Thomas Thaxton mustered out (1814)

(Not sure of the original source material from which this was copied)

Thomas Thaxton, son of John Thaxton of Wilkes Co., N.C., and Warren Co., Tenn., is honorably discharged from the service:


TO: Captain Larkin Ferrell

On the morning of 10th inst., you will proceed with all your company that has served three months in the wagon brigade at this place, to Fort Deposit. You will then march your company to Huntsville and have them regularly mustered out of service by the Inspector General, William Carroll, or Robert Hays, Asst. Inspector.

You will be entitled to one ration and one days pay for every 15 miles you have to travel from that place to your homes.

You having filled the time for which you were mustered into service, you and all your company who have served three months from the date of being mustred in, are entitled to and it becomes my duty to discharge.

Being about to return to your homes, being fresh to my recollection the service you have performed, and the calm deliberate bravery displayed by you and your company on the two different occasions at Emuckfau on January 22, last; the promptness with which you advanced entitles you to an honorable discharge, the thanks of your General, and the gratitude of your country.

On the 15th Inst., you will consider yourself discharged from your present term of duty, and give honorable certificates of honorable discharge to all of your company who have served 3 months from Dec. 15, 1813.

Andrew Jackson, Maj. General

Muster roll of the Militia of the 7th Brigade, mustered out of service on the 15th of March 1814: Larkin Ferrell, captain, and . . . Thomas Thaxton [Private].

Note: There is also a James Brooks in this brigade.

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