Elmore Co. AL Thaxton marriages 1860s

From a review of the original certificates:

Benjamin P. Woolridge to Victoria L. Thaxton. Md. 15 Nov 1869 at W. G. Delaney. Benjamin’s bondsman: W. G. Delaney.

[Note: There is an earlier marriage of Benjamin P. Woolridge to Levusia / Levuisa Alice Traylor (spelled both ways in the certificate and in the bond). Md. 03 Nov 1867 by S. W. Spear, O.M.G. Bondsman William A. Dunlap.]

Robt Rogers to A. E. Thaxton. Md. 18 Nov 1869 by S.W. Spear, O.M. Gospel. Bondsman G. W. Thaxton.

H. C. Rawls to A. V. Thaxton, married at Wiley Thaxtons 18 Nov 1869 by Sterling W. Spear, O.M. Gospel. Bondsman Wiley Thaxton.

George W. Thaxton to Pauline F. Delaney md. at W. G. Delaney’s, 18 Aug 1869 by S. W. Spear, O.M. G. Bondsman N. W. Green.

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