Some Dodson deeds in Prince Edward Co., Va.

Some deeds involving the family of Frances Thackston, daughter of James Thackston and Mary Wimbish, and her husband James Dodson, in Prince Edward Co., Virginia. [Note: Dolly Jones was a daughter of Frances by her first husband, James North.]

Bk 14:133, 16 Sep 1807. Henry Jones (X-his mark) and Dolly Jones (X-her mark) to James Dodson, all of Prince Edward county. 68 pounds. Land on Shop Spring Creek around the water grist mill, heretofore owned by the said Henry Jones and James Dodson containing two acres. Bounded by: line between said Jones and Dodson, and Caleb Baker’s line. All of Henry Jones’ right to the mill. Witnesses: Henry E. Watkins, B. J. Worsham.

Bk 15:388, 05 Mar 1814. Henry Jones (x-his mark) and Dolley Jones (x-her mark) of Prince Edward to Thomas Tredway of the town of Manchester. 201 pounds 12 shilling, 5 [pence?]. 214 acres, bounded by Moses Tredway on the west, John Dodson on the south, Martin Saylor on the south and east, and David Hamblet on the east and north. Witnesses: William T. Morton, Martin Saylor, Nathaniel Price. Proved 15 Jan 1816 by Martin Saylor and Nathaniel Price, and 20 May 1816 by Morton. Bk 16:27, 05 Mar 1814. Augustus Watson and Nathaniel Price examined Dolly Jones, who could not conveniently come down to the court house.

Bk 16:359, 08 Nov 1817. James Dodson and Frances Dodson to Martin Saylors, all of Prince Edwad. 20 acres, bounded by line between Dodson and Saylor, Moses Tredway. $100. Witnesses: James D. Wood, Moses Tredway. Acknowledged by James Dodson 20 Nov 1817.

Bk 16:360, 08 Nov 1817. James Dodson and Frances Dodson to Caleb Baker Sr. all of Prince Edward. $200 for “the whole of the tract on which the said Dodson at present resides . . . containing by estimation thirty two and one half acres,” bounded by Baker on the south and west, Moses Tredway on the north, Martin Saylors on the east. Same witnesses as on p. 359.

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