Mason Co., KY, Thackston marriage records

From the multi-volume set Mason County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds & Permissive Notes (1799-1892), Sherry Sawyers:

18 Jul 1844, John Thackston – Minerva Ann McCready. Bondsman: John Menges. 17 Jul 1844 – Germantown. Mr. Key – will let Mr. J. Thackston have license to marry my daughter Minerva Ann McCready and oblige yours. Alexander McCready.

This is to certify that the following named persons were joined together in the holy state of matrimony by me agreeable to the rites and ceremonies of the Methodist Episcopal church on day and date given below. James Savage

John Thackston & Minerva Ann McCrady – July 18, 1844
16 Jan 1850. William Case – Mary Thackston. Bondsman: John W. Kendall. January 14th, 1850. The clerk of Mason County is hereby authorized to grant license to William Case to marry my daughter Mary Thackston. Given under my hand the date above. John Thackston. Witnesses: John W. Kendall & william Thackston.

14 August 1854, marriage license Anderson Thackston – Mary E. Henson. Certificate of marriage: This is to certify that on the 15th day of August 1854 the rites of marriage were legally solemnized by me, between Anderson Thackston, aged 25 years, born in Bracken County, Ky and Mary E. Henson, aged 16 years, born in Mason County, Kentucky at the house of William Henson in the County of Mason in the presence of William Smith and Anderson White. Thomas Rankin, Minister of the M E Church South.

29 Jul 1855, marriage between George C. Mitchell and Demarias Ann Mastin at William Henson’s in Mason county was witnessed by J. Thackston and Wm. Henson.

07 Feb 1855, marriage license, Benjamin F. Thackston – Lucinda M. Wilson.
11 Feb 1857, marriage bond, Milton Hinson – Sarah Ann Henson. Bondsman: Anderson Thackston.
Marriage Bk 6:379, marriage bond, 28 Dec 1863, John H. Sims – Angeline Thackston. Bondsman: Benj. F. Thackston.
Marriage Bk 13:117, 31 Aug 1878, Benj. F. Hawkins – Sarah E. Thackston. Bondsman: R. S. Weaver. Date of marriage: 05 Sep 1878. Benj. F. Hawkins, resident of Mason Co., Ky, age 24 years. First marriage. Farmer. Born Mason Co., Ky. Groom’s father born in Virginia; groom’s mother born in Mason Co., Ky. Sarah E. Thackston, resident of Mason County, age 25 years, first marriage. Born Bracken Co., Ky. Bride’s parents born United States. To be married at residence of Mrs. Sarah Grover, Mason Co., Ky on 5th day of September 1878.
Marriage Bk 13:151, bond 23 Dec 1878, Elliot Bradshaw – Annie Thackston. Bondsman: A. W. Trout. Date of marriage: 24 Dec 1878. Elliot Bradshaw, resident of Mason County, age 29 years, first marriage. Occupation: Farming. Born Mason Co., Ky. Parents born Kentucky. Annie Thackston, resident of Mason County, age 22 years, first marriage. Bride and parents born Kentucky. To be married at the residence of Jos. Burr, Minerva, Mason Co., Ky on the 24th day of December 1878.
Marriage Bk 14:74, marriage bond 15 Sep 1880, Marquis D. Campbell – Lillie Thackston. Bondsman: Anderson Thackston. Date of marriage: 16 Sep 1880. Marquis D. Campbell, resident of Mason Co., Ky, age 21 years, first marriage. Occupation: farming. Born Mason Co., Ky, father born Indiana, mother born Mason County. Lillie Thackston, resident of Mason County, age 16 years, first marriage. Bride and father born in Bracken Co., Ky; bride’s mother born Mason Co., Ky. To be married at residence of the bride’s father, Mason Co., Ky on the 16th day of Sept 1880.

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