Some Buckingham Co., VA, records

Some descendants of Nathaniel Thackston and Frances Smith Andrews (son of James Thackston and Mary Wimbish of Prince Edward Co., Va.) settled in Buckingham Co., Virginia.  Some records referencing the family members:

From Lost Marriages of Buckingham County, Virginia, drawn from a newly-recovered marriage register, 1854-1868 and from federal manuscript, newspaper & printed sources.  Trans. and compiled by Randy Kidd & Jeanne Stinson, Iberian Pub. Co., Athens, Ga. 1992:

William Thomas Thorton & Frances C. Gilliam.  20 [month omitted] 1858.  Married by E. W. Roach.  William is 21, single, a farmer, born and resides Charlotte County, a son of T. H. Thorton and M.P. Thorton.  Frances is 18, born Buckingham County, daughter of Wilson and Martha Gilliam.

Thomas C. Land & Mary E. Allen, 14 Nov 1867.  Thomas is 49, widowed, born Buckingham County, son of Edwin E. and Polly E. Land, a farmer.  Mary is 18, a daughter of John and Cloe Allen.

Ann Eliza Gilliam and William C. Harvey, 16 Feb 1859.  Married by E. W. Roach.  William is 30, single, born Buckingham County, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Harvey, a farmer, residence Charlotte County.  Ann is 18, single, born Buckingham County, daughter of John C. Gilliam and Elizabeth Gilliam.

William Wilkinson and Eliza Routon, 28 [month omitted] 1858.  Married by John C. Hamner.  William is 49, widowed, born Buckingham County, son of Nathaniel Wilkinson and Elizabeth Wilkinson, a farmer, residence Prince Edward County.  Eliza is 48, widowed, born Buckingham County, daughter of David McCormick and Nancy McCormick.


From The Papers of Col. Richard H. Gilliam of Buckingham County, Virginia, Carl C. Rosen, 1992.  (Abstracts of loose papers that belonged to Col. Richard Holland Gilliam.)

40.  I Henry C. Thackston of Prince Edward County, Virginia, having been appointed guardian for Richard H., Harriet E. & Ann E. Gilliam,children of John C. Gilliam, decd, by the county court of Buckingham and have this day attended the settlement of Richard H. Gilliam’s account as their former Gdn and received an order on Wm. L. Lancaster trustee for all the Estate of said children in his hands as reported by commissioner Bocock, and also bind myself . . . to take charge of a certain debt of $600 in the hands of said Lancaster as trustee it being a debt claimed by R. H. Gilliam the former guardian of the children of Th C Land in consideration of a certain negro boy George which was held by the said Land in right of his wife (who was the widow of the said J. C. Gilliam) for life and I will hold and apply all or as much of said debt as may not be subject to any claim of Land, to the benefit of my wards as above named & I do hereby release the said Richard H. Gilliam & his securities as Guardian as aforesaid from all responsibility on account of the said negro boy George which was sold by the said Land as aforesaid.  As witness my hand & seal this 14th day of January 1851.  Henry C. Thackston, guardian of R. N. {sic} Hariott and Ann E. Gilliam.  Witness Alex. Moseley.

“Record August 18th 1843.   Of William M. Mosely the foregoing list of tickets from the clerk of Buckingham for collection.  Rh. Gilliam.”  List includes:  Thomas Mosley 210.82, Nathaniel Wilkerson 101.40, Robert Wilkerson 3.12, Josiah Mosley 13.71, Wm. W. Thackston 127.76.”

From Buckingham County Virginia Records, Land Tax Summaries & Implied Deeds 1782-1814, Roger G. Ward, Athens, Ga.:

Several Wilkerson / Wilkinsons (Francis, James, Lewis, Tarlton, Turner, and William), and:  Nathaniel Wilkinson, 1804-1814.  Bought 1804 – 75 acres from Peck.  1810 – 75 acres from Farmer.  1813/14 location:  a resident,land (19SW) adjacent Colonel Joel Watkins.

From “Buckingham County Virginia Extant Poll Lists 1788, 1840, 1841 & 1848,” trans. and comp. by Jeanne Stinson, Iberian Pub. Co., Athens, Ga., 1994:

1840 – Wilson Gilliam, New Store Precinct

1841 – Poll held at the New Store, Wilson Gilliam, Curdsville

1848 poll [election vote]:  Thomas Land, Wilson Gilliam, Wil. R. Gilliam, all of New Store precinct.

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