Thaxton, Sayles, Brown, McClelland probate notes (Sangamon Co., IL)

Notes from probate records / indexes of Sangamon County, Illinois, relating to James H. Thaxton (son of Thomas Thaxton and his second wife Hannah Williamson of Pendleton District, South Carolina, and Allen Co., KY); James’ daughter Clarinda Thaxton; John A. Brown and Robert T. Brown (sons of Thomas Brown and Martha Thaxton, grandson of Thomas Thaxton and his first wife Jemima Cobb); James McClelland (husband of Mary Brown, daughter of Thomas Brown and Martha Thaxton); William McClelland (husband of Margaret Sayles, daughter of Thomas Sayles and Jemima Brown); and Philip Creekmore (second husband of Jemima Brown).

Estate #5279, Clarinda Thaxton. Letters of administration issued to Lewis Thaxton, Sherman, Illinois, administrator. $5,000 bond, security James B. Van Meter. Heirs: James H. Thaxton, Lewis Thaxton, Arminda Shepherd, Mary A. Van Meter, Caroline Pittman, and Rhoda Cooper. Inventory filed 05 Nov 1898.

Estate #5715, James H. Thaxton. Letters of Administration issued 04 May 1901 to J. B. Van Meter and Louis [sic] Thaxton, admrs. $2,000 bond, securities Lewis Thaxton, Arminda Shepherd, Mary A. Van Meter, Carrie Pittman, Rhoda Cooper. [This is the same as the heirs list; may be a mistake.] Heirs: No widow. Heirs Arminda Shepherd, Mary A. Van Meter, Lewis Thaxton, Carrie Pittman, Rhoda Cooper. Inventory filed 17 May 1901.

Estate #499, John A. Brown, deceased. Died 17 May 1842. Letters of Administration issued to Thomas Brown 16 Jul 1842, $2,000 bond. Securities John W. Beck and James McClelland. Debts owed included $41.81 to James McClellan [sic] on a bill, William & Loose for use of Thos Brown, and several large notes to William Orendorff, $260.00, Samuel Wigginton, $50.00, William Wilcoxon, $147.00, Nancy Orr, $42.00, John Oren Orendorff (three notes), $147.00, $188.90, $105.00, William F. Elkin or Ellan, $1280.94.

Estate #1817, Robert T. Brown. Letters of Administration issued 17 Feb 1866 to John R. Dunlap. Securities George W. McClelland and Robert McClelland. $25,000 bond (much larger than most at that time). Book 7:584: Administrator John R. Dunlap filed in court an affidavit of decease which states that Robert T. Brown late of the County of Sangamon died on or about the 6th day of February 1866 intestate. It is said that his estate will probably amount to the sum of $12,600, that said Robert T. Brown left at the time of his decease Edna M. Brown his widow, and Elizabeth Brown, Thomas Brown, James Brown, Alexander Brown, Margery Brown and Robert Brown his children. Edna M. Dunlap relinquishes her right to administer the estate, 14 Feb 1866. Book 8:326: 28 Jan 1867, Jemima Creekmore v. John R. Dunlap, admr of Robert T. Brown, deceased. The parties appeared in proper person and by agreement the necessity of process was waived and the parties submitted the claim to the court. The plaintiff was allowed the sum of $596 dollars the amount of her claim. (There were several of these apparently friendly and/or uncontested proceedings in this case for a determination of the amount of the claim.)

Estate #183, James Sayles (whose son Thomas Sayles married Jemima Brown, daughter of Thomas Brown and Martha Thaxton): Died 05 Sep 1834. Letters of Administration issued 13 Sep 1834 to William F. Elkin, admr., his securities Thomas Brown and James Brown. Bond $800. Inventory and sale bill filed 10 Jan 1835, sale receipts $550.63. Heirs include George T. Sayles and Margaret Sayles, grandchildren (apparently, as they each receive $4.00, one-half of the $8.00 received by each of James’ children).

Estate #1787, James McClelland. Letters of Administration issued 09 Oct 1865 to John McClelland, securities Robert T. Brown, Robert McClelland. Widow: Mary. Heirs: Robert, Thomas, John, Charles, Nancy, Mary, George, James, and Dora. Inventory, sale bill filed 20 Dec 1865. Widow’s allowance: $1,367.50. Widow’s selection: $1,367.50.

