Prince Edward Co., Virginia deeds Bks 27-28

Notes of some Thackston-Thaxton land deeds in Prince Edward Co., Virginia:

Bk 26:290, 01 Sep 1852 – George W. Bell and Lucy S. Bell (and Morton, Roberts, Bell, and Bigger) to Francis Thackston and Benjamin Thackston, 257 acres. Bounded by George Fowlkes, Richard Carter, Benjamin W. Womack, John B. Bigger, Andrew Bigger, and the Poor House land. $1285.

Bk 26:295, 24 Feb 1853 – Francis Thackston to Sarah C. Thackston, wife of Benjamin Thackston, through Robert H. Thackston. 257 acres. To Sarah during her life, then to her children by her husband Benjamin, Francis’ moiety in property purchased with said Benjamin (see Bk 26:290). $500. On p. 335, Benjamin did the same thing, through William Elliott. Land is to pass after Sarah’s death to Benjamin’s sons Charles A. and William Z. and to children of Sarah by Benjamin. $1000.

Bk 26:339, 13 Jun 1853. Benjamin and Sarah C. Thackston to William Elliott, who is administrator of Chambers’ estate, all their interest in the estate of Josiah Chambers, 1/28, Benjamin being a son of Betty Ann Chambers, sister of Josiah Chambers. $3,500.

Bk 26:364, 21 Sep 1853. George O. Scott and Cornelia S. Scott to Dr. W. W. H. Thackston, (1) 1/2 acre, Lot No. 1 in Farmville (on which WWH now lives) and (2) part of Lot No. 11, Farmville. $1,800.

Bk 26:407, 03 Feb 1854. William W. H. Thackston, administrator of Charles Thackston, to Benjamin C. Peters, all rights that WWH has as administrator in land sold by Dunnington & Morton to Charles Thackston and John Thackston, Lot 8, Farmville. As administrator, WWH sells Charles’ half. Also on p. 407, John Thackston’s trustee H. E. Warren and Benjamin C. Peters sell their shares of the lot to WWH.

Bk 26:447, 02 Feb 1854. H. E. Warren, trustee of John Thackston, to Richard S. Paulett, lot on Main street in Farmville. $802.50.

Bk 26:592, 16 Oct 1854. John Thackston to William M. Wilson, minor child of the late Richard Wilson of Charlotte County, all of John’s interest in the estate of the late Benjamin Thackston. “The above land was sold by John Thackston to the late William Thackston decd . . . and given to William M. Wilson by the will of William Thackston decd . . .” John sells all interest in the estate of Benjamin Thackston, his father. $1.

Bk 26:613, 23 Feb 1854. Jehu A. Thaxton and Jane T. Thaxton to Jonathan M. Nowlin of Richmond, 69 acres near Prospect, bounded by Daniel C. Glenn, Charles Brightwell, Thomas S. Jones, et al. $165.

Bk 26:622, 01 Apr 1854. Howell E. Warren, trustee of John Thackston, to James W. Dunnington, lots 127, 129, and 130. Dunnington was the highest bidder at a public auction. $2,415.

Bk 26:644, 22 Feb 1855. Francis Thackston to William H. Cary, 258 acres on Buffaloe Creek, residue of land brought from James A. Womack. This is security for a debt.

Bk 26:645, 22 Feb 1855. James A. Womack and Elizabeth C. Womack to Francis Thackston, 305 acres on Buffaloe Creek, adjacent to John F. Rice, estate of Luther C. Jeffres, estate of Adam Calhoun now owned by Archer W. Womack. $1,831.50.

Bk 27:52, 26 Jun 1855. Francis Thackston to Archer Womack son of Lilleous Womack, trustee. 260 1/4 acres. Francis Thackston is indebted to Thweatt & Miller. This is security for the debt. Teh land is bounded by the estate of Luther C. Jeffreys, William Cary, Archer Womack, William N. Wilson son of Richard Wilson.

Bk 27:57, 28 Feb 1855. Francis Thackston to William H. Cary, 46 acres on Buffaloe; bounded by Mr. Jeffreys, William H. Cary dec’d estate, A. W. Womack. $276.

