Notes on Virginia chancery records

Reviewing Virginia chancery records:

BCP – Amelia County

KJP – Price v. Williams, Cumberland Co. (1836 deposition of John Thackston at George Jeffries; county not stated, but most are Prince Edward). John sold Price a negro girl about 10 years ago.

Cumberland Co., John Houston v. W. W. H. Thackston, trustee. Howell E. Warren and Mahala his wife executed a deed to Miss Elizabeth R. Thackston dated 05 Nov 1860 in Cumberland County, involving Lithia Springs. On 25 Jan 1875 John Houston executed a deed to E. Wiltse, trustee, for Rosa Elizabeth Houston, his wife, retaining a life estate in the 7 1/4 acres. In Dec 1883, the Houstons executed a sale-lease of the property, including the management of and a royalty from water sold from the Lithia Springs. W.W.H. Thackston agreed to act as trustee for purposes of the deed. This proceeding appears to be simply a formality to replace the original trustee, E. Wiltse, with W. W. H. Thackston.

P.E. – Josiah Chambers, check out 1st page, p. 82, 109, 150-170, 212, 235-240, 248, 354-355, 365, 396, 430-431, 444-450 (complete list of heirs with their portion of the 1/28th shares), 462-467 individual names of Josiah’s slaves sold with their occupations and names of purchasers, inc. Dr. W. H. Thackston and B. C. Peters, and receipts for payment, 475-486 list of creditors claiming rights in individual legatees’ shares, advances to legatees, etc., 554 Wm Thackston receipt, 586, 596 receipts Nathl D Price, 604 John Thackston receipt, 612, 635 Wm Thackston receipts, 641-642, 651, 653 Wm Thackston for Betty Ann Thackston, 655 B. C. Peters receipt, 701 Wm Thackston receipt, 727 reference to 1842 Buckingham Co. case brought by Taswell S Morton et al on behalf of William B. Purcell, 758 note from W.W.W. Thackston, 771 John Thackston signature, 789 Wm Thackston, 824 list of expenditures, 866 N D Price, 868, 942 Wm Thackston, 973-974 summons, 1005-1010 list of Josiah’s slaves hired, and who has hired them 1840-1841, 1013-1014 expenditures, 1016-1017 list of Josiah’s slaves hired and who has hired them 1848, 1019-1035 expenditures, etc., 1038-1039 sale bill of Josiah’s property 1841, 1049-1069 list of hired slaves 1842-1848, 1091 receipt Nathl D Price, 1138-1141 Charles Thackston, Betty Ann Thackston receipts, 1173 John Thackston statement, 1211-1212 bonds collected, 1213-1218 procedural summary and ruling by commissioner, 1220-1221 slaves hired 1839, 1225-1228 excerpts from Chambers Comm v. Madison (earlier trustee), 1232-1233 signature of most legatees, 1241 B.C. Peters contract, 1244 N.D. Price receipt, 1258 William Thackston receipt, 1310 B.C. Peters receipt, 1325 & 1327 William Thackston receipts, 1352 newspaper notice of suit, 1353 insolvent bonds, 1356-1361 list of distributees, who married, who are deceased, etc. – *confirms that Benjamin H. Thackston’s first wife was Mary Allen, who first married Elliott then Thackston, 1369 collecting on John Thackston note, 1378 ad for auction of slaves, 1400, 1406, 1413, 1423 legatee information, 1434-1441 assignment of interest and deed by Samuel Thackston (mentions his grandfather Josiah Chambers – earlier, there is a detailed summary of the history of Josiah’s land, back to the original 1746 patent), 1484 another legatee list, *1487 – there is an actual family tree chart.

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