Guardianship #633: Minor children of James McClelland. Petition by Mary McClelland (X- her mark) states that Nancy Ann McClelland, born January 5, 1854, George McClelland, born March 7, 1856, Mary McClelland, born October 3, 1858, and James McClelland, born June 2, 1862, are minors and resident of Sangamon County and are entitled to an estate from their late father, James McClelland. Witness is John McClelland. Petition by John W. McClelland, born Oct 3 1848, and Charles McClelland born March 11 1851, heirs of James McClelland decd, who are over the age of 14 years and entitled to choose their own guardians, asks that Mary McClelland their mother be appointed their guardian. $10,000 bond executed 08 Nov 1867, Mary McClelland guardian, with Robert McClelland security. Mary’s final statement and settlement report is dated 02 Apr 1877. It includes receipts for 1,115.16 as “proceeds of the sale of the real estate,” $237.86 from John McClelland admr. from the sale of personal property. Does not identify expenses or final distribution.

Guardianship # 655: Petition by Nancy A. Redford and James McClelland a minor who petitions by his next friend John W. McClelland. They are the children of James McClelland late of the County of Sangamon decd. On 08 Nov 1867, their brother [word uncle is scratched through] was appointed their guardian and he gave bond with John McClelland as his security. Nancy Redford is now of full age and is entitled to all her moneys from the said Robert, but he neglects and refuses to make settlement. James is now 16 years of age, and has a right to choose his own guardian. The said Robert McClelland is now insolvent and his security the said John McClelland is of doubtful solvency. They request that Robert be required to appear in court and make settlement of his accounts as guardian. Petition dated 07 Feb 1878. Original $5,000 bond dated 08 Nov 1867 by Robt. McClelland and John McClelland states that Nancy Ann McClelland was born Jany 5 1854, and James McClelland was born Jun 2d 1862. On 20 Feb 1878, Robert came in and made account, stating that Nancy Ann Redford, formerly McClelland, is due $2,698.45. On Oct 1885, Robert McClelland made account regarding receipts and expenditures regarding James McClelland, including several notes for loans to himself with 14, 15, and 16 years’ interest at 8% per year. James is owed $5,994.44. Receipt from James McCelland dated 03 Nov 1885 states that he has settled with Robert McClelland as his guardian all his demands against him.

Estate #2568, William McClelland. Died 17 Apr 1876. Letters of Administration issued 28 Apr 1876 to Margaret McClelland and David F. Herst, administrators. Administrators’ bond $2,000; securities are George McClelland, John McClelland, and John A. Perce. Widow: Margaret. Heirs: Mary E. Bryant; Lucinda J. Herst; George McClelland; Thomas McClelland; Melissa Cline; Emma McClelland; Edgar McClelland; William McClelland; Florence McClelland. Sale bill filed 06 Mar 1877. Widow’s Allowance: $894.10. Widow’s Selection: $436.00.

Estate #4828, Margaret McClelland. Letters of Administration issued 26 Sep 1895 to George McClelland, admin., $600 bond, security James E. Power. No husband. Heirs: Children George McClelland, Edgar McClelland, William McClelland, Melissa Cline, Florence Barr, Lucinda J. Hurst [sic], Mary E. Bryant, and grandchild Minnie McClelland.

Estate #1111. Philip Creekmore. Letters of Administration issued to James Brown 22 Apr 1854, securities James White and J. T. Dade. Appraisement bill 20 Sep 1854, sale bill filed 01 Dec 1854, sale receipts $107.63. Widow’s Allowance $354.85. Widow’s Selection $86.12. Note: Book 2 pp. 337-338, which should have original Petition for administration, are either missing or misnumbered. On 17 Dec 1855, James Brown, administrator of Philip Creekmore, sued J. I. R. Boyd and Isaac Dunlap for $141.75; defendants did not appear and judgment was entered against them. Final settlement: Paid debts due to Robert Brown, $6.00; James McClelland, $20.00; Thomas Brown, $66.20. Heirs: Jemima Creekmore, widow, $236.99, and children Elizabeth Evans, William Creekmore, John Creekmore, Sarah Creekmore, Mary Creekmore, who each received $94.79.

Guardianship Case #256: Minor heirs of Thomas Sayles. Margaret R. Sayles and George L. Sayles [should be T], $100 bond per child, posted 23 Mar 1837 by James Brown, guardian, with securities Joel Hughes and Thos Brown.

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