Henry Co., Ga., obituaries 1899-1929

From Henry County, Georgia, Obituaries 1879-1899 and 1908-1929, Rhoda Apperson Bowen, W. H. Wolfe Assoc., Roswell, Ga. 1993:

Henry County Weekly, 27 May 1898:

Death in Hampton Causes Considerable Excitement Through Fears of Hydrophobia.

A little son of Mr. J. J. Thaxton died in Hampton last Sat eve whose illness we learn caused considerable uneasiness and excitement through fear of hydrophobia. Nine persons were bitten by a dog in teh place several weeks ago which at the time was reported to be mad. Among the number was this little boy, 3 little children of Mr. Dayton Hawkins with others and one or two grown people. There were evidences of hydrophobia in the child’s illness. Still the case was not positively so pronounced and we understand that Mr. Hawkins expresses but little uneasiness for his children. It is hoped that there will be no further serious result but is natural that some fear should be entertained for a while yet. Beside the horrible danger worthless dogs are a burdensome nuisance and it is a pity they are not all killed on sight the same as venomous snakes.

Henry County Weekly, 01 Jul 1898:

Sad death of little Andrew Thaxton.

The deep cloud of sadness pervaded the town of Hampton last Sun evening when a vast crowd assembled at the Berea Cemetery to witness the burial of little Andrew whose sad death occurred on the evening before. It was known throughout the community that this beloved little child of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Thaxton had been bitten by a dog which proved to be mad. Only a short time elapsed until it became evident that little Andrew was an unfortunate victim of that most dreadful affliction known as hydrophobia. It would bring no comfort to the deeply smitted hearts of the bereft family to rehearse the scenes that stirred their deepest sympathy yet all their prayers were unavailing to arrest the in roads that the fatal malady were making upon their beloved little Andrew. It is an inpenetratable cloud which you are now able to see but hold on the midnight of this mystic cloud will be dispelled by the coming light in the sweet by and by. It is not yet for you to know how a loving father could chastise with such heavy strokes, His hand of love is guided by his inscrutable purposes. It was your loving heavenly father looking out through the broad telescope of his unmeasured wisdom who saw the cloud storm that would gather over the pathway of your beloved little Andrew and wreck the whole voyage of his future life. Go, bereft family and fall submissively under the shadow of the throne and catch the passing breeze of his love. Wait, only wait till this cloud rolls by and then you shall know that your Father’s wisdom is better than yours. He is now beyond the hearing of the flashing bursting artillery that is bringing death and destruction to men of War on the distant battlefield but your little Andrew is now safely anchored over on the other shore. Sweeter flowers than those that loving hearts with tender hands garlanded his newly made grave are beautifully blooming in the land to which he has gone. Oh mother, lift up your heart and only wait just a little while and the darkness will be past for the Light is coming. Little Andrew, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Thaxton was born on the 27th of November 1888 and died at their home in Hampton on the evening of the 21st of May 1898. Interred in the Cemetery at Berea in the midst of a large concourse of friends and relatives after appropriate servies conducted by Elder A. D. Brindle, W.T.G.

Henry County Weekly, 31 Oct 1924:

Funeral for J. J. Thackston one of the oldest citizens of Henry County who died at the home here Thursday, funeral held on Friday. Surviving: Widow, 5 children, Mrs. Kate Miller of E. Point, Mrs. Ralph Simpson of McDonough, Brindie Thackston of Atlanta, Floyd Thackston of Statesboro and Howard Thackston of Hampton.

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