]: Mary T Thaxton. “Married to deft. Lived all my life in Person County. Drank would come home and abuse you would tell me I had to leave threatened to cut my throat slapped me and struck me with bottle twice on head choked me got me down on floor and stamped me. I left him because I was afraid of my life. Never lived with deft after learning of his being with Nancy Humphries.”

C. A. Tuck: “Deft & Nancy Humphries this her home he staid about three one room in house think two beds. Deft been gone more than twelve months Nancy left about the same time.”

James Stewart: “I bought the goods and chattles for deft & Nancy to leave they left together.”

Ditron Epps: “Nancy came to me to sell some house furniture [?] she and deft left about same time.”

Jury verdict [called “Issues”]:

“I. Were the plaintiff and defendant lawfully married? Yes.

II. Did the Defendant beat abuse and ill treat the petitioner as charged in her complaint and thus compel her to separate from him? Yes.

III. Did the Defendant after such separation live in adultery with Nancy Humphries as charged in the complaint? Yes.

IV. Did the plaintiff cohabit with the Defendant after a knowledge of the said adultery? No.”

Decree entered dissolving bonds of matrimony between Mary T Thaxton and Ditrion W Thaxton. Superior Court, Fall Term 1881.


William Thaxton (x – his mark) v. Sarah Thaxton, 1901.

Complaint: Alleges that Plaintiff and defendant were legally married in this state in the year 1886. “That after the plaintiff and defendant were so married, and while they were living together as husband & wife, the said defendant did commit adultery with one Jesse Tapp.” “That after said act or acts of adultery by said defendant with said Jesse Tapp she separated herself from the plaintiff, and as he is informed and believes has been carrying on an adulterous intercourse with said Jesse Tapp and with various other parties since.” Decree entered.

Tax list – 1840. Capt. Pool’s district.

John Thaxton – 56 1/2 acres of land, valuation 84 3/4. White pool [sic] 1. Black pool -.
Wm G Thaxton – 1 white poll [“pool”]. There are a John Humphries, Edward Humphries and a Jacob Humphries in this district.

[These are in sporadic order]

1842 – Capt. Rayster’s district:

Jordan Thaxton – – 1 white poll – –
Joseph J Thaxton Dr. 50 acres of land, value 240, 1 white poll, 1 black poll

Haywood Williams 1288 acres of land, value 7532, 1 white poll, 19 black polls

1842 – Capt. Pool’s district:
John Thaxton, 56 acres, value 84, 1 white poll.
William G Thaxton, 1 white poll

[skips to list of real estate owned in 1847]

Winstead’s district: Joseph Thaxton Doct., 1114 acres, value 6872

Real estate owned in 1848 in Olive Hill District [Winstead’s district]:

Dr. Joseph J Thaxton, 908 acres, value 6872, 1 white poll, 13 black polls

1849 list of taxables taken in Holloways district:

William Thaxton, 101 acres, value 303
John Thaxton, 156 1/2 acres, value 312, 1 white poll
William Thaxton 102 1/2 acres, value 307 1/2
William G Thaxton, 1 white poll

[Damaged documents – appears to skip to 1868 – portion of page identifying the district is missing but several Pools, Sanfords]

Jno M Thaxton, 1.50
Wm G Thaxton, 1.20


School census (children between 6-21), undated but appears old – may not be from the same census, but I think it is]:

In Allensville District, Lucy Thaxton.

Dist. 5: males: Geo J Thaxton, Joseph A Thaxton [note: these lists are not in alphabetical order, so adjacent names appears to suggest a family relationship or household]
females: Mary A Thaxton, Pherabo H Thaxton, Sallie G Thaxton, Ann E Thaxton.

List of the children in Dist 8:

Detrion Williams: Lucy A Williams, Charles H Williams
Green Williams: Sallie E Williams, Green Williams, Lenora or Senora Williams, Laura L Williams, Haywood Williams. [This census was taken by Green Williams.]

No district stated:

John Thaxton, 3 “mails,” 2 “femails” [others in this district include James Holloway, Matt Bryant, Sidney Lang or Long, W T Humphries, W W Humphries, James Regin.

1858 School Census (approx. half the districts are missing):

Dist. No. 15: Lucy Thaxton [I think; difficult to read surname].

Dist. No. 17: males include William Williams; females include Harriet Williams, Ann Elizabeth Williams

Dist. No. 18: only three children reported in the entire district: Charles H Williams, John Williams, Elizabeth Ann Williams. One of the census commissioners is Alex Williams.

District No. 31: 86 total school-aged children (between 6 and 21 years of age). Note: These appear to be listed on a by-family basis. Thus, for example, the first male children are named Leet; the first female children are named Leet. Then the Thaxtons, then male children named Day, and female children named Day, then another Wilbern family, etc.

Males include: Jordan Thaxton, Robert Thaxton, Ditron Thaxton [all names immediately in succession of each other]
Females: Sarah Thaxton, Martha Thaxton, Mary Thaxton.
Also a Wilborn family in this district, males Henry Willbern, Wm Willbern, Lucy Willbern.
School Committee for this district is Thomas Stokes, Lemuel Smith & Jas L Sanford. Census was through December 1857.

NEED TO REVIEW THE REST OF THE SCHOOL CENSUS RECORDS (1863, 1868, etc.) These are all on Roll 2438720.


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