Abstracts of some Civil War letters – Thackston / Thaxton

These are notes we took some time ago of letters from Thacktons / Thaxtons to the Confederate A. & I. G. O (from originals on microfilm at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City).  Most of the letters have original signatures, neat for descendants.


Letters regarding civilians and businesses

E. R. Thackston (signature) and S. R. Thackston both appoint their father, N. D. Thackston, to collect pay for services due.  Both are in the Vanville RR? Hospital, Manchester July 18 1862.


Augustus Thaxton payrolls for making cartridges Selma Arsenal, several months in 1863 and 1864.  Signature.


B. A. Thaxton, J. P. Person Co. N.C.  See personal papers of Robert Wilkerson, Pvt, Co. I, 47th Regt N.C.I.


Charles G. Thaxton, Heard Co. Ga., see paper filed with rolls of Co. I, 19 Ga. Inf. Case of Wm J. Lee.


Vouchers to David T. Thaxton, 29 Jan 1863; 31 Dec 1863; 30 Jun 1862.  Received at Lynchburg, Va. – David T. Thaxton (signature).  Mostly for hay.


David T. Thaxton, witness to contract, see voucher of Jones & Markham.


H. S. Thaxton, witness, see N. T. Massey


H. S. Thaxton, voucher, received at Charlottesville Va 18 Aug 1863. $239.02 for oats. Signature.


John Thaxton, witness Halifax Co. Va., see personal papers of Carey B. Link, pvt, Halifax Arty Va.


John F. Thaxton, for rent of my houses for storage, etc., received at Liberty Va 21 Sep 1864 J F Thaxton. Also 26 Dec 1864. Signature.


Jas F. Thaxton, 25 Nov 1862, purchased crops from him.  No location given.


J. F. Thaxton, witness, Emmes, Va., See Chapter XI, Vol. 14, p. 137.


J. J. Thaxton, Dr., 19 Aug 1862 for corn.  Received at Danville Va 29 Aug 1862.  Signed Jos J. Thaxton.


J. M. Thaxton, extra duty pay as Teamster from 31 Jul 1863 to 25 sep $14.00; received at Weldon Va 25 Sep 1863. Signed J. M. (X) Thaxton witness Frank W?alls.


J. R. Thaxton, see Josephus Younger.


J. W. Thaxton, 30 Oct 1862, 16 bushels corn $20.00 received Sequatchie Valley Tenn.  Signed J W Thaxton.


J. W. Thaxton, received at Chattanooga 02 Aug 1862.  Signed J. W. Thaxton.  (Signature appears different from J. W. Thaxton above)


N. F. Thaxton, “Received of Col. Jas H Paxton agent for C S A per ? Welch one hundred & sixty five dollars for one mule for the Confederate service.” 17 Mar 1862.  Signed N. F. Thaxton. Also 20 Jun 1864 for 350 pounds of hay $13.65 received Lynchburg 20 Dec 1864. Signed N. F. Thaxton. Alo 07 Mar 1863 N. F. Thaxton.


R. Thaxton, see Robert Beasley


R. Thaxton, Central Depot Montgomery Co. [State not given].  Says “I have gotten up a machine to make shoe pegs which will be of infinate value to the confederacy it cost a mere trifal to make it and I can make one bushel of as good shoe pegs as ever was on this continet a day and of any length or size I would like to get a contract with you or some of your subordnates to furnish the governmt what pegs it may need I hope you will appreciate this usefull discovery that I have made”  Yours & c R. Thaxton.  P. S. “As to my responsibility & integrity I refer you to

          Collin Bass} Superintendant of Penitentiary Richmond

          John Good } Mmb. Congress

          Ay Stokes & James Brooks (Richmond).

I later saw this same signature on receipt for Robert Thaxton.


R. Thaxton, receipts for whisky (for use of the sick at Rocky Gap.  Several receipts or mentions of R. and Robert Thaxton.  received at Giles Court House 23 May 1862, 21 Nov 1862, Salt Sul. Springs 14 Apr 1863; 31 Dec 1862 receipt for 9 months as services rendered in the Quartermasters Department at Giles C.H. Va. as general agent for purchasing forage from 1st of Apr 1862 to 31 Dec 1862; 15 Apr 1863 for services rendered in the QM Department at Salt Sulphur Springs Va as General Agent for puchasing forage from 01 Jan-15 Apr 1863 ($40 per month)


Rebecca J. Thaxton, see personal papers of A. E. Thaxton, pvt, Co. K, 15 Regt Miss Inf.


R. L. Thaxton, father – Prince Edward CH Va.; see personal papers of R. C. Thaxton, pvt, Co. I, 23rd Va. Inf.


Samuel Thackston, for excess of delivery of Bacon due as his tax in kind for 1863, 12[lb] at $2.40.  $28.80.  Received at Montgomery, Ala., 31 May 1864.  Signed Samuel Thackston.


Sarah J. Thaxton, see James M. Thaxton, Co. I, 14th Ga. Inf.


