Saline County, Illinois Thaxtons

[As discussed, here are some Saline County, Illinois, records relating to Thaxtons. Karra]

From Early Saline county, Illinois Court Records / Chancery Records, January 1845-December 1863, Vol. 1, comp. Mary Douglas Brimm & Rebecca Dardeen Schmook, pub. Saline Co. Gen’l Society, Harrisburg, Ill., 1993:

Box E-1A, filed 25 Feb 1860 – Bill for Title. John Elder vs. Samuel Thaxton, et al.

“. . . your Orator, John Elder, of Sal. Co., Ill., shows in the year 1857, your Orator purchased of one Benum Thaxton, who then owned the same in fee simple the following real estate, lying and being in Saline County, Illinois, as follows: The SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 21; NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 27 and the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 S11 in Sec 28 T8S R7E, and that he fully paid the said Benum Thaxton for said lands and took a deed of conveyance in fee simple from him for the same . . . Your Orator would further show your Honor that that on or about the 8th day of October 1858, your Orator’s dwelling house and furniture together with all his deeds and title papers, including the deed for the lands aforesaid described were accidentally consumed by fire . . . Your Orator further states that on the 14th day of September 1857, the said Benum Thaxton departed this life, leaving Samuel Thaxton and Polly, who intermarried with John Tally, his only children and heirs at law . . . Wm. J. Allen.”

p. 185: Poll Book of an Election held at Wiley Pennells in Curren Precinct Saline County, State of Illinois on the 3rd day of November 1857. Voters included: Sam’l Thaxton.

* * * *

From Abstracts of Wills, Saline County, Illinois 1847-1911, pub. Saline County Gen’l Soc., 1986:

Bk 1:39. Non-cupative will of James Vaught, made 27 Jul 1856. Witnesses: Joseph Bishop and his wife Nancy, Samuel Thaxton and Martha his wife, Beannum Thaxton. Heirs: None mentioned, only debtors. Others mentioned in Estate: Samuel Thaxton, Samuel Elder, Joseph Bishop, Jas. Vaught, John Irvin, Beal Bishop.

Bk 1:323. William A. Dillon. Will made 02 Nov 1895, 45 years old. Heirs include sister and administrator Julia E. Thaxton. Entered into probate Nov 1895.

Bk 11:52-53. Mary E. Crane. Place and date of death: Her house, Cottage Grove Township, Saline County, Nov 1900. Will made 06 Oct 1900. Witnesses: Eva Thaxton and her husband Daniel Thaxton (his mark). Heirs: Husband Theodore F. Crane. Entered into probate Mar 1901.

* * * *

From Saline County, Illinois Probate Records, Vol. 1 (Boxes 1-16), pub. Saline County Gen’l Soc., 1987:

Box 3-36. Allen Bramlet, d. Saline County 19 Dec 1865. Heirs all Bramlets. Purchasers at sale included Samuel Thaxton.

Box 27-41. Spoken will made 27 Jul 1856 before Joseph Bishop and wife Mary, Samuel Thaxton and wife Martha. Heirs: No widow. Sarah E. Vaught Gray (William F.); Nancy S. Vaught Williams (George W.); daughters and only surviving children of James Vaught. Signed 20 May 1867 by William Elder. Will is in probate file – will made by words spoken saying he did not expect to live until morning. Executor: Samuel Elder; administration began 07 Apr 1857. Sale date 18 Oct 1856.

* * *

Same book, Vol. 2 (Boxes 33-40). Author Shirley Cummins Shewmake, Harrisburg, Ill.

Box 34-23. W. L. Dillon. Julia E. Thaxton of Vanderburg Co. Indiana power of attorney to Mary or May Johnson 10 Oct 1898. Final return 11 Nov 1898 – notice was served on Rebecca Dillon, Ezra Dillon, and Julia Thaxton. [Note: Next volume, Box 50-36, William A. Dillin will made 02 Nov 1895 gives all his personal property and money “to my beloved sister, Julia E. Thaxton, who has cared for me in my last sickness, all my personal property and money at the time of my death.” $1 each to wife Rebecca Dillin and $1 to son Ezra Dillin.]

* * * *

From Funeral Records 1907-1965, S. M. Templeton / Templeton & Son, Templeton & Rude / Pierson & Rude / J. H. Rude / Harrisburg Funeral Home, Saline County, Illinois. Bernard W. Moore 1985.

Clementine Thaxton. Died 29 Oct 1909. Order given by Charles Cox.

