Charles A. Thackston’s marriage (1854 NY) and death (1899 NY) and family members

Obituaries and etc. for the family of Charles A. Thackston (son of Benjamin H. Thackston and Mary W. of Prince Edward Co., Va.) and Emilie Storm, daughter of Charles Storm and Catharine Vincent of Dutchess Co., New York), including Charles, Emilie, Catharine, daughter Mary Allen Thackston Brooks, son-in-law Frederick H. Brooks, daughter Lenora Thackston Hatfield Vincent, son-in-law Edwin V. Vincent:

From  New York City Methodist Marriages, 1785-1893:

 Charles A. Thackston – Emilie Storm, 25 Apr 1854.   Source: 18/178 (transcript of Sullivan Street Church, Washington Square, 1842-1865, pp. 150-210)

Note:  I checked the original church record (which is a transcription), and did not see any additional genealogical information, other than that both bride and groom were residents of New York.


New-York Daily Times, 26 Apr 1854:



Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, 22 Feb 1916:



New York Spectator, March 1831:



From the New York Tribune, Monday, 20 Nov 1899:



Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, 28 Jul 1900:



Poughkeepsie Eagle-News, Thursday, 25 Feb 1926:



Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, 31 Aug 1921:



Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, 06 Jul 1932:



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