Bedford Co., VA court order books 1838-1853

Abstracts from original Bedford County (Virginia) Court Order Books, 1838-1853:

26:100, January 1838 term.  On motion of William R. Jones, one of the securities of Matilda Thaxton late Matilda White who is guardian of her infant children, William Thaxton and wife Matilda were directed to come in and give counter security for the guardianship of Hillary A. White, one of said children.  William refused, and the guardianship was revoked.

26:292, May 1839 term.  Nathaniel F. Thaxton and John F. Thaxton are appointed administrator of William Thaxton’s estate.  Bondsmen John P. Gray, Fountain M. Hawkins, Thomas C. Christian, and Thomas Preston.

26:325, August 1839 term.  Robert Thaxton orphan of William Thaxton dec’d being of full age for the purpose, chose John F. Thaxton to be his guardian.  Nathaniel F. Thaxton was security for John.

29:279, November 1846 term.  Matilda Thaxton and David Thaxton are proprietors of land through which a road is proposed.

29:319, January 1847 term.  David F. Thaxton is apprenticed to Milton Sharp.

30:327, January 1850 term.  Regarding the sale of land ordered of William’s estate in 1839.  The representatives of James C. Thaxton, dec’d, were questioning the sale, but the court ordered the deeds delivered.

31:309, September 1853 term.  Defendants Permelia and John F. Thaxton apparently forced Nathaniel F. Thaxton and David Thaxton to sell some of William Thaxton’s slaves.

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