Ressie Shea. Died 01 Jun 1921, West Lincoln St., Harrisburg. Cause: Tuberculosis. Born 11 Nov 1890 Illinois. Buried: Ingram Hill Cemetery. Husband: Jean Shea. Father: Louis E. Deal, born Ill. Mother: Sarah Thaxton, born Ill.

* * * *

From The History of Saline County, Saline County Gen’l Soc., 1997:

[Extracts only] p. 248: Cody W. Heflin. . . . Mother is Patricia L. Smith . . . daughter of James E. Smith, b. 06 Nov 1904, d. 18 Sep 1974, Harrisburg, Ill., md 15 Feb 1944 Mary L. Dillard, b 06 Jun 1924, daughter of Elden Dillard and Violet Thaxton. James’ parents are Etal Smith [sic] and Viola Smith.

p. 259. Luther Martin Justice, great-grandfather of Chriss Shimp, was born 23 Apr 1880, died 16 May 1942. Married Lucinda Thaxton 04 Jul 1901.

p. 261. Deceased Saline County veterans. World War I: List includes Curtis Thackston.

* * * *

Saline County, Illinois Delayed Births 1866 – 1884, comp. Guylene Pait, pub. Saline County Gen’l Soc. 1996:

James Oto Thaxton [James Otto Thaxton], male, b. 21 Feb 1879, Eldorado, Saline County, Ill. Father: Benen Thaxton, farmer, age 24, b. Ill. Mother: Elizabeth Carns, age 28, b. Ill. Inf. Charles Choisser (M.D.)., Eldorado, Ill.

Samuel Harris, male, b. 10 Feb 1882, Eldorado, Ill., Saline county. Father: David Harris (white), age 45, b. Tenn., farmer. Mother: Mary Jane Thaxton (white) age 36, b. Ill., housewife, both res. Eldorado, Ill. Number of children born: 2. Number living: 2. Dated filed 30 Apr 1947. Info. J. O. Thaxton (cousin) Eldorado, Ill.

* * * *

Rodgers Funeral Home Records, 1942 to 1973, comp. Roy Noal and Averil D. Mathis, pub. Saline County Gen’l Society 1991.

James Otto Thaxton, age 79, b. 21 Feb., lived Eldorado, d. 06 Jan 1959, bur. Wolf Creek Cem.

Emma Thaxton, age 80, d. 19 Jun 1959, bur. Wolf Creek Cem.

* * * *

Marriage Records, Saline County, Illinois, John V. Murphy, 1986:

[Note: This does not appear to cover all volumes; can’t entirely tell which ones are complete.]

David Harris, Eldorado, 22. Mary J. Thaxton, Eldorado, 18. 29 Mar 1881, R. L. Shaw, Deacon M. E. Church, at Elisha Carrol’s.

Pinkney B. Thaxton, Eldorado, 17. Sarah R. Carden, Eldorado, 16. 06 Nov 1884, W. A. Womack, J.P. at Eldorado. Grandfather: Sampson Thaxton. B. Guardian- Rachael Warren. B. Uncles – Wm. Warren and Thomas Carden.

Edward D. Payne, Eldorado, 21. Melcenia Thaxton, Eldorado, 17. 26 Jan 1894, W. P. Fowler, M. G. at Eldorado. BF [bride’s father]: Blouen Thaxton [sic noted in text].

John Brown, Mountain, 27. Etta Thaxton, Mountain, 15. 13 Dec 1899, B. S. Roman, J. P. at Wm. E. Cox’s. Bride’s father: Pink Thaxton.

Luther Justice, Cottage, 20. Lula Thaxton, E. Eldorado, 17. 04 Jul 1901, John L. Thompson, County Judge at Harrisburg.

Israel Thaxton, Raleigh Pct., 23. Elizabeth Hall, Raleigh Pct., 23. 18 Jan 1888, J. Y. Reid, M.G. at Elisha Carroll’s.

David B. Johnson, Cottage Grove, 32. Arrinda Thaxton, Raleigh, 17. 13 Feb 1887, W. A. Joyce, J. P. at bride’s father’s. Consent bride’s father: Sam’l Thaxton.

Thomas Franklin Dillard, Gallatin County, 22. Nancy Isabell Thaxton, Eldorado, 17. 15 Sep 1889, John Popins, M.G. at her residence.

Pink Thackston, Independence, 26. Clementine Cox, Mountain, 18. 23 Nov 1893, Ira Gibbons, J. P. at Mountain.

