Scott info – Davidson County, Tennessee

[I will look up these entries and do a more complete index when I get a chance. KJP]

Scott grantee index

William Scott:
D:389 Roll 332659
G:514 #332660
K:78 (314 acres) #332661

Mary from William Scott et al. 17 Jul 1813, K:128 (314 acres – will) #332661

St. Clair Scott from Mary Scott, 26 Mar 1818, 174 ac Big Harpeth, M:462 #332662

Thomas Scott from Mary Scott, 26 Mar 1818, 140 ac Big Harpeth, M:463

John T. 04 Sep 1828 from Allen Thompson et ux, X:235 (145 ac Big harpeth) #332667

John T., other purchases on Big Harpeth, Y:550 #332667

1:219 #332668

Grantor index

William Scott Jr. [sic] to Robert Carothers, E:213; E:253

William Scott to Davie, E:228

I:48 (50ac) #332660


will K:128 – see below

St. Clair to Herbert Tarpley, 13 Jan 1827, R:539 (all 174 acres on Big Harpeth) #332664

Thomas et al., executors, 50 Ac Big Harpeth to Isaac Anderson, 17 Mar 1828, R:666; recorded 13 Apr 1832. #332664

Thomas Scott to Benj. D. Pack, dated 28 May 1812, recorded 15 Jun 1829, 63 Ac Big Harpeth, S:173 #332665

Rebecca M. Scott to Benjamin Greer, Tr., several lots, 15 Oct 1833, V:542.

John T. Scott of Humphrey County, Tennessee, to Isaac Jones, 06 Mar 1844, 100 1/4 ac Big Harpeth, 6:653 #332670. No wife mentioned. Proved by personal appearance of John T. Scott.

John T. Scott of Davidson County, Tenneessee, to William Dunn, 02 Jan 1841, 245 3/4 ac Big Harpeth, $2,100. Witnesses E. S. Eum (?), and Lewis Dunn. 7:92 #332671

Rebecca M. Scott to R. S. Snell, 01 Jun 1850, Lot McLemore St.

John T. Scott to Joseph Mays, 29 Mar 1832 [sic], recorded 15 Aug 1851, 15:25 50 ac Big Harpeth; #332674

John Scott et ux, et al. to John Reid, 06 Jun 1857 power of attorney, 26:527 #332678. This is John Scott and Eliza P. Scott, formerly Eliza Merriwether, of Floyd Co., Indiana, and other children of Mary Merriwether, deceased, giving power of attorney to collect their legacy.

D:389, 16 May 1798. Robert Carothers of Davidson County, Tennessee to William Scott of the same county and state, for $678 113 acres in Davison county and on the north side of Cumberland River. Adjoining John Evans.

D:83. 24 apr 1795, William Vann of Cumberland County, North Carolina, to Nathaniel Thackston of Prince Edward County, Virginia, for 250 pounds current money grants 640 acres in the county of Sumner north side of Cumberland river joining the most southerly and middle fork of Jennings creek. Adjoining Lynn Ephraim Peyton’s south west corner.

E:228. This Indenture made the fifteenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred between William Scott of the State of Tennessee and County of Davidson of the one part and William R. Davie of the State of No. Carolina of the other part, Witnesseth that the said William Scott for and in consideration of the sum of twenty one pounds North Carolina currency to him in hand paid at or before the delivery hereof hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents do give grant bargain sell and confirm unto the said Davie certain tract of land lying and being situate in the state of No. Carolina Chatham County on the West side Vernons Creek being one fifth part of land which descended from James Thackston to William Benjamin, Nathaniel, Zadock and Mary Packston [sic] alias Mary Scott wife of the said William the said tract of land bounded as will appear by deed: William Benjamin Nathaniel and Zadock Paxton [sic] to said Davie to have and to hold the above bargained premises . . .” Witnesses T. Hall and James Curtis.

“And on the back of said deed above recited was written as follows, Mary Scott being privily examined before us relative to her free consent to her husbands execution of the within deed of conveyance declared that she was entirely agreed to the execution of the same. To which is marked the name Mary Scott. Thos Dellahunty and J. M. Lewis.”

Will of Mary Scott (contested; found to be her actual will) (will transcribe in entirety later): K:128. 11 Apr 1816: Son William Scott, George Scott, daughter Lucretia Patterson, daughter Sarah Yeates, son Thomas Scott, son Sinkler Scott (314 acres of land on which she now lives); “to John Scott the bed he now lies on during his natural life.” Son Moses Scott, daughter Polly Thompson properly including still in possession of william L. Carter; daughter Rhoda Carter; mentions slave Moll. Witnesses Edward Woodward, Charles Scott, John Exum. Mary (X) Scott. Sons Thomas Scott and Sinkler Scott “shall maintain my son John Scott his lifetime & whichever keeps him Thomas Scott or Sinkler Scott the other shall pay him whatever it is worth as they can agree or any two disinterested men shall say it is worth.”

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