Clifford Drum Thaxton’s surprise wedding

Cute story from the Lincoln (NE) Evening News, 25 Jan 1906, about the first marriage of Clifford Drum Thaxton (son of Parham B. Thaxton and Anna Drum, grandson of Larkin Thaxton (~1790-1839) and Catherine Dudley, great-grandson of William Thaxton and Sarah Gravitt of Caswell Co., N.C. and Greene Co., Illinois):


Professor Clifford P. Thaxton of Watonga attended the meeting of the Oklahoma Teachers’ association at Enid last week.  So did Miss Nellie J. Pratt, of the same place, County Superintendent of Blaine county.  While they were strolling around town they stopped to take a look at the excavation for the new court house, and Mr. Thaxton proposed that they should walk through the old county building.  When they got opposite the door of Judge Garber’s office, by unanimous consent they walked in and purchased a marriage license.  Their friends say they had no idea of getting married until that moment, but could not afford to miss so good an opportunity to purchase a wedding permit.–Kansas City Journal

*     *     *

A bio of Nellie Pratt’s sister, including mention of Nellie’s death, is found here:

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