J. O. Thaxton, E. Eldorado, 23. Emma McDaniel, Robinson, Crawford County, 22. 12 Sep 1902 license date. Marriage certificate not completed. Note “See License”. Filed 16 Sep 1902.

* * * *

Saline County, Illinois Marriage Register – Book B, 1898 – 1908, John V. Murphy, 1985:

p. 60 – John Brown, res Sumerset. Farming. 28. White. Born Saline county. Father: Thomas Brown, Mother: Lorina Jane Smith. 1st m. Sarah Etta Thaxton, res Sumerset. 15. White. Born Saline co. Father: Pinkney Thaxton, Mother: Rachel Carter. 1st m. Witness – L. D. Robertson. By-Wm. A. Cox.

p. 132 – Luther Justice, res. Cottage, Ill. Farmer. 21. White. b. Ill. Father: Tilman Justice, Mother: Lucy Bostens. 1st m. Lula thaxton. Res. Eldorado, Ill. 18. White. b. Ill. Father: Bonorn Thaxton, Mother: Elizabeth Cuinns. 1st m. Witness – Chas. P. Skaggs.

Records of the Poor, Saline County, Illinois, 1847-1888, trans. Mrs. Rebecca Schmook and Mrs. Mary Brimm, pub. Saline County Gen’l Soc., 1988:

13 Jul 1886: Payments ordered include: G. M. Westbrook $12.00 for med. attendance Pinks Thaxton ($2.00 disallowed).

* * * *

Obituaries from the Daily Register, Harrisburg, Illinois, 1918 [no Thaxtons in 1917], comp. Rebecca Schmook 1996:

Monday, 24 June:

“Mrs. Etta Huggins died of cancer Saturday about one o’clock at the home of her brother, Ed Thaxton, on East Walnut street. Mrs. Huggins was from Blythesville, Ark., and had only made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Thaxton a short time when she became ill and died. She leaves the husband, Wm. Huggins, and one sister, Mrs. Martha Estes of Hayti, Mo., and her brother Ed in this city. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the Thaxton residence, followed by burial at Sunset Hill.”

Thursday, 29 August:

“Miss Mabel Thackston, one of the operators at the Murphysboro Telephone office, received a telegram last evening, about eight o’clock, announcing that her brother, Curtis Thackston, had been killed in France. The telegram was as follows: Washington, D.C., Aug. 29, 1918–Miss Mabel Thackston–Deeply regret to inform you that Pvt. Curtis Thackston, Infantry, is officially reported as killed in action August 13th.–Private Thackston was about 19 years old and is well known in this city, having made his home with his sister and Mr. and Mrs. Jean Shea on North Vine street before going to the army. He enlisted about three years ago at Nevada, Mo., and has been in France for the past five months and has probably seen a lot of fighting. his letters to home folks have been very irregular since he has been in active service at the front and we wish to join the many friends who have extended their sympathy to Miss Thackston today.”

Wednesday, 27 August:

“Ed Thaxton, well known young man of Harrisburg, who has been employed for some time as lineman for the C.I.P.S. Co., was killed instantly Wednesday morning about ten o’clock when he came into contact with live wires. Mr. Thaxton had been sent to the scene of the accident by his company for the purpose of assisting in raising the electric light wires for the passing of a house, which W. C. McNeil was moving from Gaskins City to a lot on East Poplar street. The accident happened almost directly in front of the home of T. D. Gregg, on the south side of the street. Mr. Thaxton was on top of a telegraph pole and before anyone knew of the accident had fallen to the ground. Hurried assistance discovered the man unconscious. Dr. C. W. Turner was quickly called and this physician assisted by Jack Mason and other bystanders, worked hard for over an hour in an effort to restore life to the dying man, but their efforts proved of no avail. At first there was a slight pulse action but this soon died away as the unfortunate man passed away. Superintendent Hanes of the light company was soon on the scene and was downcast at the unfortunate accident. Jessie Lashbrook, with whom Mr. Thaxton worked, was also grief stricken, and did all in his power to restore life. The body wsa removed to the Gaskins morgue, where it was prepared for burial. Mr. Thaxton resided with his wife and four children at 610 E. Walnut street, and was held in high esteem by his fellow workmen. The public is in sympathy with the grief-stricken widow and children.”

1921: Monday, 31 Jan:

“Gussie Thackson, a daughter of William Hall and Sarah Hickman, wife of B. B. Thackson, Harco miner, who resides in Gaskins City, died at Midnight Sunday night at their home, after a brief illness. She was stricken ill on January 22nd and death occurred Sunday night. Mrs. Thackson was 34 yeras old. The husband and four children survive to mourn their loss. The body will be taken to Colbert cemetery Tuesday morning for burial.”

