Henry County, Tennessee Thaxton information

Every Name Index to Henry County, Tennessee Estate Settlements, 1821-1899 (includes names of witnesses, legatees, deceased, etc. – a terrific resource), Henry County Archives, Paris, 2005:

A Susan J. Thompson was named in Es09-047, 1885 – not ours (it’s the wife of J. A. Thompson)
A Sabra Thompson (Sabrina?) was named in Es08-104, 1872 – it appears unrelated
W. G. Thompson was named in Es05-010
A William G. Thompson was named in Es08-088, 1859 – estate of John Swor – n/a

Deed Books 1822-1883: Could not find a Thaxton as grantor or grantee (however, grantee index was darkened at bottom of each page and could not read all entries)

1824 Land Sales for Taxes (unpaid for 1823): No Thaxtons


1827 tax list and lands sold for taxes: no Thaxtons

1836 tax list: Alexander Thaxton, Dist. 15. Other surnames in this district: Albritton, Autrey, Arthur, Beck, Brown, Bradshaw, Bradford, Caldwell, Carpenter, Cooper, Craig, Conrad, Chilcutt, Clark, Causey, Cooney, Chumby, Cowan, Elkins, Eaves, Fowler, Frazier, Gray, Guill (John A., John H., and Thomas), Gould, Gray, Goodman, Graves, Greer, Houston, Hogue, Hines, Hamblin, Ingraham, Jenkins, Jones, Key, Lee, Linch, Lacks, Lamb, McCampbell, McManus, Moody, McElroy, Moody, McDugal / McDugel, Mathis, Manord, McManus, Niece, Osborn, Oliver, Purdy, Powers, Phlygar, Parker, Randle, Roberts, Shaw, Seaton, Sexton, Smith, Stillwell, Snider, Smith, Steely, Smoot, Scarbrough, Swift, Turpin, Tuggle, Trout (Adam), Trougmorton, Vaughan, Winn, Williams, Whitfield, Wimberly, Walker, Winn, Wafford, Winchester, Willoughby, Wilson.

1890 tax list: District 15: R. S. Cogswell; W. D. Thompson, J. A. Thompson, J. N. Thompson, Celle Wright

Some Turn of the Century Obituaries (1891-1913) of Henry County, Tennessee, comp. unknown, Paris Genealogical Society, 1988: No Thaxtons. None of our Thompsons, Wrights, Cogswells, Sparks.

Note: compilation of Henry county cemeteries / vital records does not include our direct family members, but does have this on W. G. Thompson’s children by his first wife Sabina Bennett:
Dick W. Thompson, 1858-1929, Ratteree Cemetery
Laura A. Thompson Groom, 30 Jul 1864 – 08 Jun 1943, Ratteree (wife of Henry T. Groom)
Jep M Thompson (Jeptha), 1869-1955 New Liberty Cemetery
Robert B. Thompson, 1862 – 1937 Ratteree

Henry Co. Tennessee Newspaper Gleanings, 1887-1893, Charles D. Robbins, 1985:
No Thaxton. 31 Jul 1891: Dead letter at the Paris Post office for Sumpter Cogswell. None of our Sparks, Thompson, Wright.

Bible Records of Henry County, Tennessee, comp. Charles E. Sanders, Springville, Tenn., 1988:
No Thaxton or Cogswell or Sparks. None of our Thompson or Wrights.

Henry County Tennessee “Old Time Stuff,” Edythe Rucker Whitley, 1968: none of our people.

A Genealogical Scrapbook of the Weekly Intelligencer, Paris, Tennessee, 1866-1881, by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith, 2004: No Thaxton. 02 Oct 1873 issue mentions death of Sabrina Thompson, wife of W. G. Thompson, died in north Henry County, Tenn., 28 Sep 1873. No Sparks, Cogswell. None of our Wrights.

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