William Reese Thaxton (encounter with Gen. Grant, obits, etc.)

The following are some original source records for William Reese Thaxton of Butts and Bibb counties, Georgia (son of William R. Thaxton and Martha Clark, grandson of Charles G. Thaxton and Nancy Ward; great-grandson of William Thaxton and Lucy Clay of Halifax Co., Virginia).  Click on the links to see the JPEG or PDF images.

The first is a wonderful story about an encounter between General Grant and a badly wounded William during the Civil War, from the Macon Telegraph (GA), Sunday, 07 Mar 1897.  (The unusual injury described in this article is also described in William’s Civil War service records and in his pension application.)

Grant and a Confederate

These two are an obituary and funeral notice of William’s second wife Lucy, from the 16 Jul 1900 and 17 Jul 1900 Macon Weekly Telegraph:

Lucy Thaxton death

Lucy Thaxton buried

These two articles are accounts by William in 1912 about how his truck farming operation is going, from the Macon Weekly Telegraph, 24 Feb 1912 and 11 Apr 1912, respectively:

What People are Saying


This is a news item about William being struck by a delivery truck, from the 21 Feb 1917 Macon Weekly Telegraph:

Hit by truck

William’s obituary, from the 12 Apr 1918 Macon Weekly Telegraph.  (Note that they have accidentally switched the word “sons” and “brother” – William’s son is W. A. Thaxton of Florida, and his brothers are John and James from Jackson):.


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