Henry Early Thackston (1884-1951)

Gravestone and obituaries relating to Henry Early Thackston (son of John W. Thackston and Anne Beckwith, grandson of Henry Chellis Thackston and Elizabeth Ann Early, great-grandson of Nathaniel Thackston and Frances Smith Andrews, great-great-grandson of James Thackston and Mary Wimbish of Prince Edward Co., Va.):

From the Frederick News (Md.), 06 Aug 1951:

Two Wills Probated and Letters Granted

Two wills were probated and letters of administration granted in two other estates in Orphans Court this morning.  Substantial estates are bequeathed to relatives by Henry E. Thackston, well known Braddock Heights salesman, and Mrs. Rosa B. Shriner, this city.

Mr. Thackston left his estate to his sisters, Roberta Thackston, Mrs. Sue Thackston Boice, of Whiteville, N.C., and Mrs. Jean Thackston Taylor of Beaufort, N.C., in equal shares.  A brother-in-law, W. M. Boice, of Whiteville, was appointed executor.  The will is dated July 21, 1951. . . .


From Names in Stone: 75,000 Cemetery Inscriptions From Frederick County, Maryland. Holdcraft, Jacob Mehrling. (1966).  Mt. Olive Cemetery:

Henry Early Thackston – 09 Jun 1884 – 26 Jul 1951

wife Bessie Wilhide Thackston – 30 Sep 1894 – 20 May 1951


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