Bio of Benjamin F. Hawkins and Sarah Elizabeth Thackston (1912 Mason Co., KY)

A biography of Benjamin F. Hawkins, who married Sarah Elizabeth Thackston (daughter of John H. Thackston and Minerva McCready, granddaughter of Nathaniel Thackston and Sarah Foster, great-granddaughter of James Thackston and Mary Wimbish of Prince Edward Co., Virginia).  The bio also includes information about Sarah’s parents and siblings.

A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians, E. Polk Johnson, Lewis Publishing Co., 1912, Vol. III, pp. 1462-63:

BENJAMIN F. HAWKINS. — Many of the ablest men in America are ardent devotees of the great basic industry of agriculture and it is well that this is so because the various learned professions are rapidly becoming so crowded with inefficient practitioners that in a few years it will be practically impossible for any but the exceptionally talented man to make good or even to gain a competent living therein. The independent farmer, who, in addition to tilling the soil, cultivates his mind and retains his health, is a man much to be envied in these days of strenuous bustle and nervous energy.  He lives his life as he chooses and is always safe from financial ravages and other troubles of the so-called “cliff dweller.”  An able and representative agriculturist and stock-grower, who has done much to advance progress and conserve prosperity in Mason county, Kentucky, is Benjamin F. Hawkins, who owns and operates a finely improved farm on the Mays Lick and Sardis turnpike, in Mays Lick precinct.

Born within two and a half miles of Mays Lick, in Mason county, Kentucky, on the 8th of May, 1854, Benjamin F. Hawkins is a son of Harbin F. and Elizabeth (Clift) Hawkins and he is a brother of H. C. Hawkins, a sketch of whose career appears on other pages of this work. The father was born in Orange county, Virginia, in the close vicinity of Orange Courthouse, and he was summoned to the life eternal on the 10th of August, 1890, at the venerable age of seventy years.  He came to Owen county, Kentucky, when he was a child of but five years of age and he was reared to maturity and educated in that county, where he resided until he had reached the age of twenty-six years, at which time he established his home at Mays Lick, Mason county.  In the latter place he conducted an hotel for a period of two years, at the expiration of which he removed to a farm in Mason county, where he resided during the remainder of his life.  He had absolutely no capital with which to engage in business as a young man but he turned his persistency and determination to succeed to good account and at the time of his demise he was conceded to be in comfortable circumstances.  In politics he was a stanch advocate of the cause of the Democratic party and his religious faith was in harmony with the tenets of the Christian church.  Fraternally he was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of Mays Lick.  He was the first in order of birth in a family of six children, concerning whom the following brief data are here incorporated. -Harbin F., father of our subject; Benjamin F. died in Owen county, Kentucky; Betsy Ann became the wife of William Peed and she passed into the great beyond in Mason county, Kentucky; Alexander died in Henry county, Indiana, in 1904; James was called to eternal rest in Washington county, Indiana, in 1891 ; and William Henderson died at Plattsburg, Missouri, in 1910.  Harbin F. Hawkins married Miss Elizabeth Clift and they became the parents of six children, namely, — H. C. is mentioned elsewhere in this work; Benjamin F. is the immediate subject of this review; Annie Elizabeth is the wife of G. H. Collins, of Mason county; Margaret Ellen maintains her home at Clinton county, Missouri; W. B. died in Fleming county, Kentucky, in the fall of 1906; and Jacob D. resides in Clinton county, Missouri.

Benjamin F. Hawkins passed his boyhood and youth on the old homestead farm in Mason county and he early became associated with his father in the work and management thereof. He has resided in Mason county during the major portion of his life, but for twenty-five months he lived in Bracken county.  He has always devoted his time and attention to farming operations and at the present time he is successfully engaged in farming and the raising of high-grade stock, his splendid estate of sixty-eight acres being eligibly located on Mays Lick and Sardis turnpike in Mays Lick precinct.  In politics he is a stanch advocate of the cause of the Democratic party and while he has never manifested aught of ambition for the emoluments or honors of public office of any description he is ever on the alert and enthusiastically in sympathy with all measures and enterprises projected for the advancement of the general welfare.

In a fraternal way he is affiliated with Charity Lodge, No. 279; Free & Accepted Masons; Germantown Lodge, No. 69, Knights of Pythias; and with Ewing Lodge, of the Order of the Eastern Star.  He and his family are devout members of the Baptist church in their religious faith and they are active and zealous church workers.  He has been a deacon of his church for twenty-five years.  In popular confidence and esteem they hold a high place and their spacious and attractive home is a recognized center of most refined and gracious hospitality.

Near Mays Lick, in the year 1878 Mr. Hawkins was united in marriage to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Thackston, who was born near Germantown, in Mason county, Kentucky, in the year 1852.  She is a daughter of Jack and Minerva (McCready) Thackston, the former of whom died at Germantown, in 1861, at the age of sixty-one years, and the latter of whom passed away in 1854, at about 55 years of age.  The McCready and Thackston families were from Virginia, whence they immigrated to Kentucky at an early day.  Mrs. Hawkins was one in a family of five children, concerning whom the following record is here entered, — Alfred is now living in Robertson county, Kentucky; Alexander died in Mason county on the 26th of July, 1900, at the age of fifty-four years; and John and Anthony were residents of Kansas City, Missouri, when last heard of, over thirty years ago.  To Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins have been born three children, — Hensley C., whose birth occurred on
the 5th of August, 1879, is now engaged in business at Austin, Texas; he married Miss Mary Arnold and they have one child, Virginia A., born on the 7th of May, 1909; Minnie Lee, whose natal day is the 10th of May, 1881. is the wife of Charles Talley, a farmer near Mays Lick; they have a daughter, Garnett, born on the 19th of April, 1907; and Tillie A., the youngest child, was born on the 15th of July, 1892, and is now at home attending school.


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2 responses to “Bio of Benjamin F. Hawkins and Sarah Elizabeth Thackston (1912 Mason Co., KY)

  1. Becky T

    Have you figured out who the children were of Nathaniel and Sarah? I could only find James and John both born in the late 1700. I can’t seem to place Jack Thackston.

  2. thaxtongenealogy

    From what we’ve seen previously, John H. was known as “Jack,” so John and Jack would be the same person. We only have 3 known children of Nathaniel and Sarah: James, who ended up in Bracken Co., KY; John H. “Jack”, who ended up in Mason Co., KY; and Sarah H., who married (1) Hardin Foster, and (2) — Strickland, and disappeared from our radar.

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