Some Alabama Thackston / Thaxton marriages

Some Alabama marriages, mostly from our review of original records:

Marshall County, Alabama, marriages (originals):

3:139:  Francis M. Thackston – Mary M. Cryer.  05 Apr 1860 at Wm Cryer’s house.  John Pridinore (?), J.P.  Note:  This was apparently a double wedding.  Eliza J. Cryer and Hiram L. Robertson were also married on 05 Apr 1860 at William Cryer’s.

6:260:  John A. Arnold – Cora C. Thaxton.  15 Nov 1882 at J. W. Thaxton’s.  Married by S. T. Collier, M.G.

8:825:  John Thaxton – Alice Arnold.  19 Dec 1887 at Mrs. E. Arnold’s.  Bondsman was J. H. McKee.  Married by S. T. Collier, M.G.


Wilcox County (transcription, 1820-1826)

Lucinda Thaxton – Wm. F. Spencer.  License issued 30 Jan 1822; married 10 Mar 1822.  Security:  Wm J. McKerall.


Elmore County marriages (originals)

A:241:  George W. Thaxton – Pauline F. Delany.  18 Aug 1869.  Bondsmen were George W. and N. W. Green.  Married by W. G. Delaney.  Witnesses were S. W. Spear, O.M.G.

A:264: A. V. Thaxton – H. C. Rawls.  18 Nov 1869.  Bondsmen H. C. and Wiley Thaxton.  Married at Wiley Thaxton’s by W. E. Dennis, J.P.  Witness Sterling Spear, O. M. Gospel.


Hale County (original)

A:8:  Augustus M. Thaxton – Martha E. Idom.   (Bond is Book A:15)  Willis Stokes swore that Martha was over the age of 18.  martha is a daughter of J. J. Idom.  Bondsmen:  Willis and J. J. Idom.  Married by John M. Walker, J.P.


Tallapoosa County (originals)

7:339:  Charles J. Thaxton – Julia A. Gray.  20 Feb 1870 by David L. Slaton, M.G.  Bondsman William Paige.

9:271:  James M. Whitman – A. D. Thaxton.  04 Oct 1883 by P. W. Mahan, J.P.  Bondsman Thomas J. Bailey.


Coosa County (original)

C:31:  Theresa Thaxton – Elijah R. Smith.  04 Dec 1856.  By John A. McCutcheon.


Jefferson County (originals):

8:530.  Timothy Thaxton – Henryetta Roy.  30 Jun 1879 (license).  Bondsman was W. H. Sturdivant.  Note:  this license was returned not executed by W. H. Sturdivant.

14:26.  Tura F. Thaxton – W. H. Hood.  03 Jan 1889.  Bondsman G. W. Thaxton [marked out, replaced by] J. W. Williams.  Married at the home of the bride’s father by G. W. Maudlin, M.G.

15:73.  15 Dec 1889.  Ora R. Thaxton – G. A. Glover.  15 Dec 1889.  Bondsmen:  G. W. Thaxton, G. A. Glover (x-his mark).  Married at bride’s home by T. P. Vanderver, M.G.

16:152.  28 Dec 1890.  Itra V. Thaxton – George M. Anderson.  Bride is under the age of 18.  Bondsman:  G. W. Thaxton.  Married at Quinton by T. P. Vandever, M.G.

26:528.  28 Apr 1900.  O. C. Thaxton – Lula Shoemaker.  O.C. is over 21; Lula is over 18.  Bondsman:  Arnold Roper.  Married at Adamsville by G. W. Redd, M.G.


From “Abstracts of Marriages, Pickens County, Alabama 1865 to 1881 from ‘The West Alabamian,’” comp. Catherine Pepper Spell, Carrollton, Ala., 1978:

John B. Snell and Miss Eliza E. Thaxton, daughter of Major William Thaxton were married yesterday by Rev. Hill.  June 17, 1873.

Married – March 21, 1878 by Elder G. M. Lyles, Mr. H. T. Thaxton and Miss Annie Hildreth.

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