Allen County, Ky, Order Book 1847-1856

This is badly burned, including the index, and I likely missed some references to Thackston-Thaxton. These are the ones I found:

p. 48, 14 Nov 1848

Zadock P Thackston is to have credit with the Sheriff of this County for his Poll tax & [can’t read] assessed against him this year he being a resident of Ten and not subject to tax in this state.

p. 169, 09 Feb 1852

Ordered that John C. Thompson, R. H. Parris, Willis Mitchell and R W Edward [?] or any three of them after being first sworn do inventory and appraise the personal estate and slaves if any of Zadock B Thackston deceased and report to the Court as the law directs.

According to the index, there were entries involving Hannah Thaxton’s pension on pp. 419 and 444, but the end of the book is missing. There are no page numbers (all burnt off), but by my manual count of pages, the book ends at approximately page 390, give or take a few pages, in early 1856.

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