Charles M. Thackston and Sarah Davis (1880s/1890s Nevada, Utah)

Some source material about Charles Mottlet Thackston (son of William W. H. Thackston and Mary Elizabeth Fowlkes of Prince Edward Co., Virginia, grandson of Charles Thackston and Mary Dabbs, great-grandson of Benjamin Thackston and Betty Ann Chambers).


NEVADA IN THE MAKING, Being Pioneer Stories of White Pine County and Elsewhere, by B. F. MILLER, from The Nevada State Historical Society Papers vol. IV 1923-1924, pp. 255-474, p. 422:

A. B. Treece came from Missouri to Sherman-town in 1869 and followed millwork until 1874, when he moved to Eberhardt. In his spare time he studied law and drew up public documents and did other clerical work in the summer season and during the winter engaged in woodchopping in the hills until 1878, when Frank Drake proposed that Mr. Treece make the race for district attorney.

Mr. Treece, who was better known as “The Major,” was engaged at the time in chopping wood for the writer, who advanced the fifty dollars necessary to pay his assessment at the county convention at Hamilton, while Mr. Drake advanced the money for a suit of clothes for the major. Mr. Treece was elected but two years later he was defeated for reelection by Charles Thackston, who rode into office on the James G. Fair landslide of 1880. In 1882 the major was again elected and held the office continuously after that until his death in the late ’90s.

*      *      *      *      *

1882:  From the Reno Evening Gazette, 14 Jul 1882:


Bishop Whitaker is making young lovers happy in the Great East, as will be seen from the following by the Eureka Leader:  “On monday last in Hamilton, Bishop Whitaker united in the holy bonds of wedlock one of White Pine’s ‘bravest sons,’ to one of her fairest daughters.  To come down to plain prose–the good Bishop performed the ceremony for the benefit of Charles M. Thackston, District Attorney of the White Pine Commonwealth, and Miss Sadie Davis, daughter of the late B. K. Davis, of Hamilton.

*      *      *      *      *  

1890: From the Rocky Mountain News (Denver), Monday, May 19, 1890:

Business Changes

Mrs. Thackston, millinery, Park City, Utah, attached.

*      *      *      *      *

1890:  From the Salt Lake Tribune, 25 Nov 1890:

C. M. Thackston, a prominent attorney from Eureka, Utah, is at the Walker.

*      *      *      *      *

1891:  From the Salt Lake Tribune, 07 Aug 1891:

CITY AND NEIGHBORHOOD. . . . There are telegrams at the Western Union office for . . . Mrs. C. M. Thackston.

*      *      *      *      *

1892:  From the Salt Lake Tribune, 14 May 1892

NOTES AND PERSONAL. . . . C. M. Thackston is in the city from the Eureka mining district.

*      *      *      *      *

1893: From the Deseret News, 15 Jul 1893: Lawyer Thaxton is in the midst of a legal controversy in Juab county, Utah (his name is mentioned midway through the article as one of the lawyers who filed the controversial attachment against the mining company, and who has been hauled before the court):

Tintic Trouble

*      *      *      *      *

1893:  From the Salt Lake Tribune, 06 Sep 1893:

PERSONAL MENTION. . . . C. M. Thackston of Eureka is at the Walker.

*      *      *      *      *

1894: An entertaining incident from the Salt Lake Daily Tribune, 30 May 1894:


These Bodies Discharged at Nephi and at Ogden.



The most sensational feature of the
court session here occurred at the
Windsor Hotel last night. Attorney
Thaxton of Eureka who appeared for
the people of that town in the case
against Lochwitz, the alleged firebug,
walked into the hotel office and
accused Judge Judd of having conspired
with County Attorney Adams in favor
of the defendant before the grand jury.
Judd resented the statement of Thaxton,
but quickly subsided as Thaxton
repeated his accusation. For a time it
looked as if blood would be spilled
but nothing but words came of it.

* * * * *

1895: from the Broad Ax, 07 Dec 1895:

The following is a partial list of our readers in Eureka: . . . C. M. Thaxton, City Attorney 

* * * * *

1896: from the Salt Lake Tribune, 22 Mar 1896:


Lawyer Thaxton is over from Eureka.

* * * * *

1899: From the Salt Lake Semi-Weekly Tribune, Friday, July 14, 1899:


Judge McCarty Disposes of Much Business at Nephi

Nephi, July 11–Judge McCarty had a busy day today, and disposed of the following business:

. . .

Sarah Thackston v. C. M. Thackston; plaintiff was granted a decree of divorce on the ground of failure to support.

* * * * *

The death record of Sarah Davis Thackston Reese, 05 Sep 1919, Jefferson Co., Missouri (click on link):

Sarah A. Reese

One more item that may or may not involve Charles Mottlet Thackston involves a lawsuit that followed the death of his aunt Elizabeth Ann Thackston Peters in 1915.  We don’t have access to the court record, but the Virginia Law Register of January 1917 says that suit was filed in Prince Edward County, Virginia, by “C. M. Thackston” and other heirs at law of E. A. Peters. We don’t have access to the suit papers, but we’re interested in learning who this C. M. Thackston was.  Click on the link to read the article:

1917 Virginia Law Register

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