W Thaxton 30 May 1863 4 days hauling with 4 mule team & driver while on retreat from Tuscumbia.  Received at Tuscumbia June? 1863 $20.  Signed Wm Thaxton [or poss. W M Thaxton].


Wm Thaxton, Halifax Co, 10 Jun 1864 for hire of the following slave a labourer on public defences at Near Richmond viz London & Anthony 67ds Ea in July Aug & Sep 62 at $10/mo for Jul & Aug and $20 month for Sep; Anthony 66ds in Oct Nov & Dec 1863.  Received at Richmond 10 Jun 1864 by E Barksdale Atty.  A power of attorney signed by Wm Thaxton 06 May 1864.

Wm Thaxton, 04 Mar 1864 $400 for one mule impressed. (Mule was appraised at $1400).  Signed Wm Thaxton.


William ? Thaxton, 02 Aug 1864, voucher Griffin, Ga., Direction Hospital [can’t read what for].


W. Thaxton, 05 Sep 1864 received at Halifax County for hire of one four horse wagon team & driver hauling supplies across the gap in Richmond & Danville R R from 11 Jul 1864 to 19 Jul 1864.


W. R. Thaxton, see Samuel B. Reynolds, Co. I, 14 Ga. Inf.


Wily W. Thaxton, receipt 10 Feb 1864.  Signed Wily W. Thaxton.


Dr. Thackston, Hire of slave, C.513.79.


Benjamin Thackston, father, see Jas H. Thackston, Co. C, 25th Batt Va Inf.


Benjamin Thackston, Prince Edward Va March 1863, application for a “situation” in Treasury Department, has been a teacher of the English Language for 25 years “but during the war have been cut off from all means of support – most of the young men of this section now being in the Army . . .”, very faded and difficult to read; “I have raised a large and dependent family and absolutely need the place. Though 63 years old, I am still active and prompt and will make you a good clerk.”  Letters of recommendation from Jas A Bell (former student and hired Ben to teach his own children); Letter from B. H. Thackston, Ex. Ga. claims to W. H. S. Taylor Esqr, Second Auditor: “I respectfully present, enclosed herewith, my Father’s application, together with a letter which he has seen fit to address you on the subject.  He will me an efficient clerk in this Division.  Hoping you will recommend him, I remain  Very Respectfully, B. H. Thackston, Ex. Ga. Claims”; letter from Taylor to Secretary of the Treasury, “He is the father of young Mr. Thackston, who recently resigned, and has still a son a regular clerk here.”


B. H. Thackston, several references in Georgia papers.


B. H. Thackston, letter to Chief of Division in 2 Auditor’s office, outlining number of claims received, etc., Georgia.  31 Dec 1862.


Henry C. Thackston, Genl Hosp Farmville Va 09 Dec 1863, receipt for $17.10 for fifty seven cabbage.  Signature.  Also 16 Sep 1864 for four pounds butter.


J. H. Thackston, see L. R. Jamison


J. H. Thackston, received 30 Jun 1862 Burkeville Va. $15.00 for hire of boy Henry one month 1st to 30th June 1862.  Signed J. H. Thackston. Also for hire of boy Wm Henry for July 1863.


R. B. Thackston, Exempt State Officer, Justice Peace, Prince Edward, Chap. 1.235’1-2-49.  Also, see personal papers of Jas H Thackston Co C 25th Batt’n Va Inf.


R B Thackston, 29 Jun 1864, receipt Genl Hospl Farmville Va $70 for eight and three quarter pounds butter.


R. B. Thackston, $1200 received at Farmville Va 07 Apr 1863 for Erecting & completing machine shop & furnishing materials 40 + 34 shinglroofd?  Others, including dressing & fitting up 405 old bunks, 9 days hand hire, fitting up mess rooms, closet cellar & c, putting in gi—on 3 wards; 3 days servic of horse during Stonemans Raid; one for $3783.99 including a house 60 X 22, a house 38 X 16, closets, etc., services of self & horse for two days collecting forgage from 02 Mar to 04 Mar for government arrivals at Prnce Edward C. H. at $5 per day.


Thomas Thackston, $5.00 for 2 1/2 bushels corn, received at Yazoo City Miss 06 Jun 1863.  Signed Thommas Thackston.


Thos C Thackston, received at Clarkesville, receipts (very faded) inc. hire slave George March 1864, hire negro Tom Dec 1863; $250 for 1 Fire Proof Safe (Herrings Patent) 31 Dec 1862; a re-written copy of contract between Thos C. Thackston, Supt of the Forest Manufacturing Co. Forestville NC with artillery captain for cartridge paper $1 per pound, 25 Sep 1863; receipt Raleigh for four reams buff paper at $200 totalling $800 30 Jun 1864. Letter applying for a position mentions that his position (the law) does not now provide sufficient income for his family. Post office is Clarksville, Mecklenburg Co. Va.  Another application 04 Dec 1861 says he formerly edited the South Side Democrat in Petersburg Va and am now a lawyer in Clarksville, Mecklenburg Va.  The “Stay Law” having produced a cessation of business in my profession I am compelled to resort to some other business.




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