George Washington Herron (1840 – 1914) Civil War pension

Notes from Application 26002, State of Texas, regarding George Washington Herron, who married Martha Sparks (“Patty”), daughter of William F. Sparks and Rebecca Ann Thaxton, daughter of Alexander Thaxton and unknown spouse of Montgomery county and Henry county, Tennessee:

G. W. Herron, Montague County, Texas. He was parolled on the 27 day of May 1865 – at Jackson Tennesse –

Will be 73 Next July. Born: State of Miss County of Yazoo County

Has resided in Texas “Since Sept 21 – 1899”

Resides in Montague county. Has resided in this county for 13 years, post office Bowie, Texas.

Occupation: “Originally a Farmer, Have none now – owing to age-”

Served in commend “In the State of Arkansas” “From the 10-of May 1861 to May 27-1865” “Comp-B 13 Ark-Regment-Infantry.”

Answers to interrogatories of S. J. Herron of Alvord, Wise County, Texas, and Emily Herron of Princeton, Texas.

Age, place of residence and post office: S. J. Herron. Sixty-six years. Alvord, Wise County, Texas. Alvord, Wise County, Texas. [Emily: Mrs. Emily Herron, 70, Princeton, Texas.]

Do you know the applicant: Yes. [yes]

How long have you known him, and where did you first know him: Sixty years. At my home in Carroll County, Tennessee. [Emily: Since 1861. In 1861 in Carroll County, Tenn.]

Do you know that the applicant enlisted in the service of the Confederacy, and performed the duties of a soldier or a sailor? Yes, of a soldier. [Emily: I do.]

Do you know what company and regiment, enlistment, when, where, and the time of service: I personally know that he served in the 13th Arkansas Infantry. He enlisted in May 1861 and serves [sic] to the end of the war. He served in the army of the Tennessee. [Emily: Thirteen Arkansas Regiment. From the beginning to the end of the war.]

Do you know that the applicant is unable to support himself by labor of any sort? Yes. [Emily: Not from my personal knowledge but from what I have been told he has been unable to work for thirteen years.]

[Handwritten interrogatory; rest are pre-printed]. Do you know how long since G. W. Herron has lived in Montague County Texas: Yes, thirteen years. [Since 1899]

Answers to cross-interrogatories:

What is the source of your knowledge regarding his enlistment, and do you know anyone other soldier by the same name: “G. W. Herron is my brother. I was 15 years old at the beginning of the war. I saw him enlist. He was wounded in the army and came home and stayed about six weeks. I did not know any other soldier in his regiment named G. W. Herron.” [Emily: I saw him several times while he was in actual service. I do not.]

Are you certain it is the same man? Yes. [Emily: I am positively certain.]

What is the source of your information as to the applicant’s inability to work? By personal observation, I got the information. [Emily: My information to the effect that applicant is unable to do any work has come through his children in letters.]

Do you know whether the applicant ever deserted the service of the Confederate army? He did not. [Emily: I do. He did not.]

Do you know of your own knowledge that said applicant G W Herron resides in Montague County Texas. If so how long has he lived here. Yes. He has lived there thirteen years. [Emily: Yes I have received letters from him off and on for thirteen years the time he has been there.]

S. J. Herron, 15 May 1913, and Emily Herron, 21 May 1913.

Card from Mrs. J. W. Hogue, Brownfield, Texas, 04 Aug 1941. “Dear Sir: My father, George W. Herron received the confederate pension before his death in Hall County in Apr. 1914. We need his war record and will thank you for a copy of it.”

Hand-written letter from G. W. Herron, Memphis, Texas, 14 Jan 1914, to the Commissioner of Pensions: “Dear Sir & Comrade – I made application for a pension about August first 1913 from Bowie Montague County. Now I am at Memphis Hall County.

I am dependent on my children for a home and they have moved from Bowie to Memphis.

I have been waiting with a great deal of patience. I am like a great many others anxious to hear.

I thought it was well to let you know that my Post Office is changed. I would be glad to hear soon.

Yours truly, G. W. Herron, Memphis, Texas, Rout # 1, in care of W. N. Orr.

War department reports: “The records show that G. W. Herron, sergeant and second lieutenant, Company B, 13th Arkansas Infantry, Confederate States Army, enlisted July 23, 1861. His name appears on an undated report of prisoners paroled at Jackson, Tenn., for the month of May, 1865, but the date of his parole is not shown.”

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  1. Gene West

    George Washington Herron’s Father was James H. Herron (1812)..His Mother was Carlolyn Howard..I am related through Lura Herron (West),who was my Grandmother. Gene West

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