Utah Thackston / Thaxton court adventures

Some references to court experiences of Thackston / Thaxtons in Utah:

In 1909, George H. Thaxton of North Jordan was empaneled as a juror in the trial of John Koftiathis for the shooting death of Peter Getis, a fellow Greek residing in Bingham.  Koftiathis contended that the shooting was committed in self defense.  (Salt Lake Telegram, 03 Nov 1909)  Note: spelled Kothiaftis and Kothioftis in other reports.  The defendant was acquitted.

On 09 Jan 1922, C. N. Thaxton, a druggist at Schramm-Johnson drug store in downtown Salt Lake City, sold a quart bottle of benzine to Omer Woods, who used it to start a fire in attempting to cover up the murder of his wife.  (Salt Lake Telegram, 26 Jan 1922).  Note:  The Ogden Standard-Examiner of 28 Jan 1922 reports the name as C. M. Thaxton.

In 1928, Bert L. Thackston (1880-1947) of Bingham, Utah, was a member of a three-person coroner’s jury who found that 18-year-old Flora Nelson of Gunnison met her death by a razor in the hands of Clark Blackburn of Loa, a disappointed suitor.  The jurors rejected Blackburn’s defense that Nelson had slashed him first, then committed suicide.  Police contended that Blackburn broke off the old-fashioned razor in his attack on Nelson, then attempted to commit suicide himself with it.  (From Salt Lake Tribune, 01 Jun 1928)

1934:  DIVORCES ASKED.  Supora Thaxton from Arden M. Thaxton, nonsupport.  (Salt Lake Tribune, 06 Jan 1934) Note: I don’t believe this divorce was completed.

In 1935, B. L. Thaxton [Bert] of Bingham was sentenced to pay $12.50 or spend five days in jail for causing a traffic accident with Royal Stringfellow.  (Salt Lake Tribune, 29 Nov 1935)

In 1940, Adalade Thaxton was charged with disturbing the peace, and G. M. Thaxton was charged with battery.  [Residences not stated.]  Allegations were that Miss Thaxton threatened to “drive her automobile over Mr. Sterling’s stepdaughter, Elva Howard, 15, and that Thaxton struck the girl with his fists.”  (Salt Lake Tribune, 12 May 1940)

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