Thaxtons in Middlesex Co., NJ (1700s)

From the Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol. XXX.  Calendar of Wills, Vol. II, 1730-1750, p. 261:

November 1750:  Among those with “bonds, bills and book debts due” to James Jackson of Woodbridge, Middlesex County:  John Thackston.   Widow Mary, administrator Hartshorne FitzRandolph, bondsman Richard FitzRandolph.  [The FitzRandolphs intermarried into the Clarkson family.]  I am including the names of all debtors in case it might help with guessing this Thackston’s origins:

1750, 9th mo. (Nov.), 7th d. Inventory of personal estate, £80.4; made by Sam Moores and Abram Tappan. Memorandum of bonds, bills and book debts due from Samuel Allen, Obediah Ayres, Patrick Arvine, Benjamin Alston, William Alexander, Daniel Arvine, Thomas Alston, Joseph Ayres, David Alston, Spencer Alston, Peater Alston, William Bloodgood, Moses Bishop, Nathaniel Blumfield, Sam’ll Burd, Ezekiel Blumfield, Mathew Bunn, Henery Berry, Andrew Brown, John Berpo, Samuel Barrons, Micajah Bunn, Thomas Brown, Benjamin Blumfield, Richard Bishop, Richard Blumfield, Frances Bunn, Andrew Blumfield, Jediah Brooks, Miles Bunn, John Brooks, David Berpo, Samuel Blumfield, William Bishop, Robert Butler, Noah Bishop, Living Bairmore, Jorge Badgle, Joseph Burd, John Burns, Mordecoy Barton, Simon Bogar, Timothy Blumfield, Jeremiah Blumfield, Jeames Collens, Samuel Cole, Benja. Colens, Richard Carmen, Jeames Clarkson, Lourance Carter, Samuel Congar, Benjamin Connet, William Conly, Jonathan Connet, Rubin Clark, Jorge Childs, Samuel Coddington, Andrew Kearny, Gershom Conger, Richard Cutter, Robart Comes, Copathite Copalon, William Cutter, Joseph Cutter, Edward Croel, Samuel Croel, John Davis, Thomas Duglas, Jonathan Dunham, Elisha Dunham, Joseph Dunham, John Donland, Samuel Davison, John Donham, Abraham Drake, William Dannels, William Davis, Catheron Dunham, Matthew Davis, Jacob Deney, Jonathan Daniels, David Dunbar, David Dunham, Jeames Eddy, Benjamin Ensley, Goying Eddy, Samuel Alston, William Fraisley, Gilbert Foulter, John Flecher, Edward Fitchsomans, Vuseton Froast, Henery Freeman, John Force, Benony Freeman, Thomas Finch, William Ford, Samuel Force, Isac Freeman, John Freeman, Samuel Ford, William Gilman, Ebeneazer Gray, Hezekiah Goodfellow, John Gaddes, David Hay, Samuel Hale, Thomas Horner, Robart Hude, David Herrod, William Hider, Jorge Herod, John Hobkins, Elnathan Halley, Rubin Hiard, William Hogins, Martha Holby, John Hoggins, Robart Hays, Foster Harason, Micael Homan, Thomas Higgens, Nathanell Hadden, Samuel Jaquish, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Inglish, John Johnson, William Jackson, Jonathan Inslee, Benjamin Ensle, Efraim Jones, Joseph Insle, David Insle, John Jackson, Benjamin Jones, Eliflet Jones, Benjamin Kinsy, Spencer Kelley, Jeames Karney, John Cent, David Kelley, William Kent, David Kent, John Kelley, Nujant Kelley, John Kelley, Jun’r, Jonathan Kinsey, Jeames Kelley, John King, Samuel Lewis, John Lovit, William Ladnor, Abel Levis, Ritchard Lambart, Jeames Martain, Samuel Moores, Samuel Martain, Robart Mitchel, John Morris (of Elesstown), Jeames Mores, Mical More, John Morris, Jun’r, Benjamin Morris, Samuel Moore, Jonathan Moores, John Moores, Joseph Martain, Daniel Moores, Ketrol Monday, William Maglocklin, Mathew Miller, Benjamin Moore, Justis Morris, John Noe, Robart Noble, Peater Nap, Jeames Nevil, John Pangborn, Jarot Oman, Joseph Olever, Job Pack, Jun’r, Job Pack, Fourman Pike, William Pike, Edward Parke, Samuel Pitt, Benjamin Perdon, Edward Potter, Josiah Parker, Rubin Potter, Jeames Price, Samuel Randolph, Jun’r, Robert Randolph, Jacob Randolph, Jun’r, Jeames Randolph, Jeames Robison, Samuel Rodes, William Robison, John Ramsdon, John Rainno, Ritchard Rundals, Edward Ritche, William Ranals, Hugh Roos, Edward Randolph, John Reaves, Samuel Randolph, Jun’r, Antony Runals, John Runals, Thomas Roos, John Roobard, Benjamin Skiner, William Smith, Darby Sylaven, Robart Sharp, Mathew Sharp, Joseph Shotwell, Sen’r, John Stilwell, John Smith, Edward Stoutter, Nickelos Shotwell, John Steavens. Thomas Skaw, John Speadwell, Joseph Smith, Jorge Stead, Tristram Sobe, Ichabod Smith, William Sutcleaf, Joseph Shotwell, William Stone, John Shotwell (tailor), David Stuart, William Taillor, Abraham Tapham, Solomon Thorp, Jeames Thomson, William Thornal, Jonathan Thomas, John Thoms, William Thorp, Odel Turnear, Samuel Terren, John Thorp, Benjamin Thornal, Elexsander Thomson, Samuel Thomson, Jacob Thorp, Benjamin Thorp, Josiah Tarren, John Thackston, John Updike, Mathew Veal. John Van Camp, John Veal, Cornealous Van Cleaf, Samuel Walker, Ritchard Wright, Joseph Williams, Sylas Walker, John Wright, John Waller, Job Wright, Benjamin Wheaton, Edward Wilkson, Joseph Wheaton, Simon Walker, Ritchard Walker, Jeames Wilkason, Edward Heresman, John Hereman, Mott Issleton, John Bishop, Jun’r, Samuel Brant, Steaven Insle, Abraham Pain, Zebulon Pike, Nathaniel Bunn, Benjamin Pangborn, William Thomson, Zebulon Thorp, Job Conger, Jun’r, Thomas Horner, Jacob Deng, Nickelos Shotwell, William Maglock, Sen’r, Jeames Clarkson, Samuel Davison, Jonathan Kinsey.


Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War, 1872, Adjutant General of the state of New Jersey, p. 782:

[Private]  John Thaxton, Middlesex.


History of Union and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey, ed. W. Woodford Clayton (Phila: Evers & Peck, 1882) (unindexed version, lots of good local history), p. 487, “Middlesex County in the Revolution”:

William Taylor, John Thaxton, and Israel Thornal, of Woodbridge, were privates in the Middlesex militia.  The losses of the two first named were light, but Thornal was a heavy loser.  He was plundered at four different times of a large number of fine cattle and horses worth L 245 [245 pounds].”  Note:  This appears to be from a “Record of Damages.”


“New Jersey Ratables 1778-1780,” The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol. 52, p. 41:  Middlesex County

1778 (May/June):  John Thaxton hh [householder]; 2 c [horned cattle], 3p [hogs]

1780 (Sept. 1779):  John Thaxton 0hh [apparently means no longer a householder], 53 [acres of improved land taxed], 2p [hogs].  [No other changes from 1780.]

Note:  there were also two Thickston families listed.


1784 tax list:  Rachel Thaxton, Woodbridge Township

1785 tax list:  Rachael Thacketon, Woodbridge Township

1786 tax list:  Rachel Thaxton, Woodbridge Township

1787 tax list:  Rachel Thackston, Woodbridge Township



The Revolutionary War pension application of Randolph Clarkson and his widow Catharine includes Bible record for the Clarkson and Soper families.  Under deaths, the first listing is:   Rachel Thackton died 30 Jan. 1820.  No relationship stated.


Will of Rachel Thaxton of Woodbridge township in Middlesex Co., New Jersey, proved 15 Feb 1820 (10798l, on file with the State of New Jersey):

In the name of God amen I Rachel Thaxton of the Township of Woodbridge in the County of Middlesex and State of New Jersey being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this for my Testament and last Will ~~

First}  I Give and bequeath to my friend Rachel Clarkson daughter of Randolph Clarkson the Bed and all the household furniture which I have now in the north room of my house ~~

Second}  I Give and bequeath the use and occupation of all my Estate (not having been disposed of) of every description both Real and personal whatsoever that I may die possessed of to my friends Catharine Clarkson and her husband Randolph Clarkson during their natural lives and after the decease of both of them then the same being the whole of my estate Lands tenements and personal estate of every kind and description I give and bequeath their nine children namely Margaret Soper John Clarkson Phebe Clarkson, Isaac Clarkson, William Clarkson, Catharine Clarkson, Rachel Clarkson, Randolph Clarkson and James Clarkson equally share and share alike to them their heirs and assigns forever Provided howerver if any of them should die without leaving lawful liveing issue that then and in such case the share or dividend of the deceased is to be divided amongst the surviving brothers and sisters in manner aforesaid.

And lastly I do appoint the said Randolph Clarkson Executor of this my Testament and last will In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Thirtieth day of March in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and fourteen ~~ 

Rachel (X – her mark) Thaxton

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Rachel Thaxton to be her testament and last will in the presence of us.  John Valentine, John Valentine Jnr., Ichabod Potter.   [Proved by Potter 15 Feb 1820]


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