Riley Thaxton on trial for murder

[Note: I think this is William Riley Thaxton, son of William O Thaxton, although the age is off.]

Jefferson City Post-Tribune, 11 Oct 1928:

Riley Thaxton Goes To Trial For Killing Wife’s Alleged Lover.

POPLAR, BLUFF, Mo., Oct. 11—Circuit Judge Jerry Mulloy, of St. Louis county, was called here today to preside in the trial of Riley Thaxton, 65 year old, charged with the murder of Harry Poujol, insurance salesman who was slain March 24 last after an automobile ride with Mrs. Thaxton.

Attorneys for Thaxton sought a change of venue from Judge Charles L. Ferguson, before whom Thaxton was tried last April, resulting in a hung jury.

Thaxton will maintain in this trial, his attorneys said, that he killed Poujol because of the latter’s attentions to Mrs. Thaxton. Thaxton was sitting on the front porch of his home last March 24, when an automobile drew up in front of the home and he saw Poujol and Mrs. Thaxton in the car. He walked out to the automobile, drew a revolver and reached around Mrs. Thaxton, fired a bullet into Poujol’s head. Death was instantaneous.

Thaxton then returned to the porch, sat down and waited for officers to arrive. He said he had warned Poujol repeatedly that he would not tolerate his attentions to Mrs. Thaxton, but that Poujol continued to press his suit, even going to the Thaxton home while Thaxton was there.

In his subsequent trial Thaxton made the unwritten law the basis for his defense, maintaining that Poujol broke up his Lome. Mulloy formerly lived here.

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