Obituary of W. W. H. Thackston (1820-1899 Prince Edward co., VA)

An obituary of Dr. William Winthrop Hackett Thackston (son of Charles W. Thackston and Mary Lee Dabbs, grandson of Benjamin Thackston and Betty Ann Chambers, great-grandson of James Thackston and Mary Wimbish), from the Transactions of the National Dental Association at the Fourth Annual Session, Held at Old Point Comfort, Va., Commencing July 10, 2000, the S. S. White Dental Mfg Co., 1901, pp. 209-210:  


The subject of this notice died at his home, in Farmville, Va., December 8, 1899, of heart failure, in his eightieth year.

He was born in Charlotte county, W. Va., February 9, 1820.  He moved to Farmville in 1833, where he resided till his death.  He graduated in 1842 from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.  He was a member of the second graduating class of the oldest dental college, and at the time of his death was the oldest graduate of dentistry in the world.

Dr. Thackston was a splendid specimen of physical manhood, and of commanding presence.

He was a man of strong intellectual ability.  His loyalty to his profession was of a high order, and in a marked manner he left his impress upon his profession.

He was often called to the position of presiding officer in his profession as well as elsewhere, and this because of his eminent fitness for such work.  While he was very devoted to his profession, and did much for the maintenance of its honor and elevation, yet he was active in other spheres of life.  He was closely identified with the interest, material and moral, of the community in which he lived, and as a result of this he held positions of honor and trust for a large share of the years of his active life.  He was a warm and ardent friend; one whose friendship was ever an inspiration.  What he did for his profession and in other departments of life-work was done from a pure, unselfish motive.  The influence of that which he did does not pass away with him, but will run on through time, and will endure as long as the profession with which he was so intimately connected remain.

His death is a great loss to the profession with which he was so long identified.  It can ill afford to spare such as he.

The whole profession would do well to emulate his example.

He was married July 16, 1848, to Miss Mary E. Fowks, of Amelia county, Va., who died about sixteen years ago.  Three children, two sons and a daughter, survive him.

Resolved, That a copy of this statement, properly prepared, be sent to his family, and placed upon the records of this Association.

J. TAFT, EDWARD S. GAYLORD, WALDO E. BOARDMAN, Committee.  On motion, the Association adjourned.  A. H. PECK, Recording Secretary.

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