Thursday, 02 Jun:

“Mrs. Bessie Shea, wife of Eugene Shea, a popular young married woman of this city, died of tuberculosis last evening at 6:15 o’clock at their home in this city. Mrs. Shea was 29 years old. She was a sister of Mrs. Vernon Hart, Mrs. Edgar Smith and Roy Deal of this city. She was a daughter of Louis Deal, deceased. Her mother, Mrs. Sarah Thackston, and her sisters and brother survive, besides the husband. Funeral services by Rev. H. B. Wilhoyte will be held at the residence at 2 o’clock tomorrow. Burial at Ingram Hill cemetery.”

* * * *

Police Magistrate Docket Book “F”, City of Harrisburg, abs. Ginger Hayes, pub. Saline County Gen’l Soc., 1994:

Case #319, City of Harrisburg v. Julia Thaxton, violation of Sec. 2, Chapt. 22. Continued until 17 Jan. 19 Jan – non-suit.

Case #316, City of Harrisburg v. Julia Thaxton, violation of Sec. 26, Chapt. 26. Continued until 19 Jan. Non-suit.

Chattel Mortgages 1915-1916 & 1923, City of Harrisburg:

Mortgagor: Ed Thaxton and Julia Thaxton. Mortgagee: H. E. Hubbard. One Estey Organ, 15 May 1915.

* * * *

Funeral Records, Gaskins Funeral Home, Saline County, Illinois, Bernard W. Moore, 1978:

Cecil B. Thaxton. 2 years of age. Died 23 Feb 1915, Harrisburg. Buried Liberty Cem. Charged to Ed Thaxton.

Ed Thaxton. No age listed. Died 27 Aug 1919, Poplar St., Harrisburg. Buried Liberty Cem.

Julia Thaxton. Born 15 Mar 1858, Harrisburg. died 10 Oct 1938 near Saline # Mine, Brushy Twp. Father, Joe Dillon. Mother, Jamie Baker. Both born Saline Co. Husband, Israel Thaxton, deceased. Buried Sunset Hill Cem. Informant, Laura Reese, Harrisburg.

* * * *

Martin Funeral Home Records, 1946-1968, Saline County Gen’l Soc.:

James Francis Thaxton, b. 27 May 1877 Saline County. Lived Eldorado. d. 05 Mar 1946, myocarditis. Buried Wolf Creek Cemetery. Father: Samuel Thaxton, mother Martha Bishop, both born Saline County. Spouse Nancy E. Occupation: Janitor.

* * * *

Extracts from death records, Saline County (from originals):

Sarah Etta Huggins, d. Harrisburg, Saline County, 22 Jun 1918. Female, white, married. Born 02 May 1884, age 34. House wife. Born Ill. Father: Pink Thaxton, born Ill. Mother: Rachel Carter, b. Ill. Informant: Ed Thaxton, Harrisburg, Ill. Cause of death: Cancer of womb and pelvial vicera, 7 months. Dr. W. S. Swan. Buried Liberty Cem., 23 Jun 1918.

Ed Thaxton, male, white, married. d. Harrisburg, Saline County, East Walnut St., 27 Aug 1919. Born 12 Sep 1885, age 34. Electrician with C. I. P. S. Co. Born Ill, “Comi” White Co. Father: John Thaxton, born Ill., White Co. Mother b. Ill. Informant Jules Myers, Hbg Ill. Cause of death: Electrocuted by coming in contact with electric wire while employed on east Poplar St., Harrisburg, Ill. by the C.I.P.S.Co. Accidental. Buried Liberty Cem., 30 Aug 1919. [Note: There is a typed correction copy filed 28 Nov 1919. The changes are: The referenecs to White County are omitted, and there is a reference that an inquest was held.]

Nancy Elizabeth Thaxton, d. E. Eldorado Twp., Eldorado, Ill., R.F.D., 12 May 1935. Female, white, married. Husband: James Thaxton. Born 11 May 1882, age 53 years 1 day. House Work, own home. 36 years in this occupation. Born Ill. Father: Osburn Dillard, b. Ill. Mother: Nancy E. Bean, b. Ill. Informant: Ethel Murray, Eldorado, Ill. Buried Wolf Creek, Eldorado, 14 May 1935. Pneumonia, 5 days, contributory Peptic Ulcer, several months.


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