Williams records – Crawford Co. MO

Letters of Administration Vol A 1837-1864 – only Williams is G. W. Williams. [However, volume itself says “Book II” (Book 2), and the Index to Probate does not include the earliest volume, so I’m thinking there could be an unindexed probate in Volume A of the probate record.

p. 536. G. W. Williams died intestate having at the time of his death property which may be lost, etc., unless an administrator is appointed. G. W. Sanders, public administrator for Crawford County, is appointed 16 Apr 1864. “Names of the heirs of G. W. Williams are Martha E Williams Judith A S Williams & G B McClenin Williams – now resident of Dent Co Mo.”

Select entries from Probate Book C (index very difficult to read (faded ink); I might have missed some):

p. 9 James Williams v. G. W. Sanders adm of G. W. Williams, plaintiff is allowed $12.00 in the 5th class of debts against said estate.

p. 122 J. W. Malesdale (?) is allowed $50.00 in an action on a note, 5th class of debts.

p. 143, R. P. Jamison is allowed $14.55 in an action on account, 5th class of debts.

p. 180, Order of sale of property to be held in the town of Steelville on the first Monday of September 1865. Property is in Sections 25 and 24 of Township 35, Range 3 West.

p. 222, Joseph Turnbaugh files his bond in the sum of $1,000 as guardian of Martha Williams minor heir of G. W. Williams. Sureties are Joseph Turnbaugh & Reuben Smith. [No date, but 1865]

[p. 226, Estate of James Williams, Henry ? Horman administrator.]

p. 232, Lemuel Self is allowed $6.00 in an action on account, 5th class of debts.

p. 239, order for sale of property is renewed, now to be at the north front door of the court house in Steelville on the first Monday of March 1866.

Settlement Record of Estates, Vol. A 1867-1886 – no Williams.

Index to Deeds, Crawford County: no William or Alsey/Elsie Williams; a Theophilus Williams, Ulysses S Williams, Samuel Williams, George W. Williams, James Williams, etc.

Index to Circuit Court records (note: this is a plaintiff-index only):

Wm Williams v. James Wright, A:125. 02 Jul 1839. On appeal from justices Court. No information, just this: “On motion It is ordered by this court that the papers in the above cause be remanded to the Justice and that the said cause be dismissed from the court.”

Also a J. G. Williams, J. W. Williams, H. C. Williams and Ambrozine Williams both suing Chas Hoffmeister and Carolina Hoffmeister et al.; S. J. Williams (no dates are given on these index entries)

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