Bk 27:149, 15 May 1856. Henry C. Thackston, executor of Nathaniel Thackston dec’d, to C. C. Bass. 330 acres left to Frances S. Thackston (now deceased) by nathaniel. Public sale 14 Dec 1855. Land is adjacent to William Elliott, William Gillespie, D. F. Womack, and Wyatt Whitehead. $2,640. Note: on p. 149, this land was re-sold to Henry C. Thackston for the same money.

Bk 27:195, 13 Nov 1856. Robert Franklin to Richard B. Thackston, trustee. This is to secure a debt to Henry S. Guthrey.

Bk 27:199, 25 Nov 1856. William H. Cary trustee for Francis Thackston, James A. Womack, and Richard B. Thackston, to Thomas M. Cobbs. 258 acres. This is land previously purchased by Francis Thackston, Womack, and Richard B. Thackston of Cary earlier. They did not have a deed yet, but sold it to Thomas M. Cobbs. Through this deed, they simply had Cary sell the land directly to Cobbs.

Bk 27:235, 30 Mar 1857. Robert H. Thackston, apparently of Charlotte County, to William W. Henry (party of the second part) and Wesley Thomas (party of the third part), land on public road from Charlotte Court House to Prince Edward Court House, on which Benjamin Thackston now lives it being the same land conveyed by deeds of trust from Benjamin and Frank Thackston to Robert H. Thackston and William Elliott, trustee. This is to secure Robert’s debts.

Bk 27:236, 06 Apr 1857. John Thackston and Martha H. Thackston to James W. Dunnington, releasing Martha’s dower in lots 127, 129 and 130 previously sold by John Thackston’s trustee to Dunnington.

Bk 27:255, 05 Jun 1857. A. R. Venable, executor of William H. Venable, to Richard B. Thackston. 36 acres bonded by lands recently purchased (1) of Richard J. Gaines by Thomas Flourney, and (2) of H. S. Guthrey for Mrs. A. King by R. S. Hines; also bounded by A. F. Anderson, estate of N. A. Venable, and the Methodist church lot. William H. Venable sold this land during his lifetime; A. R. Venable is simply formalizing the deed.

Bk 27:274, 17 Oct 1857. Samuel Thackston and Elizabeth Thackston to William M. Wilson, minor child of Richard Wilson of Charlotte County, 50 acres. This is Samuel’s allotment of the estate of Benjamin Thackston, dec’d, guaranteed him by William Thackston, now dec’d. Lot No. 9. Deed mentions a lawsuit, Thackston v. Thackston, February 1836, and a Circuit Court decree in Wilson’s Guardian v. Wilson, et al., August 1857. Witnesses: Martha F. Thackston, John I or L Carter.

Bk 27:315, 19 Oct 1857. Thomas Pugh, on behalf of William M. Wilson, to Samuel Thackston, 38 acres. In an August 1857 decree of the Circuit Court, William M. Wilson was directed to convey to Samuel Thackston the trust allotted to Josiah Thackston in the division of his father’s estate.

Bk 27:418, 27 Fec 1858. Henry C. Thackston and Elizabeth A. Thackston to John A. Elliott. 31 3/4 acres on Spring Creek. Bounded by the main road, lands of John A. Elliott, Tredway, and Thackston. $635.

NOTE: We did not extract all deeds after Volume 27. Here are a few select deeds:

Bk 28:33, 26 Aug 1859. Joseph W. Foster of Charlotte County to Richard B. Thackston of Prince Edward, all his title in 3 negroes willed to the children of Samuel Thackston by Cirus Thackston dec’d in possession of Samuel Thackston. $250. Note, on p. 62, James H. Davis does the same for $180, and on p. 72, James W. Morton does the same.

Bk 28:195, 03 Sep 1860. William W. H. Thackston to Bettie Ann Thackston. Lots 125 and 126 in Farmville, and all of Bettie Ann’s interest in slaves. “Whereas Charles Thackston of the county of Prince Edward departed this life intestate as his heirs and distributees two children to wit W. W. H. Thackston and Betti A. Thackston . . .” For $1,000 and satisfaction of debt owed to WWH by Charles Thackston’s estate.

Bk 29:207, 28 Nov 1861. Sims Allen to Sarah A. Thackston, his daughter, 433 1/4 acres on Charlotte road, part of where Sims Allen now resides. For love and affection and $1.

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