Thackston / Thaxtons in Prince Edward Co. VA Co. Ct Order Bk 4 1767-1770

Continuation of a prior post.  A number of years ago, we read through all of the Prince Edward County, Virginia, County Court Order Books through 1831, finding lots of good information on the Thackston / Thaxton family.  We’re posting summaries, a few books at a time, resuming here with Book 4.

Book 4

p. 14.  May 1767 – Ordered that John Porter do survey Bedford road from Mrs Thaxtons to Vaughn’s Creek, with the same hands who formerly worked on that road under W Cum Allen.

p. 20.  June 1767 – James Thackston against the Reverend James Garden.  Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.  Garden was ordered to pay Alex Frasier and Richad Dennis 25 pounds of tobacco for appearing as witnesses in the suit by Thackston.

p. 23.  June 1767 – Ordered that Henry Caldwell do survey the highway from his district to the widow Thaxton’s with the male tiths of Joel Elam and Thomas Smith.

p. 32.  July 1767 – Archibale Cunnison assignee of George Moore against James Thackston.  Debt.  Dismissed at defendant’s costs.

p. 35.  July 1767 – “Messrs Anderson, Craigio and Co. against John Thackston.  By consent Thomas Owen, William Davidson, Joshua Davidson and Arnold Thomas come into court and make themselves parties defendants to this suit, Thereupon judgment was confessed by the said Defendants for twenty four pounds five shillings and ten pence Current money.  Therefore it is considered by the Court that the Plaintiffs recover against the said defendants the said L24..5..10 together with their costs in this behalf appended, and the said defendant in mercy  &c.  Execution stayed til the first day of January.”

p. 39.  July 1767 – “Ordered that the Petition brought by James Thaxton against John Cole be dismissed at the Plaintiff’s costs (on hearing.”

p. 42.  July 1767 – “John Cole is to pay James Washburn 50 pounds of tobacco for appearing as a witness in suit brought by James Thackston.”

p. 43.  July 1767 – “Ordered that Wm & Arnold Thomason pay the following persons witnesses for them at the suit of Richard Thomason:  John Thackston for 4 day’s attendance 100 [pounds of tobacco]; John Thomason for 3 day’s attendance 75; John Crenshaw for 3 day’s attendance 75.”

p. 51.  August 1767 – “A report of the settlement and distribution of the Estate of Daniel Elebank decd being returned Ordered that the same be recorded.”

p. 56.  September 1767 – Thomas Scott and James Thackston against John Cole dismissed at plaintiffs’ costs.  Cole is to pay James Washburn 25 pounds of tobacco for 1 day’s attendance.  Scott and Thackston are to pay George Moore 25 pounds and Christopher Billups 75 pounds as witnesses.

p. 62.  September 1767 – “At a court called for the Examination of John Thaxton for Felony Septemr 23d 1767 . . . The Prisoner being led to the bar in custody of Thomas Haskins Gentleman Sheriff of the county aforesaid and upon his examination plead not guilty.  Whereupon the Court proceeded to examine sundry witnesses, on consideraiton thereof it is the opinion of the Court that the said Thaxton is guilty of stealing a quantity of green tobacco from James Hamlett of the aforesaid County – but upon the said Thaxton consenting to be whipped instead of being remanded for further trial – ordered that he be discharged upon having twenty lashes well laid on his bare back by the said Sheriff.”

p. 67.  November 1767 – James Thackston on a grand jury of inquests.

p. 80.  December 1767 – “A deed from James Thackston jr. to James Thackston Sr was proved by the witnesses thereto subscribed, ordered that the same be recorded.”

p. 89.  March 1768 – Robert Read against Peter LeGrand & James Thackston.  Judgment confessed by Thaxton for L31..0..5 1/4 with legal interest thereon from March 26 1763 until paid.  Dismissed as to LeGrand.

p. 93.  March 1768 – James Thackston assignee of Rob Ellite agst William Grigg.  The Sheriff having returned the defendant inhabitane.  Abatad.

p. 111.  March 1768 – James Thaxton on a grand jury of inquest.

p. 127.  June 1768 – “A deed with memorandum of livery and seisin from John Thaxton to Wm Thaxton was presented in court and acknowledged by the said John party thereto, and Ann his wife being privily examined and relinquishing her right of dower to the land therein mentioned – ordered that the same be certified.”

p. 137.  July 1768 – Jesse Johns v. William Thaxton.  Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs by consent.

p. 138.  July 1768 – “Ordered that Turbifield Thomas be paid by William Thaxton 237 [pounds of] tobacco for his attendance three days and travelling 18 miles three times as a witness for him at suit Jesse John’s.”

p. 159.  August 1768 – Ordered that Robert Hannah pay the following persons as witnesses at suit of David Lewis:  John Caldwell, two days attendance, 50 pounds tobacco; William Thaxton, two days attendance, 50 pounds tobacco.

p. 172.  November 1768 – James Thaxton on a grand jury of inquests.

p. 179.  February 1769 – Richard Smith v. John Thaxton.  Judgment for L3.0 [three pounds] & costs and condemnation of the one hogshead tobacco attached, and ordered that the sheriff make sale of the same according to law and apply the produce or as much thereof as will satisfy this judgment with costs and make return to the next court.

p. 194.  April 1769 – Jesse John’s v. William Thackston.  “Jury, to wit, George Ewing &c . . . do say that the defendant is not guilty of the breach of promise &c as the plaintiff in his declaration against him hath alleged as in pleading he hath declared, thereupon returned a verdict for the defendant.”  William recovered his costs.

p. 195.  April 1769 – “William Thaxton ordered to pay Turbifield Thomas 200 pounds of Tobacco for his attendance two days and travelling 25 miles twice as a witness for him at suit of Jesse Johns.”

p. 203.  May 1769 – The grand jury presents, among others, “the Surveyor of the road from Lucy Thaxtons to the county line by Andrew Porters . . . Ordered that they be summoned &c.”

p. 249.  January 1770 – John Zachery v. James Thackston.  Debt.  Dismissed; agreed by the parties.

p. 252.  February 1770 – John Zachery v. James Thackston.  Dismissed.

p. 254.  February 1770 – James Thackston v. John Biggar.  Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs on hearing.  Witnesses for defendant:  Josiah Shoemaker, 25 pounds tobacco; John Zachery, same; James Hasty, same; Benjamin Wimbish one day and travelling 30 miles, 115 pounds tobacco.

p. 280.  May 1770 – Messrs William Anderson, John Craigie & Co. v. John Thackston, Thomas Owen, Arnold Thomason, Wm Davidson & Joshua Davidson.  Refers to a judgment obtained against the defendants on 20 July 1767 for L24..5..10 current money and 134 pounds tobacco and 150 pounds tobacco.  This day came the plaintiffs by their attorney and the sheriff having returned two nihils against the defendant John Thaxton and Tho Owen, it is considered by the court that the plaintiff have execution against them for the said debt and costs.

p. 282.  May 1770 – James Thaxton on a grand jury.

p. 318.  August 1770 – Ordered that James Read pay James Thackston 50 pounds tobacco for two days’ attendance at suit of John Mack.

          “James Thackston comes and informs the court that he has been collered & otherwise ill treated by Wm Simmon’s, on hearing both parties, ordered that the said William Simmons be fined 10/ for the use of our Lord the King & pay costs & fee & be in custody til the same be paid.”

p. [unnumbered].  This entry is not dated, but follows November 1770 court.  James Thaxton served on a jury.

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